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MOVs for Master Teachers

Means of Verification (MOVs) for Master Teachers

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Major Final Outputs (MFOs)Key Result Areas (KRAs)ObjectivesOutputsMOVs
Professional Growth and Development
Conducted at least an action research related to school or classroomconcerns/ problems during the year

Participated in seminars, workshops, trainings within a year (school, cluster, division, regional or national)

Received (division, regional or national) awards/recognitions within a year
- As coach and other related add-on activities

Served as demonstration teacherool (INSETS, LAC Session, School, Division, Regional, National, International)
Action research


Awards/recognitions for the year

Documented demonstration teaching
Approved Research Proposal by SDS, Copy of action research conducted with proper documentation; Certification as to utilization of action research conducted; Completion Report

Certificate of participation and certificate of attendance, Travel Order from School, Heads

Memo and copy of travel order, plaque of recognition, certificate of commendation, designation order, work plan/Accomplishment Report

Approved corroborated lesson plan, certificate of commendation as demonstration teacher, picture, Memo
Instructional Competence
Handled teaching loads every year

Achieved at least 75% of the students performance at the end of the school year

Attained 100% of the required learning competencies for the students in every quarter

Increased NAT performance by 10%
Teaching load

75% annual student performance

100% mastery of learning competencies

NAT Performance increased by 10%
TLOC, Class/Teacher Program

Form 138, Grade Sheets, Class Record, Student Achievement worksheet

Learning Plan, Lesson Plan, Daily log, PSSLC, PELC, Teachers Guide, Curriculum Guide, Learning Manuals, Post test

NAT Results for 3 years(Average to be used as baseline)
Instructional Supervision (25%)Observed 100% of the teachers every quarterQuarterly observation forms for teachers accomplishedTLOC, Forms 1,2,3, Coaching and Mentoring Form, Teacher’s Development Plan
Plus Factor (10%)Conducted at least 3 mentoring/ coaching activities with teachers quarterly

Evaluated teachers’ performance twice a year.
3 documented mentoring/coaching activities per quarter

Accomplished teacher’s evaluation report
Journal, mentoring schedule, module, feedback worksheet, pictoral, accomplishment report

RPMS Form/IPCRF Form, Perfromance Monitoring and Coaching Form


  1. MOVs for School Heads
  2. MOVs for Teachers
  3. Individual Performance Commitment and Review Form (IPCRF) Template
  4. Guidelines on the Establishment and Implementation of the Results-Based Performance Management System (RPMS)
  5. DepEd Electronic Class Record (ECR) Templates
  6. Guidelines on the Enhanced School Improvement Planning (SIP) Process and the School Report Card (SRC)
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