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2017 DepEd Online Application System for Teacher Applicants


Questions / clarifications must be sent to [email protected] or [email protected] for proper documentation and action.

How to apply? For DepEd Teacher Applicants

Before you register

a. You have a valid, working and current email address where you will receive your login details. You may use your personal or work email as long as you can still log-in to it.
b. If you haven’t used your email address for quite some time, please check if you still can access it. If you can no longer access your email, we suggest that you create a new one
c. Be ready with any of the following IDs : Tax Identification Number (recommended); GSIS Unified Multi-Purpose ID (UMID); Voter’s ID; New Postal ID; SSS ID; PhilHealth ID; Passport.


  • Register online at using your personal email address.
  • Reminder: this registration is to secure an access to the DepEd online application system, NOT to create a new email address for you.


  • Regularly check your email for the verification notice within the next 48-hours. Your username and password is included in the email. Click ‘here’ to confirm that your email is working.


  • Sign-in or Login to using your username & password.

DepEd Online Application System



  • In Office level, teacher-applicant select [Division].


  • In CO Strands/Region, teacher-applicant select [Region].


  • In CO Bureau/Service/Office–Division/ Division Office, teacher-applicant select [Division].


  • In position, teacher-applicants select [Teacher I].


  • Click Save.
  • If you want to apply for another position click ‘Add’, then repeat Step 4 to Step 8.
  • If you want to remove a position previously selected, click ‘Remove’.


  • Click Next.



  • Enter your data in the PDS. Click ‘Save’ button at the bottom of the screen before you transfer / move to another page / tab.

DepEd Online Application System PDS


  • Review data in all pages / tabs to make sure all encoded data are complete.


  • Go to Reference page/tab then click ‘Submit’.
  • REMINDER: After you click the ‘SUBMIT’ button, you can view your PDS but no longer edit or add any data to it. You can no longer add, edit or delete the position applying for.


  • Go to the Dashboard and you will immediatey find your UAN printed in green text with green background.
  • REMINDER: UAN will be displayed if everything was encoded and done correctly, unless otherwise the system encountered problem.


  • Regularly check your email for your UAN within the next 48-hours.


  • Include your UAN in your application / provide your UAN where necessary.

DepEd Online Application System Frequently Asked Questions #1

Reminder to applicants:

  1. Ensure that you have selected at least one (1) position you are applying for. For teacher-applicants, make sure the right Division Office is selected in order for your data to be sent to them accordingly.
  2. Please check all data encoded. If some data are missing after saving, please read FAQs#2 for instructions.
  3. Please read ALL the messages that will appear on your screen and understand them.

How do I apply online?


Please refer to the following files for the step by step guide:

  1. Teacher – Applicant: How to apply Teacher v2
  2. DepEd Central Office – Applicant : How to apply DepEdCO

I tried to register at but I was not able to receive verification through my email.


If you registered prior or earlier than April 25, 2015 and have not yet received the verification email, we suggest that you check your spam folder first. Please refer to DepEd OAS FAQs#3.pdf Q6 for the possible reasons why.

I just want to ask if the given Applicant Number, can it be used with other positions?

Yes. Each applicant is given only one (1) UAN valid upon application and for 1 school year if UAN starts with T, and valid for 1 year if UAN starts with N.

Please send me the e-pds so i can print it together with my application number. / Bakit po until now wala pa rin po ung PDS na galing sa website nyo po?

You can save or download your PDS by login in to your account. Click the Green ‘Save & Print PDS’ button on your dashboard below your name. Available since April 27, 2015.

May ibang paraan po ba para makakuha kami ng application number?

(Is there other means of acquiring the application number?)

No. There is no other way of acquiring the UAN except through the online application system because it is auto-generated upon submission.

Saan ko po makikita yung UAN ko? (Where can I find my UAN?)

  1. Application Dashboard (written in GREEN TEXT)
  2. UAN email after you have submitted your application online.
  3. Upper right hand corner of the system-generated Personal Data Sheet.

Dun po sa sign Up application po mali po ung nilagay ko na TIN #. ok lng po ba un, at palitan ko na lang sa may PDS ko po?

(In the Sign-up application I entered a wrong TIN, is it ok to correct it in my PDS?)

You can input your correct TIN in the PDS.

I can’t access my account. Your site always say I’m not registered yet but once I try to register again it says my email and tin already exist.

This happens when you have already registered your data but may have skipped or forgotten to check the verification email sent and proceeded to the login page. It is an important step to confirm that the email address you registered exist by clicking the word ‘here’. After which, you are directed again to the site to login.

Please take note that the verification link is only valid for one click.

How to correct the confirmation key? How to make it valid? **UPDATED:

The link ‘here’ in the confirmation email sent to you after you successfully registered your data is only valid for 1 click. Clicking it again will cause this message.

To address this, what you can do is change your password by clicking the link “forgot password?” found in the application home page (as shown on the right) and follow the instructions.

My work experience did not appear in my e-PDS, what should i do?? I tried to update it but still my work experience is empty.


This issue had been resolved.

Hanggang kailan po ang deadline ng pagregister online? (When’s the deadline for the online registration?)

None. There is no deadline for the online registration. However, you need to abide by the deadline set by the Division Offices for the submission of your documents.

Pwede po ba ako makarequest na maitransfer sa new account ko na ang application number ko. Hindi ko n po ksi maopen yung nailagay kong email ad ko sa application.

This is a wrong assumption that the UAN is transferable and that a UAN can be issued to an email address that was never verified.


Hello DepEd PTS,

Your message “DepEd PTS e-Mail Verification” to me was waitlisted.

Get your message to my inbox by clicking the following link.

Thank you,

[email protected]

P.S. …you’ll only have to do this once. Future emails will appear immediately in my inbox.

Email addresses registered to email filtering system like Boxbe prevents the DepEd email verification from going straight to your inbox unless DepEd PTS register with Boxbe first. You may choose to disable or unsubscribe to Boxbe or register again using a different email address and a different ID number that is not subscribe to such application.

404 Not Found error is always open, unless it is specified that it is under maintenance. If you got this error, check / refresh your internet connection or refresh / reload your browser. If you experience this for at least 30 minutes, please report immediately by emailing [email protected]

Paano ko malalaman na successful ang pag-submit ko ng aking PDS online?

To check if your PDS had been successfully submitted, please visit your dashboard and you will find only two (2) buttons: (1) Blue Re-Open button below your name and (2) Green Next button below the position applied for. If the ‘Add’ button is visible beside the ‘Next’ button, then it is not yet / not successfully submitted. Reminding again to make sure to choose the correct Region and Division and select Teacher I before submitting your PDS.

I have already submitted my application, how can i edit my e-pds? / Just want to ask if how am I going to edit my application. I need to edit the position area but I couldn’t. / ang problema ko po is hindi po ma-update ang data na nilalagay ko at wala pong SAVE button once tapos ko na po siyang ma-edit

Inability to edit your data or position applied for or when ‘Save’ button goes missing, means you already submitted you application. Just reminding you that when you submitted you online PDS you passed through 2 levels of security question telling you that you can no long edit your PDS including the apply position dashboard.

What you can do is to click the button to ‘Re-open PDS’. You will be asked to provide reason why you want to Re-open your PDS. Please be informed that the request is subject to approval, hence not all request is approved.

Everytime I click the SUBMIT button lage pong nirereply ay Please enter your Birthdate/Tin.Pag na encode ko naman po then I click submit button again ang lage pong sinasabi ng dialog box ay Your PDS has been successfully saved!.Ibig po bang sabihin nito ay nasubmit nayung PDS ko and wait for 48 hours or or hndi pa?Anu po bang dapat kung gawin?


This technical error was resolved last April 22, 2015

The verification email was already sent to my email but the problem this time is that when I click “here” the page of it doesn’t appear any messages like ‘Congratulations! ‘ I just saw the logo of DepEd and also the Register on the other side. What will I do?”

Remember that the verification email tests if the email address that you registered into the system is valid or not. Technically, this is a positive response from the system. A click to the word ‘here’ meant that the email address registered is valid and can now create their PDS. What the applicant can do is to re-load the page again until they can see the application page, enter their username and password the registered and click ‘Sign In’ to start encoding their PDS.

Can I register using another email because there is still no verification email being sent to me?

Here are the possible reasons why you didn’t received your verification email:

  1. You registered an email address that do not exist. We’d like to stress that the DepEd Online Application System DO NOT ISSUE or CREATE email address. Hence, if you registered [email protected] but is not a DepEd employee we can guarantee you that you will never ever get your verification email. Same goes for registering / / / / / / / [are valid email domain] but the account is never created in those sites are considered invalid and non-existent email addresses.
  2. You registered an email address that you no longer have access to due to forgotten password. We suggest that you create a new email address first.
  3. You registered an email address that you still know the password but never accessed for a long time. We suggest that you create a new email address first.
  4. You registered an email address that is existing but incorrectly spelled (but hard to prove) [[email protected] /[email protected] / [email protected] / [email protected]]
  5. You are subscribed to email filtering system like Boxbe, SpamArrest, ZoneAlarm and the like. We do not subscribe to such, hence you will never receive our email.


Hence, you are advised to register again using an existing email address. Also, if you registered before April 25 and haven’t received your verification email, you are also advised to register again.

I accidentally submitted my PDS but I was not yet finished filling out all the information. What should I do? / I missed filling up the position I am applying for before proceeding with the online PDS. How can I solve this issue?

Please login to your account and check your dashboard. If you have successfully submitted your PDS before you should find the ‘Re-open PDS’ button below your name that will allow you to send a request for your PDS to be re-opened again for editing. Be reminded that this request is subject to approval. You will be asked to state the reason why you are requesting for the re-opening of your PDS.

DepEd Online Application related emails will be answered during Office Hours from Monday to Friday between 8:00 am and 5:00 pm. Thank you.

Official DepEd Website:
Official DepEd Online Application System (OAS) :
Official DepEd OAS Helpdesk email address: [email protected]
Secondary OAS Helpdesk email addresses: [email protected] ;[email protected]
Temporary landline number: (02) 633 7264 ; 636 4878 ;635 7369
Hotline Number: [Globe] 0977 771 2285 ; [Smart] 0939 436 1390 ; [Sun] 0942 614 9599

Read: DepEd Online Application System Frequently Asked Questions

Source: DepEd Helpdesk

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