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MOVs for School Heads

Means of Verification (MOVs) for School Heads

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Major Final Outputs (MFOs)Key Result Areas (KRAs)ObjectivesOutputsMOVs
Instructional Leadership 20%Accounted for learning outcomes of schools and centers viz-a-viz goals and targets
(Target: 75% of test takers achieve 66% and above NAT MPS)

Performed instructional supervision to achieve learning outcomes
- conduct classroom observation
(Target: 180 observation report, all levels are represented)

-Formulates intervention programs for learners development:
-best practices
-innovations with proper documentation
(Target: 1 for 1 school year)

1. Fully implemented and with complete and necessary documents

-Practices equitable distribution of teaching loads
(Target: 100% of teachers are given 6 hours load)

1. Teachers will be given 6 hours load
Improved NAT performance and acceptable GSANAT Results (for the last 3 years)

Portfolios for Accomplished observation form, M & E tools, LP’s w/ evidence of supervisory activities; supervisory plan, post conference notebook with signature of the teacher and the school head

Record of Intervention programs/innovations/best practices with proper ducumentation; Needs Assessment Results; Proposal; Implementation Plan; Quarterly Accomplishment Report

Class program; Designation order for the add on task; School Forms 4, 6 and 7
Learning Environment 15%Provided safe and child friendly learning and school environment for students/learners

Adhered to Child-Friendly environment standards and Programs

1. Presence of all -5, etc.

Institutionalized child protection mechanisms and processes (per Deped Order 40, s. 2012)

Has clear DRRM mobilization plans
Safe and child friendly learning and school environmentFunctional ancillary/student services:
-library/Mini Library/Reading Nook
-School Canteen
-School Clinic
-Guidance Office
-Principal’s Office
-Handwashing Facilities
-Comfort Rooms
-H.E Room

- Functional ICT facilities, workshop
rooms w/ utilization plan schedule
- safe playground
- interactive park e.g. math park, science park
- Print rich environment
- Gulayan sa Paaralan
- Waste Segregation; 3Rs
- Signages
- Proper hygiene( School Community)
- Security Personnel with visitor’s log book
- School Perimeter fence
- Functional School clubs/ organizations (list of officers, meetings conducted, accomplishments, etc.)
- Participation to Academic & co curricular activities conducted. (list of winners, publication)

- Information dessimination/advocacy
campaign (flyer, posters, leaflets,
forum/orientation with proper
documentation, etc.)
-functional CPC/Help Desk; Record
of Cases; Action Taken/
- GAD activities;Action Plan; Utilization of GAD funds; Accomplishment Report(Target: 100% Utilization of Funds)

- DRRM mobilization plans (record of activities conducted, report), Proj. Proposal- report on Program/project accomplished
- School DRRM Team
- Signages (Exit.etc.)
- Emergency Exit Plan
- First Aid Kit
- Fire Extinguishers
- Emergency Hotline numbers posted
- Others
Human Resource Management and Development (25%)Provided technical assistance to teachers on matters pertaining to enhancement of classroom management, skills and instructional competence and to non-teaching personnel for support services within the RPMS cycle

- provided technical assistance with corresponding evidences
(target: 50% of your teachers provided with technical assistance)

Performed RPMS processes with school personnel with evidences.
Technical Assistance/Instructional Supervision-teacher portfolio containing observation reports
- TSNA results/Needs Assessment
- performance analysis and recommendations for development interventions
-performance contracts
-performance evaluation results in prescribed tools
-Peer Mentoring & Coaching,LAC sessions, INSET (approved by D.O.) with proper documentation

-performance contracts (IPCRF), performance evaluation results in prescribed tools and proposed development plans
Parents’ Involvement and Community Partnership (10%)Established school and family and community partnership for school performance
- Has stakeholders partnership/mobilization plan (complete with reports and documentations of meetings, agreements)

Organized programs with stakeholders, esp. parents for academic and other purposes (esp. Strategic planning)

Obtained resources for the school through stakeholders partnership
Stakeholders partnership and mobilization plan

(PTA sponsored projects/events)
- Records of mobilization plan, meetings, minutes, attendance, pictorials
- Functional PTA
- List of Officers, -Financial Statement
- Deed of Donations
- Accomplishments
- Record of Meetings with minutes and attendance

- Records of proposed programs, meetings, minutes, attendance, pictorials
- School Memo with organized committees

- Deed of Donations/Acknowledgment Receipts/Acceptance;PTA Resolution; Proposed Projects/Plans
- Records of participation in Community/school activities vice-versa

- Others
School Leadership, Management and Operation (20%)Performed school leadership, management and operations functions

-With clear financial management system for the school supported by evidences such as reports, account logs, database sytem
-Allocated/Prioritized funds for programs and school facilities improvement and maintenance
-Monitored, accounted and reported utilization of school fund
-Reported sources and uses of funds
-Ensured quality standards for facilities given to the school

-Coordinated with stakeholders on resource mobilization

-Maintained school EMIS and regularly submit MIS reports to the Division Office
SIP/AIPLiquidation Report (on time submission)

Records of Procurement

Budget Preparation; Cash Program

Liquidation Report (on time submission)

Updated transparency board

Inspection and Acceptance Report

Priority Needs Assessment; Letter request duly received

EMIS Corner; SBM Nook

Updated SIP/AIP

Updated SRC presented to stakeholders

Performance Indicators


  1. MOVs for Master Teachers
  2. MOVs for Teachers
  3. Individual Performance Commitment and Review Form (IPCRF) Template
  4. Guidelines on the Establishment and Implementation of the Results-Based Performance Management System (RPMS)
  5. DepEd Electronic Class Record (ECR) Templates
  6. Guidelines on the Enhanced School Improvement Planning (SIP) Process and the School Report Card (SRC)

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