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LET Social Science Online Reviewer

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COMPETENCIES TO BE TESTED – Licensure Examination for Teachers (LET) Social Science Online Reviewer

1. Philippine Government and Constitution –15%

1.1 Be familiar with the various forms of government established each its own time from the barangay to the present system
1.2 Discuss the nature and provisions of the present Constitution, its advantages/possible disadvantages over the others before it and its function as fundamental law of the state
1.3 Know one’s rights and responsibilities as a citizen in a democratic state
1.4 Discuss the functions of the three branches of the Philippine Government

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2. Philippine Geography – 13%

2.1 Explain the significance of location, size and shape of a region in relation to its development
2.2 Describe and compare the different regions of the Philippines as to their physical and cultural characteristics and development
2.3 Explain how the natural resources in different regions in the country contribute to development
2.4 Identify the distinctive features of three most developed and three least developed regions in the Philippines.

3. Philippine History _ 15%

3.1 Trace the development of the history of the Philippines from the pre-colonial, colonial and contemporary periods

4. Rizal and Other Heroes – 7%

4.1 Show appreciation for the works of Rizal by (a) being familiar with them and (b) choosing the features in his character worth emulating
4.2 Explain how Rizal’s life and works have made the Filipinos (a) aware of socio-political problems of their society and (b) increase their nationalistic fervor and love for freedom
4.3 Evaluate the contribution of Philippine Heroes and heroines to the course of Philippine independence

5. Economics (Taxation, Land Reforms, Cooperatives) – 10%

5.1 Be familiar with Philippine economic conditions with respect to taxation, land reforms, and cooperatives as well as the growths of the gross national prodict
5.2 Comprehend and apply the fundamental economic principles, especially those relevant to current economic conditions in the Philippines

6. Sociology and Culture – 10%

6.1 Comprehend the basic concepts, theories and perspectives vital in understanding society and culture
6.2 Explain why people of different groups or societies have different cultures and behave differently
6.3 Recognize cultural elements that are distinctly Filipino, and choose those that are worth perpetuating
6.4 Identify social issues and concern affecting the Philippine Society

7. Worlds Geography – 5%

7.1 Describe the physiographic features of different regions in the world
7.2 Relate the significance of geography to social, cultural, economic an political development of a state
7.3 Discuss the global conditions of the environment, its protection, conservation and proper management
7.4 Explain how Natural and cultural patterns of the earth foster global interdependence

8. World History – 5%

8.1 Trace the development of world civilization
8.2 Analyze the influences of Asian and Western civilizations in Filipino life and culture
8.3 Discuss the involvement of the Philippines on important international and regional organizations

9. Economics (Microeconomics & Macroeconomics) – 5%

9.1 Comprehend the basic principles of economics as well as the nature and functions of the economic system
9.2 Interpret economic concepts such as supply and demand, diminishing marginal utility, income effect vs. substitution effect, etc.
9.3 Apply concepts on the nature and behavior of cost and the theory of production to current economic situations in the Philippines

10. Anthropology –5%

10.1 Comprehend the basic concept in anthropology both physical and cultural
10.2 Trace and analyze the evolution of man
10.3 Study the relationships between culture and the biological traits of human beings
10.4 Examine the different techniques and tools in the study of man

11. Philosophy (Social Philosophy and Logic) – 5%

11.1 Manifest knowledge of the nature of the Filipino, the Filipino Society and the emerging Filipino Philosophy
11.2 Discuss and analyze the various laws and principles governing correct thinking
11.3 Form a critical and analytical attitude toward specific issues and problems n daily life

12. Asian Studies – 5%

12.1 Trace the historical roots and development of events affecting the whole Asian region anchored on the pattern of world developments through an overview of the country’s political, economic, religious, and socio-cultural systems.

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  1. As promised by Gen. McArthur- he would return to liberate the Filipinos after he could train troops, in Australia. The Leyte landing signified the liberation of the Philippines, was well as the return of the commonwealth government. Who was the commonwealth president who came with McArthur?


  2. his philosophy proclaims the spiritual nature and the universe. It holds that the good, the true and the beautiful are permanently part of the structure of an unchanging universe

    Anu ba talaga tama sagot dito Idealism or Realism? nakakalito

  3. This is the systematic consistent explanation of all the facts of experience. Its technical term is reason which is considered as the best criterion of truth

    It is pragmatism -facts of experience

  4. The same question but 2 different answers.
    Q: This philosophy proclaims the spiritual nature and the universe. It holds that the good, the true and the beautiful are permanently part of the structure of an unchanging universe.

    A: Idealism, Realism

  5. This philosophy proclaims the spiritual nature and the universe. It holds that the good, the true and the beautiful are permanently part of the structure of an unchanging universe?
    What’s really the answer for this question?

  6. Hi currently I’m using this online review. I just found some repeated question but has a different answer.
    ex. This philosophy proclaims the spiritual nature and the universe. It holds that the good, the true and the beautiful are permanently part of the structure of an unchanging universe
    On the 1st show up of the this question the answer is Idealism but on the 2nd show up it’s Realism. Appreciate if someone to review the questionnaires and the answer to avoid confusion. Many thanks

  7. i really wanted to pass the licensure exam for teachers this coming september 25,2016. hope you can update me regarding the said exam. i am social science major. I really find hard in Professional education, honestly speaking that is my weakness.


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