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Reiterating DepEd Order No. 22, s. 2013

TeacherPH reiterates the Revised Guidelines on the Transfer of Teachers from one station to another based on the DepEd Order No. 22, s. 2013.


Transfer of teachers from one station to another can be considered when;

a. The recipient school/station is in need of additional teacher.

b. The teacher is declared excess by the principal//school head and is needed in another school/district/division. The teacher is subject for transfer.

Note: transfer maybe made even without the consent of the teacher

c. Teachers to be transferred “in the exigency of the service”

In the event that teachers are transferred in the exigency of the service, the following may serve as a guide for transfer:

  • Teachers who were last to be hired (Last in, First out)
  • Non-resident where the school is located
  • Resident of the barangay or municipality of the proposed recipient school

When teachers identified in b and c desire not to transfer, they shall be given additional assignment, such as:

For teachers who are seeking for transfer to another station which is in need of additional teachers, the following situations based on DepEd Order No. 22, s. 2013 shall be given priority with corresponding points as guide to identify who among the teachers seeking for transfer will be moved first:

Note: Points system varies per Division Office (for guidance only).

ReasonSupporting DocumentsPoints
1When the teacher is declared excess by the SH and/or his/her expertise/area of specialization is needed in another school / district / division;Certification From the Schools Division signed by the SDS15 pts
2The teacher has served for more than five years outside his/her home barangay/municipality;Service Record & Endorsement from the School HeadMaximum of 10 points (1 point per year of experience )
3The teacher is a bonafide resident of the barangay, municipality, city, or province where the school is located (RA No. 8190, Localization Law)Teacher’s Voter’s ID or Voter’s CertificateBrgy. Level – 10 pts
Municipal Level – 7 pts
Provincial Level- 5 pts
4The teacher is joining his/her husband/wife in the same school (RA No. 4670);Marriage Contract & Certification from the School head10 pts
5She is a nursing mother (PD No. 603, Child and Youth Welfare Code);Birth Certificate of the Child/children2 yrs below – 10 pts
2 yrs up – 5 pts
6The teacher’s life is in danger due to armed conflict, hostilities, or other similar circumstances in the area where the school is located;Certification by the Office of National Defense10 pts
7He/She is in poor health condition, as evidenced by pertinent medical records to that effect.Medical Certificate for ailments such as but not limited to:


Major operation
Heart ailment

10 pts
Additional CriteriaTeacher’s PerformanceIPCRF for 3 years4.5-5.0 = 25 pts.

3.5-4.4 = 20 pts.

2.5-3.4 = 15 pts.

Below 2.5 = 10 pts.

DepEd Order No. 7. s. 2015 can also be considered which stipulates that “Upon a teacher’s appointment, assignment to station, and acceptance of the position, he or she shall not be transferred to another school until after rendering at least three (3) years of service in that school. ”

Under other conditions, teacher’s transfer can likewise be effected “in the exigency of the service” as determined by the Schools Division Superintendent.

Application for transfer with supporting documents will be submitted to the Office of the Schools Division Superintendent from January to February of every year.


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  1. Who shall be given priority to be assigned in a particular school among the following?
    1. A permanent teacher seeking tranfer
    2. A local applicant ? Who is in the RQA?


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