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Classroom Shortages in the Philippines

In School Year (SY) 2019-2020, the Department of Education (DepEd) reports a classroom-to-learner ratio of 1:29 in Elementary, 1:39 in Junior High School, and 1:31 in Senior High School.

The ratios show compliance with DepEd standards; however, data shows that regions in the Philippines still have shortages or issues in classrooms.

At the Junior High School level, Regions IV-A, IX, XI, BARMM, and NCR are above the national standard of a 1:38 ratio. Except for BARMM, all regions identified have cities with high migration patterns.

Classroom to Learner Ratio

Table 1: Classroom to Learner Ratio, SY 2019-2020

Region I22.8331.0429.24
Region II21.8728.3926.73
Region III31.0035.7729.95
Region IV-A39.3748.3531.95
Region IV-B25.2435.9330.59
Region V26.4039.4832.71
Region VI24.2434.5529.47
Region VII27.0739.3432.70
Region VIII30.1434.1530.77
Region IX31.6540.4631.27
Region X33.5137.4029.24
Region XI31.6540.5331.94
Region XII33.5139.6031.91
Source: SY 2019-2020 National School Building Inventory

When the school buildings’ inventory was done, 35% of the targeted 75,017 new classrooms had not begun construction. Issues affecting the construction of classrooms include delays in the release of funds, land titles, lack of buildable space, and other administrative roadblocks to construction. The Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH) capacity to deliver targeted classrooms for construction also plays a critical role in the delays.

Last-mile (remote) schools’ need for quality facilities is urgent. Nine out of 10 schools already have access to electricity and some water supply. However, only eight out of ten Elementary, seven of ten Junior High Schools, and six senior high schools have basic computer packages.

Lastly, only three out of ten schools have institutional access to the internet. In the absence of access to technology, libraries can help bridge the gap in access to education; however, only 30% of Elementary Schools have such facilities.


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