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List of Specialized Subjects in the Arts and Design Track

The Arts and Design Track covers a wide range of art forms: Theater, Music, Dance, Creative Writing, Visual Arts, and Media Arts. Prior to enrollment, there is art/creative talent assessment and guidance to gauge a student’s art inclination and aptitude. The track has six general or common subjects that focus on acquiring competencies required for further specialization in the different artistic areas.

List of Specialized Subjects in the Arts and Design Track

Creative Industries I: Arts and Design Appreciation and ProductionThis subject presents a survey of the various arts and design production for senior secondary students. It intends to provide students with knowledge of different arts and design forms, materials, media, and production in the creative industries. It will also introduce influential works by significant artists across time and place.
Creative Industries II: Performing ArtsThis subject introduces the students to principles of theater, music, and dance, and examines the practical application of the performing arts skills in the local and global markets.
Physical and Personal Development in the ArtsThis subject aims to provide students with a comprehensive discussion and practical studies on the proper care of their bodies as the instrument for their art through proper exercises, good hygiene, and appropriate industry practices.
Developing Filipino Identity in the ArtsThis subject aims to deepen the learners’ awareness of art in their community and the rest of the nation, and allows them to explore ways in which they can contribute to the creation of a national identity using their knowledge and skills as artists.
Integrating the Elements and Principles of Organization in the ArtsThis subject aims to deepen the learners’ understanding of the elements and principles of organization in the arts in various forms of creative expressions through a series of application, creative works, and artistic endeavors for personal development, advancement of cultural identity, and communication.
Leadership and Management in Different Arts FieldsThis subject covers the basic concepts, elements, and processes in arts management, and develops learners’ leadership potential in the arts.

After taking the six (6) general subjects discussed above, a student then chooses an arts field specialization and takes up the following subjects on apprenticeship, art exhibition/performance, or production.

Specialization Subjects across Different Fields of Study in the Arts and Design Track

Apprenticeship and Exploration of Different Arts Fields
Media Arts and Visual ArtsThe subject offers an intensive period of acquiring, understanding, and developing proficiency in visual arts and design production through mentoring in art organization, art center, or production house, independent artist/designer, community-based art/cultural group. It intends to enrich the learners’ knowledge and skills in their chosen field, emphasizing artistic, educational, and cultural values and work ethics.
Literary ArtsThe subject offers an acquisition of skills for creative writing and writing for mass media. It seeks to expose learners to the various types of writing and literary genres.
DanceThis subject immerses learners in their chosen strand, specifically the dance strand, gives them practical and hands-on experience with choreography, working with a local artist, performing arts group, or arts organization, and culminates in a dance production.
MusicThe subject offers the exploratory study of local music genres and ICT applications in music while deepening the musical skills and understanding of learners, who are also given the opportunity to learn various methods of producing music.
TheaterIn this subject, learners will be guided through a dynamic professional development and given hands-on opportunities by either placing them with practicing artists or organizations with resident artists who can administer on-the-job mentoring and training; learners may also put up their own show under the guidance of a director or an experienced theater practitioner.
Work Immersion/Research/Career Advocacy/Culminating Activity
i.e. Exhibit for Arts Production/Performing Arts Production
Exhibit for Arts Production (Literary Arts)This subject is a culmination activity to showcase the acquired skills in creative writing through scriptwriting for a stage production.
Exhibit for Arts Production (Media Arts and Visual Arts)As a final culminating project, the subject prepares learners to exhibit creative outputs to showcase their learnings during their apprenticeship period, with emphasis on artistic, educational, cultural values, and work ethics.
Performing Arts ProductionThis subject is a showcase of performing arts skills enhanced and developed through a program of apprenticeship.

The apprenticeship subject in the Arts and Design Track will be allocated 160 hours to maximize exposure to the chosen arts field. Meanwhile, the culminating activity serves as a way to showcase/exhibit the acquired/enhanced artistic skills. It can either be an exhibit for arts production or a performing arts production, depending on the student’s specialization.


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