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DepEd LRMDS Coordinator Duties and Responsibilities

Pursuant to the organized and systematic implementation of the Learning Resources Management and Development System (LRMDS) this Calendar Year 2019, and to improve the development, production and distribution of all types of learning resources (text-based, non-text-based, printed, digital, etc.) in all public schools; all PSDSs, Elementary, Junior and Senior High School Principals are required to designate a new or re-designate the current LRMDS Coordinator in their respective districts and schools.

The DepEd LRMDS Coordinators must be:

DISTRICT (Elementary Level):


  • 1 Elementary Master Teacher or a Classroom Teacher


  • 1 Department Head/Subject Area Coordinator or Master Teacher or Classroom Teacher


  • 1 Master Teacher or Academic/TVL Teacher

Designation of District LRMDS Coordinator

The following attributes shall guide the PSDS and School Principals in designating a new or redesignating the current District and School LRMDS Coordinators:

  • Has the potential or technical skills in developing and evaluating learning resources of various formats and designs;
  • Has a positive working attitude and willing to assist and mentor other teachers/school heads related to the use and access of learning resources;
  • Has the capability to lead and organize district and/or school level LRMDS programs, projects and activities;
  • Proficient in common office productivity software like word processing, spreadsheets, multimedia presentations, internet browser and other LRMDS-support technologies;
  • With technical competencies in downloading and/or uploading digital files and setting up multimedia devices and gadgets;
  • Capable of sending and receiving emails and other social media messaging;
  • With proficient oral and written communication skills;
  • Systematic in filing and managing files


Attached is the designated LRMDS Coordinator qualifications, duties and responsibilities for your reference and guidance.

As designated District LRMDS Coordinator for School Year 2020-2021, you are expected to perform your duties, responsibilities and other related tasks until such time that this designation is revoked.

The designated DepEd LRMDS Coordinator shall perform the following duties and responsibilities:

  • Prepare, consolidate and submit accurate and updated LRMDS reports;
  • Maintain smooth communication with the Division LRMDS Team on the implementation of the LRMDS policies, guidelines, and standards;
  • Lead in the distribution and utilization of learning resources in the schools and/or districts;
  • Keep and update database of inventories of text-based and non-text-based learning resources in all grade levels and subject areas within the school and/or district levels;
  • Attend, participate actively and update his/her concerned School Head/PSDS in all Division LRMDS meetings, seminars, and other related activities;
  • Lead in the establishment, proper utilization and maintenance of School Libraries and Learning Resource Centers;
  • Lead in advocating and assisting all teaching and non-teaching personnel in the school and district on how to responsibly access the DepED Learning Resource Portal, the Schools Division Repository of Digital Resources and the LRMDS Social Media Sites;
  • Provide technical assistance to co-teachers in the development, production, and storage of learning resources;
  • Organize the School and/or District LRMDS Content Developers Team which includes: Creative Writers, Illustrators, Layout Artists, Graphic Artists, Photographers, Animators, Video-Editors and Learning Resource Evaluators/Quality Assurance Team;
  • Perform other LRMDS-related tasks.

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