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List of Applied Track Subjects Across the Four SHS Tracks

The Applied Track Subjects will equip the learners with the same competencies required across tracks. The delivery of the subjects may be adjusted according to the context and content of the tracks. Therefore, the students learn the same skill/competency despite the different teaching-learning content and strategy. For example, the Arts and Design Track research subjects may focus on the study of a particular art technique while the Sports Track research subjects may focus on the mechanics of a particular sport. Although the topics of the research subjects are different, the students will be learning and applying the same research skills.

Besides developing critical competencies for learners, the Applied Track Subjects also make the SHS curriculum flexible because it allows the learner to move across tracks, in case s/he changes her/his mind in the middle of Senior High School (SHS).

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List of Applied Track Subjects Across the Four Senior High School (SHS) Tracks

English for Academic and Professional PurposesThis subject deals with the development of communication skills in English for academic and professional purposes.
Practical Research 1This subject deals with the development of critical thinking and problem-solving skills through qualitative research.
Practical Research 2This subject deals with the development of critical thinking and problem-solving skills through quantitative research.
Filipino sa Piling Larangan (Akademik, Isports, Sining, at Tech-Voc)Pagsulat ng iba’t-ibang anyo ng sulating lilinang sa kakayahang magpahayag tungo sa mabisa, mapanuri, at masinop na pagsusulat sa piniling larangan.
Empowerment Technologies (for the Strand)This subject covers information and communication technologies as a tool for curating, contextualizing, collaborating, and creating content and experiences for learning in the professional tracks.
EntrepreneurshipThis subject deals with the concepts, underlying principles, processes, and implementation of a business plan.
Inquiries, Investigations, and ImmersionThis subject/course will require the learner to demonstrate competencies acquired in an integrative, scientific, or creative manner in his or her chosen area of specialization

Specialized subjects, as they have been previously mentioned, have content streamlined to each SHS track.

Applied Track Subjects With Corresponding Number of Hours

SubjectNumber of Hours per semesterPre-requisite
English for Academic and Professional Purposes80
Practical Research 180
Practical Research 280Statistics and Probability
Filipino sa Piling Larang (Akademik, Isports, Sining, at Tech-Voc)80
Empowerment Technologies (for the Strand)80
Inquiries, Investigations, and Immersion80

Medium of Teaching and Learning in Grades 11 to 12

Medium of Teaching and LearningGrade 11Grade 12
EnglishGeneral Mathematics
Statistics and Probability
Earth and Life Science
Physical Science
Statistics and Probability
Personal Development
Understanding Culture, Politics, and Society
Quarter 1- Exercise for Fitness
Quarter 2- Individual, Dual, and Team Sports
Quarter 3- Philippine Dances
Oral Communication
Reading and Writing
English for Academic and Professional Purposes
21st Century Literature from the Philippines and the World
Practical Research 1 and 2
Empowerment Technologies (for the Strand)
Inquiries, Investigations, and Immersion
Contemporary Philippine Arts from the Regions
Media and Information Literacy
FilipinoFilipino sa Piling Larang (Akademik, Isports, Sining, at Tech-Voc)
Komunikasyon at Pananaliksik sa Wika at Kulturang Filipino
English/FilipinoIntroduction to Philosophy of the Human Person / Pambungad sa Pilosopiya ng Tao


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