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DepEd La Carlota City 2016 Division Selection of Teacher Applicants for Elementary, Junior High School and Senior High School Levels

Department of Education
Region VI-Western Visayas
Locsin Ledesma St., La Carlota City
Tel. No. (034) 735-1931
Email: depedlacarlota@yahoo.com

January 5, 2016



Chiefs, CID and SGOD
Elementary and Secondary School Heads
Elementary and Secondary School Teachers
All Others Concerned


1. Pursuant to the hiring guidelines for Teacher positions (DepED Order No. 7,2015 and other subsequent issuances), all public schools in this Schools Division will start accepting application for Teacher positions in all levels (Kindergarten, Elementary, Junior High School and Senior High School) and subject/learning areas on January 15 – 29, 2016.

2. Application Process and Requirements

2.1 All qualified teacher applicants are required to register to DepED’s online system at application.deped.gov.ph where they must encode their Personal Data Sheet, select the Division and position where they want to be ranked, and submit online. An Applicant Number will then be issued. (Applicant can skip this step if application is not yet available online).

2.2 The applicant shall submit to the School Head his/her application supported by two (2) sets of certified true copies of required documents fastened in two folders in the following order:

a. Application Letter / Letter of Intent
b. Table of Contents
c. Omnibus Certification
d. CSC Form 212 (Personal Data Sheet) with Applicant Number and latest 2 x 2 ID pictures; – Click to Download
e. Photocopy of PRC Professional Identification Card (not expired), or claim slip of application/renewal;
f. Result of rating obtained in the Licensure Examination for Teachers (LET)/ Professional Board Examination for Teachers (PBET);
g. Transcript of records (TOR)
h. Certification by the College/University Registrar of the General Weighted Average (GWA) of all academic grades, including education units;
i. For those with teaching/work experience: Service Record, Performance Ratings, and School/Company Clearance;
j. Certificates of specialized training;
k. Photocopy of Voter’s ID and/or Barangay Certification of residency as deemed acceptable by the School Screening Committee; and
l. Community Tax Certificate (if applicable)
m. NBI Clearance (not expired)
n. Certificate of membership in a professional teachers association (e.g. NOTF, etc.)

2.3 The applicant assumes full responsibility and accountability on the veracity, validity and authenticity of the documents submitted as evidenced by the Omnibus Certification of authenticity. Any violation will automatically disqualify the applicant from the selection process.

3. Evaluation and Selection Committee

3.1 School Screening Committee. The School Screening Committee (SSC) shall be composed of the following:

Elementary School:

Chairman: School Head / Principal

Members: 4 permanent Teachers

Secondary School:

Chairman: School Head / Principal

Members: Department Head Teacher where the vacancy occurs

3 permanent Teachers from different learning areas or, for Small Secondary School, four (4) permanent Teachers from different learning areas as members

3.2 Functions of the School Screening Committee:

a. Receives application and documents of qualified Teacher I applicants;
b. Verifies and certifies as to completeness, veracity, accuracy, and authenticity of documents;
c. Issues certification to each applicant that it has received the application specifying the documents submitted/received;
d. Prepares List of Applicants; and submits the list together with complete copy of verified documents regardless of being incomplete or invalid, to the Division Selection Committee.

3.3 Division Selection Committee. The Division Selection Committee shall be composed of the following:

Chairman: Assistant Schools Division Superintendent


Mr. Horacio S. Cabuguason, Jr., PESPA President (Elementary Level)
Dr. Leopoldo F. Sichon, NASSHPhil President (Secondary Level)
Mr. Barlow Bifias, President, Division PTA Federation
President, La Carlota City Public Sch. Teachers Assn. (LCCPSTA), and

Three (3) Education Program Supervisors/Specialists, as follows:

Cluster 1: MRS. SHEILA A. HILADO, P11. Alejandro S. Ticao, P2
2. Mrs. Gemima M. Obelidon, P1
Cluster II: MRS. SONIA B. OPLAS, P31. Mr. Rolando A. Heria, P1
2. Mrs. Rosemarie L. Cabuguason, P1
Cluster III: MRS. LENY A. NILLOS, P21. Mr. Petronilo R. Bartolo, P1
2. Mr. Efren D. Otico, P1
ENGLISH: Ms. Socorro A. Lucenio, HT V1. Mrs. Rosevie Maguad, MT1
2. Mrs. Imelda Cadungon, MT 1
FILIPINO: Mrs. Sheila B. Santos, HT V1. Mrs. Dolores Zapanta, MT 1
2. Mrs. Maricel Avancena, MT 1
MATH: Dr. Ruth P. Convite, EPS 11. Mrs. Rowena C. Golez, HT 2
2. Mrs. Aniceta Antilion, MT 2
SCIENCE: Dr. Zenaida V. Gahaton, EPS 11. Mrs. Ma. Concepcion G. Pagcaliwagan, HT V
2. Mrs. Bernadette M. Suarez, MT 1
ARAL PAN: Mrs. Joana Perpetua S. Tamba EPS 11. Mr. Erie P. Arbado, HT 2, OIC
2. Mr. Jose C. Lutao, T 3, OIC
MAPEH: Mrs. Mithos V. Hiponia, EPS 11. Mrs. Gemma Espanola, HT 2
2. Mr. Ramy M. Gayadao, MT 2
TLE: Mr. Melgar B. Coronel, EPS 11. Mrs. Jeanalyn L. Jamison, HT V
2. Mrs. Elsie F. Castaneda, MT 1
VALUES (EsP): Mrs. Lailah Jomillo, HT 21. Mrs. Bernadette Doronela, P1
2. Mrs. Mitochela Sixto, T2

3.4 Functions of the Division Selection Committee:

a. Receives the List of qualified Teacher I applicants and required documents from the School Screening Committee;
b. Checks major / area of specialization of applicants based on their LET/PBET Rating (Elementary/General Education or Subject Area Specialization in Secondary);
c. Verifies the documents submitted by the School Screening Committee as to completeness, veracity, accuracy, and authenticity;
d. Evaluates applicants based on their Education, Teaching Experience, LET/ PBET Rating, Specialized Training & Skills, Interview, and Demonstration Teaching based on DepED Order No. 7, s. 2015; and follows the rule of “rounding off numbers” in giving of points;
e. Schedules and conducts interview;
f. Schedules and evaluates applicant’s demonstration of special skills;
g. Schedules, observes and rates Demonstration Teaching;
h. Considers the result of the English Proficiency Test administered by NETRC;
i. Reviews and makes a summary of the individual scores / ratings of applicants;
j. Prepares the Registry of Qualified Applicants (RQA) separately for Kindergarten, Elementary Level, and by Subject Area for Secondary Level, to include those who obtained seventy (70) points and above:
k. Issues/sends each applicant a written notice on the result of his/her Final Overall Rating, including detailed scores he/she received for each evaluation criterion;
l. Submits the RQA and other pertinent records of deliberations to the Office of the Schools Division Superintendent for approval.

4. Schedule / Time Frame:

January 2016 – Online Application of Teacher I applicants at application.deped.gov.ph: obtaining Applicant Number; acceptance of Application & Required Documents; and Screening Process by the School Screening Committee (SSC)

February 1, 2016 – Orientation of all Teacher Applicants by the Division PSB Elementary Level – 9:00 AM, Division Conference Hall Secondary Level – 2:00 PM, Division Conference Hall

February 3, 2016 – Submission of the List of Teacher I applicants and verified documents to the Division Selection Committee by the SSC

Administration of the English Proficiency Test by NETRC (date to be announced)

February 4 – 19, 2016 – Evaluation of Documents and Demo. Teaching through the respective Division Selection Committees (by Cluster in the elementary level; and by Learning Area in the secondary level)

February 23, 2016 – Interview of applicants (elementary level)

February 24, 2016 – Interview of applicants (secondary level)

February 25 – 29, 2016 – Preparation of RQAs

March 1, 2016 – Submission of RQA to the ASDS Office for review

March 4, 2016 – Submission of reviewed RQA to the SDS Office for approval

5. Pertinent Forms

5.1 The School Screening Committee shall use the attached template for “Designation Order”; and form for “List of Teacher Applicants”, indicating the Applicant Number” and other pertinent data;

5.2 The Division Selection Committee shall use the attached templates: “Criteria for Interview”, “Criteria for Demonstration Teaching”, “Summary of Points of Teacher Applicants”; and “Registry of Qualified Applicants” (RQA) (see enclosed);

6. Previous division issuances inconsistent with this memorandum are hereby rescinded.

7. For inquires, contact the Office of the Assistant Schools Division Superintendent or visit the division website at www.depedlacarlota.com for downloadable forms.

8. Compliance and immediate dissemination of this memorandum is desired.


Schools Division Superintendent

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