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Librarian II (LRMDS Administrator) Job Description and CSC Qualifications

DepEd Librarian II (LRMDS Administrator) with Salary Grade 15 manages, maintain, and monitor uploaded and catalog of materials in the LRMDS portal and maintain the schools division library.

Provides technical assistance to the library hubs and Learning Resource Centers as well as monitor the effectiveness in the delivery of their services.

DepEd Librarian II (LRMDS Administrator) Qualification Standards

CSC Prescribed Qualifications

EducationBachelor’s degree in Library Science or Information Science or Bachelor of Science in Education/Arts Major in Library Science
Experience1 year of relevant experience
EligibilityRA 1080
Training4 hours of relevant training

Preferred Qualifications

ExperienceICT Knowledge
Preferred: Information Science

DepEd Librarian II (LRMDS Administrator) Duties and Responsibilities

ACCESS TO LEARNING RESOURCEChecks all uploaded materials in the LRMDS for currency in compliance with IPR requirements to protect DepEd in its utilization of learning materials.
Maintains on-line catalogs and meta-date of evaluated learning resources for ease in finding specific learning materials.
Recommends learning resources for development or purchase and uploading in the LRMDS portal needed in the curriculum.
Recommends and implements rules and regulations in the use of the LR portal.
Coordinates resolution to problems encountered in the running of the LR portal to ensure accessibility 24/7 with minimal downtime.
Assist users utilizing the LR portal on location in the regional library to easily access required materials.
Prepare monthly report of user profile, interest and feedback as the basis for LR content development areas.
SDO LIBRARYOrganize the learning resource in the SDO library (books, magazines, videos, etc.) so that they are easy for users to find.
Conduct an inventory of the library resources periodically to account for missing resources and recommend additional needed resources.
Gather and analyze suggestions from various users for additional resources in the library collection.
Search and evaluate educational Internet sites for cataloging in the portal.
Prepare and submit a procurement proposal on the approved addition to the library collection (e.g. materials related to the new curriculum, new standards.
Monitor compliance of users with the existing rules and regulations monitored and take corrective actions on violations.
LIBRARY HUBS ( to be integrated with the LR Center and regional libraries)Identify on a continuous basis the support needed by the library hubs from the region and assist in responding to the needs through resource mobilization
Integrate on continuous basis support needed by library hubs from the region and central office management to respond to the needs through Dep ED internal and external sources.
TECHNICAL ASSISTANCEGather data and provide initial analysis as inputs to TA needs and plans to improve access to learning resources of schools division and schools.


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