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DepEd Guidelines on Conducting a Project for Innovation in School

Innovation is the introduction of new ideas, goods, services, and practice which are intended to be useful. It could address gaps on access, quality and relevance and governance or management of education service, such as: increase enrolment/participation rate and reduce drop-out, and failure rates; improve academic performance, and enhance learning environment/improve physical facilities. It could be a product of contextualization and indigenization.

Who will innovate?

Teachers, Master Teachers, Head Teachers, Principals, and Non-teaching personnel.

Project Classification

  1. Access
  2. Quality and Relevance
  3. Governance

Note: All project proposals related to DepEd’s current projects and programs are not necessarily to be approved as innovation for these are embodied in the SIP/AIP of the school.

Examples: Gulayan sa Paaralan, Pera sa Basura, Construction of school fence, footwalk, school gate, parks, water supply/hand washing facilities, and playground amenities.

DepEd Guidelines on Conducting a Project for Innovation in School

  1. The proposed project is aligned with DepEd thrusts and contributory to the attainment of the Department’s Vision and Mission.
  2. The proponent must present the reasons for the project, and what needs or problems he/she wants to solve/address and innovate.
  3. The proposed project must be qualified to benefit the learners and other school stakeholders.
  4. The proposed project must have a realistic management plan and the resources needed to complete the project within a calendar year.
  5. If it is an infrastructure project, the proponent must present or include a layout/ project design in her/his project proposal. Ex: the establishment of solar panel, windmill, e-library.
  6. Sources of a fund to sustain the project must be in the form of donations, income generating project (IGP), etc. It should not be taken from the school MOOE fund.
  7. Solicitation is prohibited.
  8. The proponent must show proof of donation, MOA, or any evidence of the project’s sourcing.
  9. When the project is already complete, the evaluators will monitor the project again and will issue an evaluation form showing that the project is already finished. The evaluation should be a requisite for the approval of the final report.
  10. While the project is ongoing, the project evaluators will come and visit to monitor the status of implementation.
  11. If the proponent will use the project proposal as “innovation” for promotion purposes, acceptance of the project depends on the PSB( Personnel Selection Board).
  12. The project must have a provision for sustainability and replicability.

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  1. How to make an innovation project like gulayan sa paaralan sir? and of course a research proposal on reading for those non-readers in the primary? I would like to request also a sample of innovations that can be our guide in crafting innovations. Thank you sir. God bless.

  2. Thank you sir for sharing your expertise. I would to request a sample of innovations are our guide in crafting innovations. God bless you sir.

  3. Yes…may we know the legal basis and different issuances in support to the format and in in making a project proposal or innovation? Thank you…

  4. I Think “Gulayan sa Paaralan” sa paaralan cannot be a Innovation Project since it is national program and an amount is allocated for the purpose

  5. What is the legal basis for the DepEd Income Generating Project, specifically the law from which a specific DepEd Order or Memo is issued? Thank you


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