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DepEd Loan Verifier Duties and Responsibilities

In the exigency of operations, unfilled ADAS III and ADAS II items may be assigned by the respective Schools Division Superintendents to act/serve as Loan Verifier for loan applications filed by the division and school personnel.

As stated in RA 9155, under Rule IV, Sec. 4.2.3,

the Schools Division Superintendents shall have authority, accountability and responsibility in hiring, placing and evaluating all division supervisors & schools district supervisors as well as employees in the division, both teaching and non-teaching personnel

The Loan Verifier shall report to the Administrative Officer V, Administrative Services through the Administrative Officer IV, Personnel Section and shall have the following Terms of Reference:

DepEd Loan Verifier Duties and Responsibilities

The DepEd Loan Verifier shall:

1. On a first come, first served basis, act on all e-mailed requests for net take-home pay (NTHP) verification received from the following, who are within their scope of responsibility:

a. DepEd personnel requesting for verification for their own APDS transactions, as indicated by the e-mail address used by the sender,

i.e. should be the official DepEd e-mail address issued by the Department, ending in “@deped.gov.ph”; and

b. GSIS Authorized Agency Officers (AAOs) requesting for verification of other DepEd personnel’s GSIS loans, who likewise should use their official DepEd e-mail addresses;

2. Record information on applications for loans under the GSIS Financial Assistance Loan Program for DepEd Personnel (GFAL) to be relayed by the AAO;

3. Strictly follow the “Procedures for Verification of the Net Take Home Pay (NTHP) by the DepEd Verifier under the APDS”, both for Loans and for Insurance Premium and Membership Dues/Contributions, as stated in Annexes B and C of Enclosures 2 and 3, respectively, of the DepEd Order No. 18, s. 2018;

4. Exercise diligence and prudent judgment to ascertain that the pertinent information to be used for verification, as contained in the e-mailed request, are:

a. Complete, as required in Annexes B and C of Enclosures 2 and 3, respectively, of the DepEd Order No. 18, s. 2018 (both Annexes attached for your reference); and

b. Authentic, based on the information in the official payroll;

5. Check that the contractual interest rate of the loans being applied for are within the DepEd prescribed ceilings, as follows (based on DO No. 18, s. 2018.

6. Closely coordinate with other DepEd offices/personnel who are involved in APDS transactions, such as the Administrative and Finance Divisions/Units, and, in particular, the Regional Payroll Services Units, the AAOs, and the office in charge of the DepEd Provident Fund;

7. Maintain the confidentiality of personal information of DepEd personnel to which he/she has access due to the nature of his/her duties and responsibilities as Verifier;

8. Report directly to the DepEd official that designated him/her as Verifier and to the concerned APDS Task Force, in addition to his/her immediate supervisor prior to this designation;

9. Submit to the Regional Payroll Services Units the monthly report of financial obligations verified, with status (e.g. released, cancelled, etc.)

10. Prepare reports in relation to these duties and responsibilities for submission to the DepEd Schools Division Office (SDO), Regional Office (RO), Central Office (CO), and concerned APDS Task Forces, strictly for official use; and

11. Other related tasks that may be assigned.

DepEd Loan Verifier Qualifications.

The DepEd Verifier for APDS transactions (“Verifier,” for brevity) must satisfy the following criteria:

1. Holds a permanent position in the Department;

2. Has no pending administrative or civil case; and

3. Capable of learning how to efficiently use e-mail, MS Excel, and other computer programs/applications for the purpose of verification.

DepEd Loan Verifier Requirements

1. Officially designated in writing to be the Verifier, for a specific scope of DepEd personnel, by either the Regional Director, the Schools Division Superintendent, or the School Head, depending on the office or school where the Verifier is assigned and his/her scope of responsibility; and

2. Has been issued a unique, official Verifier e-mail address by the Information and Communications Technology Service (ICTS) in the Central Office.

Restrictions and Sanctions

1. A Verifier may only entertain DepEd personnel’s requests for verification received in the former’s official Verifier e-mail address and sent by the latter using their official DepEd e-mail address.

2. A Verifier is advised to use the official Verifier e-mail address only for the purpose of acting on requests for NTHP verification regarding APDS transactions to avoid confusion.

3. The coverage of each Verifier shall be distinct, with no overlapping of functions.

4. A Verifier’s designation may be revoked or amended by the DepEd official that issued the designation upon the recommendation of the concerned APDS Task Force, copy furnished the Office of the Undersecretary for Finance-Disbursements and Accounting for monitoring and records purposes.

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8 thoughts on “DepEd Loan Verifier Duties and Responsibilities”

  1. Bakit po matagal mag verify ng loan? ito po ang sagot

    1. naglabas ng order ang deped na pwede na mag apply from maximum of 3 years loan term to 5 years, syempre mas mahabang term, mas maliit na deduction, mas malaking take home.
    2. pumasok na ang dagdag sweldo, of course lumaki ang NTHP, kaya pwede nanaman mag loan.
    3. nag announce si GSIS na pwede na ang 10 years na loan term sa kanila. so alam nyo na renew ulit

    dahil maraming teacher ang nag loan at nag avail ng mas mahabang term dumagsa ang nag aapply hindi lang twice kundi 5x sa normal. I hope nalinawan po kayo kung bakit tumatagal ngayon ang verification.

  2. bakit po ang tagal mag verify ang verifier ngayon? ilang araw po ba talaga magresponse ang verifier? para naman mapaghandaan ng nag apply kung approved or disapproved, paano kung for emergency, tapos ang tagal magresponse ng verifier? baka po lumala na ang problema ng nag apply bago pa magresponse. nakakalungkot naman isipin, nangangailangan ang isang tao tapos may problema sa verifier, tagal magresponse.

  3. How long does it take for the verifier to verify the request? It’s been 4 days after I sent the email. I’m anxious they might not be approve it because the my name in the payslip has wrong spelling but I already requested the division for correction last month.

    • Bakit po ba tagal maverify ang loan ? ….wala bang remedyo diyan ….yong umabot ng isang buwan ang pag verify ng yong loan ….maawa naman kayo sa mga guro po….nag loan nga kasi kailangan hindi naman siguro mag loan ang guro pag hindi kailangan tapos aabot ng isang buwan ang pag verify …

  4. same concern here sir/madam! we appreciate your response to clarify things once and for all! Thank you!

  5. with regards to loan verification procedure, since the memo is silent on this matter, how long will it takes for the VERIFIER to verify the request loan? Will it be one day, one week, one month or maybe a quarter? how about if it is an urgent needs, lets say for medical purposes?


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