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Education Program Supervisor Job Description and CSC Qualifications

DepEd Education Program Supervisor (Salary Grade 22) provides technical support in the full implementation of the articulated basic education curriculum for a subject area and the development of learning resource materials to suit the conditions and context of the locality.

Provide technical assistance to the Schools in the curriculum implementation, instructional supervision and learning materials development and quality assurance. When part of LR Design and Development Team, may be assigned as the Instructional Design and Development Coordinator.

DepEd Education Program Supervisor (EPS) Qualification Standards

CSC Prescribed Qualifications

EducationMasters degree in education or other relevant degrees
Masters degree with a specific area of specialization
ExperienceAt least 2 years experience as a Principal or Head Teacher or Master Teacher
EligibilityRA 1080 (Teacher)
Training8 hours of training in management and supervision

DepEd Education Program Supervisor (EPS) Duties and Responsibilities

MANAGEMENT OF CURRICULUM IMPLEMENTATIONConduct periodic monitoring and evaluation and submit recommendations towards enhancing the management and delivery of the basic education curriculum.
Develop together with School M&E the mechanisms, processes, and tools for monitoring, curriculum implementation, and articulation (including vertical and horizontal integration) in the schools division to gauge adherence to standards while implementing innovations.
Submit (together with School M&E) Progress Monitoring Report of Schools Division Curriculum Implementation and Management per Subject area.
Submit (together with School M&E) Evaluation Results of Division Curriculum implementation and submit policy recommendations towards improvement.
Conduct an evaluation of Schools Division Instructional Supervision Plan Implementation and submit policy recommendations towards process improvement.
Develop and implement advocacy programs and materials on the basic education curriculum to enhance appreciation and support from stakeholders.
Develop and submit Concept Papers and Project designs and proposals for curriculum enhancement and innovation.
CURRICULUM DEVELOPMENT, ENRICHMENT, and LOCALIZATIONDevelop training designs, modules, and materials to localize, indigenize, and contextualize competencies in the curriculum per subject area for use of the schools division.
Develop (with School M&E) processes and tools for monitoring the localized and indigenized curriculum implementation to get feedback on effectiveness.
Submits reports and findings on curriculum innovations and localization by schools division for appropriate management action.
Conduct research on Curriculum Localization to widen the pool of knowledge and application to the region.
LEARNING DELIVERYConducts evaluation and submits recommendations on localized curriculum Delivery or Instructional strategies innovated by Schools Division and schools.
Recommends publication of effective practices on learning delivery/ instructional innovations implemented by the Schools Divisions and schools for learning and adoption.
LEARNING RESOURCELead or work as a team member to develop general and local learning resource materials in the assigned subject area to increase the variety of learning resources to support the basic education curriculum.
Lead or work as a team member to evaluate and or quality assure general and local learning materials to uphold standards of quality learning materials.
LEARNING OUTCOMES ASSESSMENTGather results of assessment reports per least learned skills and analyze performance gaps to pinpoint causes and possible interventions to close the gap.
Draft policy recommendations related to improving learning outcomes based on findings from studies and reports.
SPECIAL CURRICULAR PROGRAMS AND SUPPORT ACTIVITIESConducts monitoring of curricular support activities and submits evaluation reports for appropriate management action.
Drafts policy recommendations on curricular support activities for regional adoption.
RESEARCHConduct action research on curriculum implementation, needs, and issues, appropriate interventions on assigned learning area, as well as best practices in content delivery and submit findings and recommendations for management action and policy formulation.
TECHNICAL ASSISTANCEAssesses the situation and analyzes the needs of assigned schools to identify the appropriate and relevant actions and interventions.
Coordinate with the PSDS to arrive at a technical assistance plan for each district.
Coach the school (through the PSDS) in implementing interventions related to curriculum implementation t and instructional delivery.
Prepares and submits periodic reports on the progress of the technical assistance being provided to the schools.
Prepares and submits reports on the results of technical assistance and corresponding policy recommendations for management‘s consideration.


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