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DepEd Legal Assistant I Job Description and CSC Qualifications

DepEd Legal Assistant I (Salary Grade 10) gathers, examine and analyze information/facts received and conduct investigation on cases, matters, issues received, submitted, referred to the Schools Division Office and to provide clerical support to the Attorney III for the effective and efficient operation of the Legal Unit.

Position TitleLegal Assistant I
Office/Bureau/ServiceOffice of the Schools Division Superintendent
Reports toAttorney III
Salary Grade10
Governance LevelSDO
Unit/DivisionLegal Unit

DepEd Legal Assistant I Qualification Standards

CSC Prescribed Qualifications

EducationBachelors Degree
ExperienceNone required
EligibilityCareer Service (Professional) – Second Level Eligibility
TrainingNone required

Preferred Qualifications

EducationPreferably with at least 18 units of LLB
Excellent written and verbal communication skills
Basic knowledge in computer operation such as Microsoft Office, Excel, Powerpoint, use of the internet

DepEd Legal Assistant I Duties and Responsibilities

Impartial, evidence-based, and speedy investigationPrepare the order to submit counter-affidavit/answer and notice of hearing
Conduct research of applicable laws, rules and regulations, jurisprudence
Create and maintain case files (expediente) of pertinent documents for current and pending administrative cases for ease in historical reference.
Create and maintain a database on the status of cases
Provide effective and efficient in-house general legal servicesPrepare simple/basic correspondence and communications.
Safeguarding the Department’s rights and interests on school sitesCreate and maintain a database of schools sites
Consolidate the Complete Staff Work (CSW) of every school site within the SDO
Timely submission of a report on matters which are required by lawLogs, follow-up and consolidate reports on Schools Compliance to Child Protection/Anti-Bullying Policy
Create and maintain a database of cases involving Child Abuse and Bullying
Clerical SupportSchedules/calendars Legal Unit’s activities such as training and workshops, meetings/appointments with other offices and with staff, by calendaring, following up and confirming attendance to meetings for efficient coordination and utilization of personnel time.
Records ManagementReceives, records and routes documents addressed to the Legal Unit by logging and attaching a routing slip before forwarding to the appropriate person to be able to track and account for location and status of documents.
Maintains a filing system that makes records and documents retrievable and accessible while ensuring the safety and security of files.
Documents proceedings and agreements of meetings as assigned, and distributes copies of the minutes to concerned parties as well as files a copy for future reference.
Notes down the daily “whereabouts” of Legal Unit Staff to respond to be able to locate them in response to queries from clients
Administrative SupportPrepares or encodes into electronic format word documents and other presentation materials
Provides assistance and administrative support to training and conferences as assigned.
Coordinates preparation of documents needed in the operations of the Legal Unit.
Ensure security of office equipment and availability of office supplies
Secretariat/FrontlinePrepares clearances and certifications upon request for the signature of proper authorities.
Coordinates travel bookings of staff based on instructions and give feedback on the status of bookings.
Coordinates meetings and appointment with external parties ( dates and venue, meals arranged as needed) and confirms such to all concerned
Receives and routes incoming calls to or logs information and notifies the concerned party
Greets and entertains office visitors and responds to their needs
Logs concerns brought to the office and follow through on inquiries


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