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MOVs for Teachers

Means of Verification (MOVs) for Teachers

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Major Final Outputs (MFOs)Key Result Areas (KRAs)ObjectivesPerformance IndicatorsOutputsMOVs
Teaching-Learning Process (30%)Prepared lesson plans and daily logs of activities including appropriate, adequate and updated instructional materials


1. All parts are present (5 parts(Objective, Subject Matter, Procedure, Evaluation, Assignment) Or 2 parts for Daily Log accompanied by references (TG, TM, etc)
2. Marginal Note /Mastery Level (ML)
3. Specific Objectives based on PELC or K to 12 Curriculum Guide; PELC, CG, TG,LM pages are indicated in the LP
4. materials to be used are specified in the LP

Facilitated learning in the elementary and secondary schools through functional lessons plans, daily logs and innovative teaching strategies


1. Availability of Lesson Plan with 5 parts or 2 parts for Daily Log
2. Congruency of all the activities to the objective
3. Variety of techniques and strategies suited to different learners
4. Evidence of Classroom interactions
5. ICT integration/utilizes technology resources in planning, designing and delivery of the lesson
6. Appropriate instructional materials used

Initiated discipline of students including classroom rules, guidelines and individual and group tasks

1. Presence of MOVs plus the actual classroom management/observation
2. Reward system for well-discipline

Monitored attendance, diversity appreciation, safe, positive and motivating environment, overall physical atmosphere, cleanliness and orderliness of classrooms including proper waste disposal.


1. Updated School Forms 1,2,3, 5
2. The classroom is well structured with updated display boards and properly labelled
3. Classroom is conducive to learning (well ventilated, well lighted, clean floors, well-arranged pupils’ chairs)
4. The classroom condition is safe under the general condition of school
5. The classroom has orderly, clean (trash segregation boxes) and functional facilities
6. With shelves for keeping of instructional devices and materials and pupil records, GAD Corner, cleaning materials, etc.
5- 130% and above the target
4- 115 -129% of the target
3- 100-114% of the target
2- 51-99% of the target
1- 50% and below

(Note: 180 contact days)
Target: 75%

5- all mechanisms & MOVs present
4-lacking 1 MOV
3-lacking 2 MOVs
2-lacking 3
1-lacking 4

(Rating should be done per quarter)

Tool: Checklist

5-all mechanisms present
4-one mechanism not present
Positive/productive/safe learning environmentAwards, Classroom Bulliten Board showing Pupils/Students excellence); Record of Interventions

Updated School Forms 1, 2,3,5; Seat Plan, Monitorial Grouping or Responsibility Chart; Segragation Trash boxes(3); proper room structuring; Updated bulliten/Unit board; GAD Corner; Student Tracking Form; K to 12 DepED Mission and Vision, etc.
Pupils/Students Outcomes (35%)Monitored and evaluated and maintained pupils/ students’ progress

1. Updated Form 138 & 137-E,Class Record
2. Pupil/Student’s Portfolio per learning area per grading period with checklist of content from teacher
3. Test Questions with Table of Specifications checked and approved by EPS per learning area
4. Test Results with Item Analysis (Periodic Tests, Pre-test, Post Test)
5. Percentage of NAT Results
(3-66%)-Elem & Sec.

Conducted remediation/enrichment programs to improve performance indicators


1. Record of Pre-Assessment Results (e.g.Reading and Numeracy Skills, etc.)
2. Implementation Plan of the Remediation/Enrichment Programs noted by the School Heads
3. Percentage of Accomplishment /Progress Report per grading period

Maintained updated pupils/students’ school records

Attained the required GSA for grade level and learning areas

75% of Pupils/Students’ attained the GSA of 75% for regular class; 85% & 80% for STE; 83% and 80% for SSES
5- number of percentage increase; 130% and above of the target
4- number of percentage increase 115-129% of the target

5- all MOVs updated
4- all MOVs updated but not properly organized and not neatly and accurately prepared;
3- all MOVs updated except one
2- all MOVs updated except two
1- all MOVs updated except three
Complete and accurate class record

Remediation/enrichment programs conducted

Updated pupils/students’ school records

Students’ mastery of the required learning competencies per grade level
Form 138, Form 137, Class Record, Students’ Portfolio, Progress Chart/Graph; Pretest, Post test with analysis Report; Accomplishment Chart (Top Ten), etc., NAT Results

Remediation/Enrichment Programs Implementation Plan; Accomplishment Report/Action Undertaken; Testing Instruments; ICL Notebook; Teachers’ Journal; Activity Checklist, Attendance etc.; PHIL-IRI results, Pictures, Pupils/Students

Grade Sheets, updated class record, Form 138, Form 137, School Forms 1, 2,3,5, Health & Nutrional Record, Record of Pupil/Student Participation to any activities

Grade Sheets, Form 138, Pre-test/Post test results
Community Involvement (15%)Conducted regular/periodic PTA meetings/conferences

1. At least 5 PTA Meetings conducted with necessary documents attached
2. Percentage of attendance
50 %+ 1 of parents attended, etc.
3. On time submission of report to school heads

Visited parents of students needing academic monitoring/follow-up

1. No. of homeroom visits conducted with all attached documents

Undertaken/initiated projects/events/activities with external funding/sponsorship (e.g. GSP, YES-O, NGP-GPM, BSP, Fiesta, Community Service, School/District/ Division Events, Sports Activities, etc.)

1. No. of activities/events/activities with necessary documentation (Target: 3)
2. Record of organized activities/events etc.
Target: 4 PTA Meeting
5- 130% and above the target
4- 115 -129% of the target
3- 100-114% of the target
2-51-99% of the target
1-50% and below

5- 130% and above the target
4- 115 -129% of the target
3- 100-114% of the target
2- 51-99% of the target
3- 50% and below

5-submitted on or before due date with complete, accurate and neat necessary attachments
4- submitted on or before due date with necessary attachments except one
3-except 2
2-except 3
1-after due date lacking 4
PTA meetings/conferences organized

Academic monitoring/follow-up

Projects/events/activities initiated/undertaken
Attendance of Parents, List of Parents’ Officers , Minutes of Meetings, Letter to Parents; Accomplishment Report, Conference notebook etc.

Letter to parents, certificate of appearance, agreement, Home visit form; Parents’ logbook. Etc.

Project Proposal, Workplan, Accomplishment Report, Pictorial, Deed of Donation, Documentation, Letter of Resourcing
Professional Growth and Development (10%)Conducted Action Research

Participated in activities such as teachers’ association, community civic activities etc.

Produced publications/creative work for school paper/division publication

Received special awards/citation/recognition for exemplary performance
Action research

Professional membership and/or community linkages

Published work
Approved Research Proposal by SDS, Copy of action research conducted with proper documentation; Completion Report

Participation in Activities such as: Teachers’ List of membership of the Association or Organization; attendance, pictorials

Copy of the publication, article, hard copy of web publication with certification from DepED Authorities

Trophies, Plaque, Original Certification duly signed by DepED Authorities, etc.
Plus Factor (10%)Professional AdvancementAwards for exemplary performance

Enrolled in MA/Ph.D/MAED
Transcript of Records; SO, Enrolment Card


  1. MOVs for School Heads
  2. MOVs for Master Teachers
  3. Individual Performance Commitment and Review Form (IPCRF) Template
  4. Guidelines on the Establishment and Implementation of the Results-Based Performance Management System (RPMS)
  5. DepEd Electronic Class Record (ECR) Templates
  6. Guidelines on the Enhanced School Improvement Planning (SIP) Process and the School Report Card (SRC)
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