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DepEd Attorney III Job Description and CSC Qualifications

DepEd Attorney III (Salary Grade 21) provides effective, efficient, judicious and expeditious legal service to the Division Office through:

  • impartial, evidenced-based, and speedy disposition of administrative cases;
  • effective and efficient delivery of in-house legal services ;
  • safeguarding the Department’s rights and interests on School Sites; and
  • constant monitoring and timely submission of reportorial requirements to appropriate authorities.
Position TitleAttorney III
Office/Bureau/ServiceOffice of the Schools Division Superintendent
Reports toSchools Division Superintendent
Salary Grade21
Governance LevelSDO
Unit/DivisionLegal Unit

DepEd Attorney III Qualification Standards

CSC Prescribed Qualifications

EducationBachelor of Law
ExperienceOne (1) year relevant experience
EligibilityRA 1080 (Bar)
Training4 hours of relevant training

Preferred Qualifications

  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills
  • At least 1 year of supervisory and managerial experience
  • Basic knowledge in computer operation such as Microsoft Office, Excel, Power point, use of the internet
  • MCLE Compliant

DepEd Attorney III Duties and Responsibilities

Impartial, evidence-based, and speedy investigationEvaluation of complaint
Conduct the preliminary/fact-finding investigation
Prepare resolution, formal charge, decision, comment for cases on appeal
Provide effective and efficient inhouse general legal servicesProvide legal opinion, interpretation and /or advice on laws, rules, and regulations, and policies concerning the Department to the SDS or to any personnel of the SDO
Assist the Formal Investigating Committee during the Formal Investigation (act as amicus curiae)
Prepare, study, and review contracts/ agreements/ MOA
Evaluate requests for clearances, certifications
Lead and manage the work of the SDO Legal Unit Plan/organize the work of the Legal Unit (WFP and APP)
Assist the SolGen in suits against personnel of the SDO and in suits involving school sites or represent the same in court cases when deputized by the OSG
Safeguarding the Department’s rights and interests on school sitesCoordinate CENRO,PENRO, DENR-RO, DPWH, LRA, NCIP, DOH, and other partner agencies for the issuance of Special Patent or Certificate of Title of our schools sites
Prepare and/or review documents pertaining to the school site (ex. Deed of Donation, Usufruct, Sale; Title, Tax Declaration
Coordinate with appropriate authorities for issues/concerns relating to school sites
Conduct ocular inspection on school sites to validate issues and concerns.
Timely submission of a report on matters which are required by lawSubmit reportorial requirements to appropriate Offices on-time (Summary Report on Child Protection/Anti-Bullying Policy)


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