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Schools Division Superintendent (SDS) Job Description and CSC Qualifications

DepEd Schools Division Superintendent (SDS) with Salary Grade 26 provides overall management and technical assistance for the efficient operations and effective implementation of policies and education programs at the Schools Division level. The SDS ensures quality in the delivery of basic education services by developing division work systems and procedures, setting standards consistent with the national and regional educational policies, plans and standards and ensures compliance thereto.

The SDS oversees the effective and efficient use of financial, human, and physical resources of the Schools Division and the operations of public and private elementary, secondary and integrated schools and learning centers are within DepEd standards.

Position TitleSchools Division Superintendent (SDS)
Unit/DivisionOffice of the Schools Division Superintendent
Reports toRegional Director, DepEd Executive Committee (Secretary, Undersecretary and Assistant Secretary)
Positions SupervisedAssistant Schools Division Superintendent
Salary Grade26
Governance LevelSchools Division Office

DepEd Schools Division Superintendent (SDS) Qualification Standards

CSC Prescribed Qualifications

EducationMaster’s degree in Education or its equivalent
Experience5 years of relevant experience involving management and supervision; 1 year as Assistant Schools Division
EligibilityCareer Service Executive Eligibility (CSEE)
Career Executive Service (CES)
Training32 hours of training in management and supervision

DepEd Schools Division Superintendent (SDS) Duties and Responsibilities

Strategic Management and Operations

This KRA includes Education Plan, Policies, Programs Management and M&E. It also captures ancillary services to operations such as ICT, DRRM, Health and Nutrition, and internal communications
Leads in the development and implementation of policies, research agenda, and Division Education Development Plan (DEDP)/ strategic plan for the entire schools division
Initiates the implementation of programs and initiatives anchored on evidence-based planning, in collaboration with the Assistant Schools Division Superintendent, Curriculum Implementation Division (CID) and Schools Governance and Operations Division, to ensure quality and accessible education in schools and learning centers;
Supervises the implementation of quality assurance processes on SIP, SBM and other programs and projects as the basis for continuous improvement
Communicates and coordinates with Central Office and other Public Affairs offices across levels of DepEd and other government agencies regarding information, news, and other matters relating to their functions;
Manages information flow and internal communications
Oversees the operationalization of the Management Information System (MIS)
Approves, implements and manages the monitoring of Division and School Disaster Risk Management Plans and regularly reviews and tests the plan consistent with other national and local planning programs;
Promotes and raises public awareness on policies and directives relative to disaster risk management; responds to and manages the adverse effect of emergencies in their areas of jurisdiction;
Oversees the Division and School Populace through the management and implementation of health programs, provision of basic health and nutrition services and establishment of a healthful school environment.
Leads to healthy lifestyle habits and practices among teachers and non-teaching personnel for them to become more efficient and effective workers.
Ensures coordination with Division Field Technical Assistance Team (DFTAT) for the provision of technical assistance for the division and schools
Curriculum and Instruction ManagementSupervises the operations of all public and private pre-schools, elementary, secondary, integrated schools and learning centers in the schools division; promote awareness of, and adherence by all schools and learning centers to accreditation standards
Organizes, develops, directs and administers the Schools Division and exercises general supervision over basic education and non-school based education programs (kindergarten, elementary, secondary ALS and non-school based education programs) in the provincial or city schools division
Leads in ensuring compliance to quality standards and managing programs for curricula implementation, localization of curricula, and teaching through the Curriculum Implementation Division (CID)
Initiates and directs the development of local curriculum materials and programs;
Recommends evaluation of applications for new schools, separation of annexes, integration of schools, permit/recognition to operate
Conducts periodic visits to public and private schools and learning centers to check compliance with standards in the implementation of curricular requirements and programs/projects
Ensures coordination with Division Field Technical Assistance Team (DFTAT) for the provision of technical assistance for the division and schools
Human Resource Development and ManagementOversees hiring, placing and evaluating all division supervisors and schools district supervisors as well as all employees in the division, both teaching and non-teaching personnel, including school heads, except for the assistant division superintendent
Approves proposed training needs by all Direct Supervisors for all teaching and non-teaching staff within the schools division through the School Governance and Operations Division (SGOD)
Evaluates performance of Chiefs, Supervisors, Public Schools District Supervisors (PSDS), Principals, and other direct reports; evaluates the performance of ASDS and recommends to ARD
Reviews implementation of INSETs and/or Learning Center Improvement Plan
Formulates Staff Development Plan and Welfare Programs for all direct reports
Evaluates and approves administrative matters such as leave forms, authority to travel and daily time record
Approves appointments and deployments, and evaluate and recommend personnel actions (promotions, transfers, reassignments, and reinstatements and dropping from the rolls) on all personnel of the Schools Division, except the Assistant Schools Division Superintendent/s;
Spearheads the planning and implementation of a comprehensive Professional Learning & Development Program for teaching and non-teaching personnel;
Acts as disciplining authority for administrative actions against non-teaching personnel in their respective schools divisions.
Commences administrative proceedings motu propio in case of non-teaching personnel within their jurisdiction.
Acts on complaints brought before her office, including appointing an investigator/s who shall conduct a fact-finding investigation or preliminary investigation
Chairs the Formal Investigating Committee when the respondent is a teacher
Resource ManagementLeads in budget preparation and allocation, and ensures proper use of funds and resources at Division Office, Schools and Learning Centers
Supervises the division office management with economical, efficient, and effective accounting and budgeting services to ensure the cost-effective utilization of financial resources
Exercises general administration and supervision of properties both fixed and movable within his/her jurisdiction, and approve the allocation/use and/or acquisition/procurement of goods and services for instructional and non-instructional purposes, including repairs, maintenance, rehabilitation and construction of education facilities, subject to existing rules and regulations
Functions as Head of Procuring Entity (HoPE) adhering to rules and regulations
Plans programs and manages the distribution of national fund allotments as well as monitor the utilization of funds provided by the national government and the local government units to the schools and learning centers;
Prepares and recommends approval of budgets of schools within the schools division to the provincial/city board, and confer with them on matters affecting school appropriations and disbursements;
Partnership and LinkagesSits as co-chair of the Provincial/City School Board and/or an officer/member of other bodies as provided by law;
Accepts grants, donations, bequests and other forms of assistance from various donors and benefactors of basic education;
Coordinates and cooperate with local government units and non-government organizations including national government offices on matters affecting schools/LCs and certain community development projects;
Establishes linkage and network with other local government units for disaster risk reduction and emergency response purposes;
Spearheads in partnerships and linkages with Local Government Units (LGUs), Non-Government Organizations (NGOs), Government Organizations (GOs), and other agencies
Other DutiesPerforms such other functions as may be provided by law, rules and regulations.


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