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DepEd Legal Matters Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)



  1. Child Abuse;
  2. Discrimination against children;
  3. Child Exploitation;
  4. Violence Against Children in School;
  5. Corporal Punishment;
  6. Any analogous or similar acts.


  1. Physical Blows;
  2. Striking of Child’s face or head, such being declared as a “no contact zone”;
  3. Pulling hair, shaking, twisting joints, cutting or piercing skin, dragging, pushing or throwing of a child;
  4. Forcing a child to perform physically painful or damaging acts;
  5. Deprivation of a child’s physical needs as a form of punishment;
  6. Deliberate exposure to fire, ice, water, smoke, sunlight, rain, pepper, alcohol, or forcing the child to swallow substances, dangerous chemicals, and other materials.
  7. Tying up a child;
  8. Confinement, imprisonment or depriving the liberty of a child;
  9. Verbal abuse or assaults;
  10. Forcing a child to wear a sign, to undress or disrobe, or to put on anything that will make a child look or feel foolish, which belittles or humiliates the child in front of others;
  11. Permanent confiscation of personal property of pupils, students or learners, except when such pieces of property pose a danger to the child or to others;
  12. Other analogous acts.

Complaints in Public Schools:

  1. Report incident to school head or schools division superintendent (SDS);
  2. Have schools head/SDS ensure compliance with proper form and forward the same to disciplinary authority;
  3. Have disciplinary authority order the conduct of Fact Finding Investigation

Complaints in Private Schools:

  1. Have complaint against school personnel or official filed with the School Head/Chief Executive Officer;
  2. It shall be acted upon pursuant to the school’s rules of procedures on administrative cases. The penalty shall be that which is provided by the rules of the school, subject to the requirements of due process.


This is committed when a student commits an act or a series of acts directed towards another student, or a series of single acts directed towards several students in a school setting or a place of learning, which results in physical and mental abuse, harassment, intimidation, or humiliation.

Read: Student Discipline and Teacher Protection Act (House Bill No. 5735)


This is any conduct defined in the preceding paragraph, as resulting in harassment, intimidation, or humiliation, through electronic means or other technology, such as, but not limited to texting, email instant messaging, chatting, internet, social networking websites or other platforms or formats.

For Cyber Bullying, refer the client to the DepEd Cyber Safe Manual accessible online in the DepEd Website.

Read: Students and Parents Bullying Teachers: A Fast Spreading Disease


  1. Upon the filing of a complaint or upon notice by a school personnel or official of any bullying or peer abuse incident, the same shall be immediately reported to the School Head
  2. Schools Head shall inform the parents or guardian of the victim and the offending child, in a meeting called for the purpose;
  3. The victim and the offending child shall be referred to the Child Protection Committee for counseling and other interventions;
  4. The penalty of reprimand, if warranted, may be imposed by the School Head in the presence of the parents or guardians;
  5. If bullying is committed for a second or subsequent time, after the offending child has received counseling or other interventions, the penalty of suspension for not more than one (1) week may be imposed by the School Head, if such is warranted.
  6. During the period of suspension, the offending child and the parents or guardians may be required to attend further seminars and counseling.
  7. The School Head shall likewise ensure that the appropriate interventions, counseling and other services, are provided for the victim or victims of bullying.

Bullying that results in serious physical injuries or death

  1. If the bullying or peer abuse resulted in serious physical injuries or death, whenever appropriate, the case shall be dealt with in accordance with the provisions of Republic Act 9344 and its Implementing Rules and Regulations.
  2. Refer client to DepEd Order No. 40, s. 2012;
  3. Refer client to the Child Protection Committee in the School;

Children in Conflict with the Law

  1. Crimes and/or Offenses committed by a child. (Reference: DO No. 18, s. 2015)
  2. When a pupil/student commits a serious offense punishable under special laws or under the Revised Penal Code, the school head/principal with the assistance of the guidance counselor or guidance teacher shall report the case immediately to the law enforcement officer and refer the case to the Local Social Welfare Development Officer for appropriate action.


  1. For administrative complaints against employees of the Department
  2. Administrative Complaints may be filed before the proper disciplinary authority or through the DepEd Action Center. (Reference: DO No. 49, s. 2006)

Disciplinary Authority

  1. Regional Director – Teachers, Principals, Personnel in Regional Office, Persons with supervisorial capacity.
  2. Schools Division Superintendent – Non-teaching personnel within the Schools Division Office.
  3. Secretary – Employees within the Central Officer. Presidential appointees such as Regional Directors and Schools Division Superintendents.

Commencing a Complaint

  1. Proceedings may also be commenced upon sworn written complaint.
  2. Administrative proceedings may be commenced motu proprio by the Secretary of Education, the Regional Director, in case of DepEd Officials and teaching and non-teaching personnel, and the Schools Division Superintendents incase of non-teaching personnel within their jurisdiction.


  1. Form of Complaint
  2. A complaint shall be under oath and shall be written in a clear, simple, and concise language so as to inform the person complained of, about the nature and cause of accusation against him to enable him to intelligently prepare his defense or answer.

Content of Complaint

  1. Full name and address of the complainant.
  2. Full name and address of the person complained as well as his position and office in the Department of Education.
    A narration Of the relevant and material facts which should show the acts or omissions as allegedly committed by the person.
  3. Certified true copies of documentary evidence and affidavits of his witnesses if any; and
  4. Certification or statement on non-forum shopping.

Regulation of Private Schools

  1. For Complaints against Private Schools, reference is made to DepEd Order No. 88, s. 2010, as amended by DepEd Order No. 11, s. 2011.
  2. Refer formal complaints before the Office of the Regional Director exercising jurisdiction over the school concerned.
    (Reference: DepEd Order No. 88, s. 2010 / DepEd Order No. 11, s. 2011.)

No Collection Policy

  1. The sale of tickets and/or the collection of contributions in any form whatsoever, by any person for any project or purpose, whether voluntary or otherwise, from school children, students and teachers of public and private schools, colleges and universities is hereby prohibited: (Reference: RA 5546)
  2. Provided, however, That this prohibition shall not cover membership fees of school children and students in the Red Cross, the girl scouts of the Philippines and the boy scouts of the Philippines: Provided, finally, That this prohibition shall not cover the contributions of parents and other donors for the support of barrio high schools.
  3. no fees shall be collected from school children in Kindergarten up to Grade 4 anytime during the School Year (SY); (Reference: DM No. 143,s.2016)
  4. no collection of fees shall be made for Grade 5 to High School learners from June to July;
    Further, in DO 41, s. 2012, it is stressed that in no case shall non- payment of voluntary school contributions Or membership fees shall be made as a basis for admission, non-promotion, or non-issuance of clearance to a student by the school concerned.

End of School Year Rites

  1. DO 8, s. 2017 – School Year 2016-2017 End of School Year Rites (Public Schools only)
  2. Any DepEd personnel should not be allowed to collect any graduation/moving up/closing ceremony fees or any kind of contribution;
  3. Parent-Teachers Association (PTA) may give donations in cash or in kind; and
  4. Contribution for the annual yearbook, if any, should be on a voluntary basis.


  1. There shall be a moratorium, as guided by DepEd Order Nos. 56, s. 2001; 51, s. 2002; and 52, s. 2003, on the conduct of educational field trips and other similar activities for all public elementary and secondary’ schools. This shall be observed until the review and revision of related policies have been finalized. All private schools are also encouraged to abide with the provision of this Memorandum if deemed necessary.
  2. While this moratorium is still in full effect, all DepEd regional, schools division and school officials, and personnel shall not endorse any plans, proposals, and intentions relative to the conduct of educational field trips. (Reference: DepEd Memo. No. 47, s. 2017)


  1. Prohibiting the Exaction of Interest on Unpaid Tuition Fees in Private Schools;
  2. No interest shall be exacted on unpaid tuition fees by any private school unless expressly stipulated in the enrollment contract. (Reference: DO 63, s. 1999)


  1. Enjoining Schools to Allow Students with Unpaid Fees to Take their Final Exams;
  2. To protect every child’s human right to basic education, all schools, both public and private, are enjoined to allow students with unpaid fees to take their final exams. It has to be emphasized that civil liabilities of parents should not in any way jeopardize their children’s continued schooling. (Reference: DO 15, s. 2010 )

Change of Name Requirements:

  1. Birth Certificate duly certified true as a true copy by the Local Civil Registrar which issued the same authenticated by the Civil Registrar General, National Statistics Office (NSO), Philippine Statistics Authority, East Avenue, Quezon City or if there is no Certificate of Live Birth, proof of loss or non-availability thereof duly attested by the Local Civil Registrar concerned and/or the Civil Registrar General together with the Baptismal Certificate of the student.
  2. Joint Affidavit of two (2) disinterested persons attesting to the fact/among others, that the assumed name(s) and the legal name of the student refer to one and the same person.
  3. Affidavit of the student if of legal age, or that of the parents or guardian, if still a minor, explaining the circumstances that led to the use of the assumed/erroneous name or alias, attesting the same fact as called for previously.
  4. Letter-request for correction of name addressed to the Secretary of Education specifying the schools attended/graduated from Elementary to Secondary, as the case may be, and the name(s) used.
  5. School records bearing the erroneous name: e.g. Diploma, Transcript of Record or Registration Card (any one of these schools records will suffice except that when there are several name(s) appearing in the school records, each school records bearing different names must be submitted for purposes of verification and identification of the requesting student.

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  1. Hello po ask ko lang po na if ever po ba na halos mag 2 years na po yung diploma at kailangan na kailangan na po talaga ng studyante pero ang sabi ng school (private) nasa deped pa daw po pwede po kaya na ang magulang at ang studyante na po ang mag tungo sa deped para po makuha ang diploma. Need na po talaga kase ng studyante?

  2. Mapagpalang araw po sa lahat, nakiusap po ako sa isang school kung pwede ko po makuha ang card at gumawa namanpo ako nang letter na babayaran ko ang kakulangan sa school, ngunit ayaw po nila pumayag hindi ko naenrol ang anak ko public school gusto ko lang naman po makapag aral ngayon ang anak ko at nakiusap ako sa school na babayaran ko dahandahan ano po kaya ang pwede gawin tulungannyo po ako deped

  3. Good morning po Guardian po ako ng dalawang apo na nag aral dati sa private school nung kasalukuyan ng pandemic on line po ang klase nila ang kaso hindi nai tuloy ng mga apo yung kanitang online class at na drop po sila sa online class nila at nung mag resume ang klase ini-enroll na lang namin sila sa public school At ngayon pasukan na ulit for face to face kailangan daw po yung form 137 yata kaso ayaw pung ibigay ng private school kung saan nag aral sila online nung pandemic , pinagbabayad po sila ng 25K po at 15K naki usap din po kami kung puedi na installment namin babayaran dahil wala din po akong trabaho at ang magulang po ng mga apo ko ay iwalay ano po ang mabuti naming gagawin para makuha yung requirements na form at maka enroll na itong mga apo ko maraming salamat po

  4. hello po san po ba ako pwede mag reklamo sa isang guro na nag tuturo sa hamuraon mercedez Camarines norte na hindi nag sustento sa dalawang anak nya. mas ma inam na wag n lang sya mag turo
    kung hindi sya huwarang guro .
    sya ay kasal sa una subalit May kina kasama iba gusto ko lang po mag sustento sya sa dalwa nyang anak nya eligitimate dati nag bibigay sya ng pa dlwang libo kada isang buwan subalit ngayun ay d nya n n gagampanan . sana ma bigyan ng action po karapatan ng bata . salamat po

  5. Hi po magandang araw po isang concern citizen lang po ako at gusto ko po sana idulog ang isang kindergarten private school sa isang residential subdivision dito po sa lungsod ng bacoor lalawigan ng cavite. Nag papa face to face class o tutorial class sila sa mga pili nilang estudyante sa mga menor de edad na piling studyante. Na ipanagbabawal alinsunod sa iatf protocol at doh na bawal ang ang mga menor de edad mag face to face class o tutorial class man dahil tayo ay nasa pandemic parin. Hindi po namin masabihan ang residente at may ari ng skwelahan.. gumagawa ito ng mga dahilan o mga eksena para sila ang unang mag reklamo sa aming brgy. At matakpan ang mali nilang pamamalakad at sila mismo ang hindi sumusunod sa batas. Kawawa naman po ang mga bata. Wala po syang concern. Kahit bakunado na sila mahirap parin ilang buwan na sila nagpapasok ng bata simula pandemya. Parang wala lang po sa may ari ng school na may pandemic parang ordinaryong araw lang. Pls naman po mabigyan nyo po sana ng aksyon ang reklamo na ito maraming salamat po.

  6. kumabit po sa asawa ko ang isang guro ng Las Pinas East National High School-Talon Village Annex. nagka-anak po sila. saan ko po pdeng idulog ang reklamo ukol sa imoralidad na ito.

  7. Hello,

    Saan po ba pwede mag reklamo if sobrang tagal na ayaw i refund ng school ang tuition fee na binayad nmin dahil nag withdraw kmi ng application and lumipat sa school na mas mababang tuition fee?

  8. Ngayon pong panahon ng pandemic Honor po ba ng dep ed na patuloy na singilon mg private school ang graduation fee daw? Kahit wala naman nahanap na ceremony. P2,400 po ang balance daw namin + sablay na P130.

  9. Paano po kung kaeenroll mo palang ng college tapos after 3 days gusto kong magshift ng course kahit hindi pa nagsstart ang pasukan ano pong puwede kong gawin kung hindi ako pinayagan magshift course….

  10. Pwd bang magreklamo Ang isang guro kapag Hindi naibigay NG isang skul Kung saan sya namamasukan ang dapat na sahod and benefits na kanyang matatanggap?saang ahensya sya lalapit?sa administration ba o deretsyo na sa DepED o Ched

  11. Hi Saan po ba pwedi ireklamo ang pribadong iskwelahan na puro paniningil sa mga bata ang alam nilang gawin. Ultimo walis,duskpan elektrik fan eh sa mga bata pinapaproject, tpos sapilitan clang isinasali at pingbabayd sa mga programa ng iskwelahan pano kung walang pambayad ung bata, ayaw kong pasalihin ang anak ko kaso ang sagot ng anak ko sakin papagalitan daw xa pag si xa ngbayad… minsan nasira ang kanyang balat na sapatos pumasok xa ng nakablack rubber shoes, pingbayad xa ng 30 pesos kase lumabag daw xa sa batas. anongklaseng school ang ganito at bakit natototlerate ng ganito. takot clang masalita kase ibabagsak ng mga guro ang bata, tulad nung una kong pag alma sa knila. dinamay ang grades ng anak ko.

  12. Good evening po,

    Ako po ay isang residente sa Gabi, Compostela, Davao de Oro. Ang nangyayari po sa paaralang elementarya ng Gabi, specifically sa Grade 1 ay may isang magulang na pinagkakatiwalaan ng isang guro. Ang nangyayari po ay pati mga exams ng mga estudyante ay ang magulang na pinagkatiwalaan na ang nag nag chechek ng mga exams ng mga bata. May mga panahon din na kapag umaalis ang guro ay pinapatulog nalang ang mga bata. Meron ding exams papers na hindi ipinakita ang mga resulta ng mga bata sa mga magulang kasi nawala daw.
    Mga tanong ko po:
    1. Ayos lang po pala sa isang silid aralan na may isang magulang na naka bantay isip pinagkatiwalaan ng isang guro kahit may anak din siya na pumapasok doon?
    2. Ayos lang din po ba kung dadalhin nung pinagkatiwalaan ng guro ang test paper exams ng mga bata sa kanilang bahay para doon mag check?
    3. Ayos lang din po ba kung hindi na maipakita ng guro ang test results ng mga bata kasi daw nawala niya ang mga iyon?

    Sana po ay mabigyan po ng kasagutan.
    Maraming salamat po.

  13. Nag paguidance po ako kase binubully ung anak ko na bubugbugin at mabanggit ko ung late ma pag uwi ng anak ko ng halos 3 days kaya napalo ko ung anak ko at lumatay sa braso nya sa sobrang galit ko kase sinungalinh sya.. ang nagyari pinagtsismisan pako ng mga mga teacher at ng adviser nya imbes na ayusin ang problema pinagpiyestahan pa nila ang anak ko at pinagalitan pa dahil di daw pinarating sa adviser at guidance ko daw agad.anu ba dapat gawin sa mga batang tsismosa.

  14. Magandang gabi po, may gusto lang po ako linawin. Ang sabi po ng teacher (grade 1 teacher) ibabagsak daw po nya yung estudyante nya dahil makulit daw po at di nag susulat at walang assignment. Naintindihan ko naman na may katigasan ng ulo ang bata at natural sa bata ang maging makulit. Pero hindi po namin alam kung ano ang dapat ituro sa bata dahil una wala pong libro ang bata, wala rin naman pong ipinapaskil sa labas ng room na may assignment o kaya naman iniiwan na notes sa blackboard para sana makopya at maituro sa bata, meron din po na ginawang group chat thru messenger yung mga nanay para sana sa quiz at assignment ng mga bata pero matagal na daw po na pinalitan at ang gumawa ng panibagong group chat para dito ay ang mismong teacher, okay naman sana kaso hindi naman po kami isinali kaya di din kami aware na matagal ng napalitan. Dun sa gc po na yun kami kumukuha ng idea kung ano ang mga dapat ituro sa bata. Nung nalaman po namin na pinalitan yung gc na yun nakipag usap po kami sa teacher at sinabi na wala kami don kaya wala kaming idea sa mga quiz o assignment na pwede ituro. Ang sabi ng teacher isasali daw po , sinunod ko naman ang mga instructions nya na hanapin yung name nya at i personal message sya pero ang tagal na po nun at hanggang ngayon wala pa ding nangyayari, kapag nag pa follow up kami ang sasabihin lang nya titingnan lang at isasali. Sinusubukan naman namin na makipag coordinate para matulungan yung bata sa pag aaral nya pero mukhang wala talagang plano yung teacher na tulungan din yung bata. Ano pa po ba ang pwede naming gawin? Maraming salamat po.

  15. Is there a grounds to file complaint against a teacher who refuses to leave a property despite months of reminders and time given to look for another place to rent

  16. Ano po masasabi ninyo sa pamunuan ng isang private school dito sa General Trias Cavite na FIAT LUX Academe sa pagmamatigas na ang bawat student ay kinakailangang umattend sa kanilang JS Prom na gaganapin sa Feb. 21, 2020 at kung hindi, ang estudyante ay hindi makaka-pasa at kailangan pa rin magbayad ng kaukulang fees para sa nasabing event kahit ito ay hindi sasama.

    Inaasahan po namin ang inyong agarang tugon at ito po ay magiging malaking tulong.

    – Lubos na gumagalang,
    Rowell Laguican

  17. I would like to complain a teacher who always chatting my husband and flirting him.I already warned her but she just send me a fuck you sign. She is a teacher in Calamba laguna. I have a screenshots on conversations.I hope you can help me.!

  18. I would like to complain about this teacher in Ma-a National High School, Davai City. Ang pangalan ng guro ay si Lenita Dalog ng grade 3 Section Cherry. During classes, umaalis yung guro at hinahayaan ang estudyante na manood na lamang ng cartoons TV. One time hindi nakapag take ng recess ang klaseng ito dahil umalis ang teacher na si Lenita Dalog ang ang nagpa-dismiss sa mga bata ay ibang guro na lamang. Pinagdadala nya ng anim na libro araw-araw ang mga estudyante pero hindi naman ito nagagamit dahil hindi naman sya nagtuturo at basta nalang iniiwan ang klase at hinayaan silang manood na lamang ng cartoons sa classroom. Pinagagawa nya ng assignment ang mga bata pero kinabukasan hindi nya ito kukunin para i-check. And this school, Ma-a National High school. Palaging may kailangang bayaran. kaya nga nag public school dahil ito lang ang kaya ng pamilya. pero kung maningil sila daig pa ang private school. This is very disturbing. Please take action dahil kawawa ang mga bata. pumapasok nang walang natututunan at hinahayaang magbitbit ng anim na libro pero hindi nagagamit.
    I am hoping na sana maaksyunan at maimbestigahan ninyo ito. Maraming salamat

  19. Magandang araw po.
    Mag cocomplain lang po ako tungkol sa pangongolekta ng mga teacher sa paaralan ng San Nicolas Central School.
    May dalawa po akong anak ngayon na nag aaral doon, bawat grading period sila po ay sinisingil para sa project na worth of 100 per grading at 50 pesos para sa pambayad ng guard sa school at 200 pesos para sa MTAP. Ito pong school ay sa San Nicolas Batangas. nakakalungkot pong isipin na sa pera nakabase ang grado ng mga anak ko. Ang akin lang po anu nalang po ang matutunan ng mga anak ko kung ganun nalang po ang sistema nila. 1 year ng nag aaral mga anak q sa school na yun, galing po kasi kaming maynila. Ang inaakala ko na makakatipid kami sa pag aaral ng anak ko sa probinsya ay mas malala pa pala ang magiging gastos namin. Sa dami ng etudyante na nag aaral po doon kung iisipin natin magkano lahat ng kanilang nasisingil. Sinasabi nilang pambili ng electricfan, pampagawa ng gripo para sa tubig, pambili ng T.V pampagawa ng kung anu-anu. Na alam naman natin na Gobyerno ang nag popondo para sa mga yun. ultimo sahod ng guard mga estudyante pa ang mag babayad. napaka unfair po. Isa pa naiistress mga anak ko sa paniningil ng mga teacher, voluntary nga pero kada meeting walang oras nilang binabanggit ang paniningil. Sana po ay magawang ng aksyon po itong complain ko.
    Maraming salamat. action@deped.gov.ph

  20. Hello po, ask ko lng po kung paano po ang dapat gawin kapag sarado na po ang school na unang pinasukan para makuha ang OTR po. May chance pa po bang makuha pa ito at how po?

  21. Hello po, ask ko lang po sana kung pwede ko po ba ireklamo or kung anu magandang gawin. Kasi nagaaral po ngyon sa public school anak ko grade 2 po sya. Nag declare npo pala kasi na suspended na klase nila ng tanghali hindi po kame aware. Pero may kuya po sya sa school.yung teacher po ng kuya nya ang nagtxt saminna sunduin ndw po at wala na silang pasok. Tapos pinasundo npo namin kagad. Pero yung grade 2 na anak ko po eh nakita nlng sa high way npo naglalakad po malayo na sa school pauwe po. Kaya ayun nagulat po ako. Pinagsabihan ko po anak ko ang sabi po eh pinauwe n sila ng teacher nya. Tas nagtxt po ako sa teacher nagtanong kung bakit hindi ako nainform kagad na wla npo pala pasok mga bata at pinauwe npo. And sagot po ng teacher eh kapag pinauwe n dw nila ng lunch time yung bata eh hindi ndw nila sagutin . Eh ang akin sana iinform manlang yung magulang kasi kagaya nyan na hindi nmn walking distance lang and kung mapano yung bata. Tska bkit dw saknya tatanungin kung nsa highway n sa 7/11 banda yung bata. Syempre kako dahil ang alam nmin nsa school ang bata . Bkit nakalabas ng paaralan yung bata ng wala pang sundo. Yun lang pinupunto ko magkaron kahit panu sana ng concern o pakialam yung teacher sa estudyante nya dhil kung napano o nawala yung bata sa daan db po. Anu po ba magandang gawin. Salamat po s
    Ng madami.

  22. good evening po tanong ko lang po kung may nilalabag po bang batas ang isang guro kung nakikioagrelasyon sya o binabahay nya ang kapwa nya lalaki..in short bakla po si sir..mula 16yrs old palang po ung bata binabahay na nya until now na 18yrs old na..

  23. Magandang araw po itatanung ko lang po allowed po ba ang card na walang pirma ng isang principal?at pag na guidance ka po ba na ikaw ang victim kailangan po ba syang mag community service 8am to 3pm?ganun po ba talaga?

  24. Wondering if I can file a complaint of negligence on my son’s school. They were playing in the playground with no school staff to supervise.

    My son was kicked on the face by a boy on the swing and I wasn’t informed about it.

  25. Is it ok to change the grades of the studentfor the 1st and 2nd grading period a week before recognition/graduation. What do you recommend/course of action to be taken?

    • If the teacher did not send a letter and not visited the parents when the student had a problem in school and after the school ends they inform the parents that their child need to retain because of not passing his grades.. what should I do?

    • The Final Grade in each learning area and the General Average are reported as whole numbers.

      Remarks in the Final Grade for every learning areas shall be Passed or Failed.

      Failing grade shall be written in red ballpen including the action taken Failed.

      For the General Average, red ballpen shall be used for Retained while black ballpen for Promoted.

      Class Adviser shall affix his/her initial beside the General Average.

      READ: General Reminders on the Preparation and Checking of School Forms

  26. Felipe R. Verallo Memorial Foundation-Bogo – Cebu

    this school is selling certificates of employment for teachers and TOR’s.
    this has been a decade of corruption to many especially for new applicants.
    the school heads know and even encourage to do it.
    what a shame for having complaining this to 8888 to Pres Duterte until now nothing happens.
    this profession really a big disgrace because some are now becoming school administrators.
    please do something about it, and have all the cheaters being reviewed.
    To Pres Duterte, if this will not again prosper, i will personally go to the main office.

  27. Ethical padin po ba sa isang teacher if nagsasalita/namumura sya tru a group chat at manlait pa ng bata? I have a screenshots as an evidence.

  28. At ang sagot ng guro ay dahilan daw sa nag cheat sa kanilang exam ang mga bata kaya niya nagawang murahin,
    Ayon sa mga bata ay matagal na itong ginagawa ng kanilang guro at sila ay may salaysay at sila

    natatakot lamang,at ang buong pangkat mula section 1to 4 ay mayroon diumanong pandaraya sa kabilang exam bakit tila ang 8 batang ito ang nadidiin samantalang ang usapin ay patungkol sa pang aabuso ng guro…kailangan po namin ang patas na imbistigasyon at pagsusuri ng usapin

  29. Magandang gabi po,
    ako po ay guardian ng aking apo na nag aaral sa Commonwealth high schl.na nasa ika siyam na baitang,nagbigay po ng sulat reklamo kasama ang pitong mag aaral laban sa kanilang gurong tagapayo na si Gng.Mary Ann Palomar,child abuse sa ilalim ng physcological violence,
    Pagmumura ng punyeta,mga demonyo,gago at idikdik ang ulo sa sahig…nakakalungkot lamang dahil nasa proseso ng paguusap ngunit nabibigyan lamang ng katwiran ay ang guro at hindi ang best interest of the child,nakakaramdam ng takot ang mga bata sa tuwing makakaharap ang kanilang guro,hiniling po namin na mapalitan ang adviser,ngunit ang sinasabi ng kanilang asst.to the principal ay mahirap daw na palitan ang adviser dahil maraming gawain,may mga pagkakataon nga po na hindi nakakapagturo ang mga guro,sa ngayon po ay hihintayin q ang pagpapasiya,hindi po ba maaaring pakinggan ang aming hinaing na may parehong at patas na pagtingin?


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