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DepEd Accountant III Job Description and CSC Qualifications

DepEd Accountant III (Salary Grade 19) analyzes and attests to the accuracy of accounting records and reports and provides information and advice to the management of the schools division to ensure that the utilization of funds for basic education is maximized and compliant with government accounting rules and regulations.

Ensures that financial reports will be fairly presented. That all recordable transactions must be taken up accurately in the books and that all disbursements are properly documented and in accordance with laws, rules, and regulations.

To supervise, facilitate and monitor the work of the accounting personnel and provide technical assistance to school heads and implementing units to ensure proper utilization of funds and preparation of reliable and timely financial reports.

Position TitleAccountant III
Office/Bureau/ServiceOffice of the Schools Division Superintendent
Reports toSchools Division Superintendent
Positions SupervisedAdmin. Assistant III & Admin. Assistant II
Salary Grade19
Governance LevelSDO
Unit/DivisionAccounting Unit – Finance Division

DepEd Accountant III Qualification Standards

CSC Prescribed Qualifications

EducationBachelor’s degree in Commerce/Business Administration major in Accounting
Experience2 years of relevant experience
EligibilityRA 1080 (CPA)
Training8 hours of relevant training

DepEd Accountant III Duties and Responsibilities

Financial Records and ReportsAnalyze and verify consolidated financial statements, supporting schedules and reports of the Division Office and Implementing Units (IU) by examining the accuracy, validity, and appropriateness of income, expenditure, and other transactions and checking the proper recording of such in the respective book of accounts so as to provide management with reliable and timely reports for making informed decisions and proper utilization of government funds for basic education.
Reviews and monitors periodically the entries and maintenance in journals, general ledgers, subsidiary ledgers, and the related account schedules to check status and quality assure entries. Coordinate with RO and CO and other oversight/regulatory agencies on fund releases and other reportorial requirements to ensure compliance in financial recording and reporting.
Prepares replies to Audit Observation Memorandum (AOM), requests and endorsements and other communications from other agencies.
Financial Systems MaintenanceDevelops/ reviews and recommends for approval and issuance memos and guidelines related to the financial system implementation and maintenance to guide personnel utilizing the system.
Conduct periodic review of the financial systems implemented in the schools division, schools, and learning centers by gathering feedback and checking adherence to procedures in order to recommend to DepED finance and other oversight agencies (COA, DBM, DOF, etc.) system improvements and enhancements for effective downloading as well as internal control and safeguarding of government funds.
Develop and issue reference materials and handbooks to make easy the implementation of the system in the SDO.
Monitoring and EvaluationMonitor delivery of Funding Requirements of the SDO, schools and learning centers to ensure timely provision of financial resources to support the programs, projects, and activities for basic education.
Monitor and evaluate the liquidation reports on downloaded or funds transferred to the accountable offices (schools and IUs) by checking and verifying the validity of the disbursements relative to the existing rules and regulations in order to properly account for utilization of government funds.
Reviews the existence of accounts payable/unpaid obligations to facilitate the processing of claims on government obligations to internal and external stakeholders.
Reviews the safekeeping of accounting records, documents, correspondences and reports, and ensures maximum security and systematic compilation of various accounting information.
Technical AssistanceProvides technical assistance to schools division office management, school heads, and accountable personnel by coaching and serving as resource speaker on accounting and other finance-related training workshops to enable them to follow financial policies, guidelines, procedures towards proper utilization, safeguarding, and reporting of funds.
Provides technical assistance and supervises special disbursing officers and bookkeepers of schools to enable them to properly implement the financial systems.
Provides technical assistance to the SDS and ASDS with regular feedback and update regarding the budget allocation and status of expenditures of each division or unit in the SDO.
Accounting Services PerformanceEnsure timely submission of all financial reports to overseeing body.
Prepare and manage the budget for accounting services resource requirements and submits this to be part of the Office of the SDS/Schools Division Budget.
Manage personnel work assignment to ensure equitable work distribution towards accomplishment of division goals and targets.
Submits accomplishment report of accounting services to inform SDO management of progress, issues, and challenges for corrective action.
Conduct performance appraisal feedback and ratings on direct reports towards continues improvement of performance..
Prepares and implements a Professional Development Plan for accounting services personnel to ensure continuous learning and professional competence.
Attend management and coordination meeting and conduct staff meeting to ensure flow of information and communication critical to the operational efficiency and effectiveness of the unit.
Conducts regular Meetings of the accounting services for regular updates and work coordination.
Cultivate a supportive environment for the staff to perform and meet targets through continuous work place improvement and establishing enabling structures and systems.
Coordinate with other government agencies/overseeing bodies.


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