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Schools Division of Taguig City and Pateros Job Vacancies

The Schools Division of Taguig City and Pateros is now accepting applicants to the positions of Teacher I (53 items), Teacher II (12 items), Teacher III (7 items), Head Teacher II (1 item), Master Teacher I (10 items), Master Teacher II (5 items), Guidance Counselor I (5 items) and School Principal I (1 item). For further details, please visit personally the Division Office.

Read: DepEd National Capital Region (NCR) Division Offices Contact Information

Date Posted: September 1, 2015.

PositionSalary GradeItem Number
Teacher I11TCH1-31101-2012
Teacher I11TCH1-30056-2003
Teacher I11TCH1-30811-2000
Teacher I11TCH1-52037-1998
Teacher I11TCH1-52056-1998
Teacher I11TCH1-52108-1998
Teacher I11TCH1-54127-1998
Teacher I11TCH1-55060-1998
Teacher I11TCH1-55072-1998
Teacher I11TCH1-52249-1998
Teacher I11TCH1-54136-1998
Teacher I11TCH1-30289-2012
Teacher I11TCH1-30292-2012
Teacher I11TCH1-30747-2008
Teacher I11TCH1-30781-2000
Teacher I11TCH1-30788-2000
Teacher I11TCH1-30962-2007
Teacher I11TCH1-54145-1998
Teacher I11TCH1-30944-2007
Teacher I11TCH1-52038-1998
Teacher I11TCH1-30790-2000
Teacher I11TCH1-30796-2000
Teacher I11TCH1-52232-1998
Teacher I11TCH1-52243-1998
Teacher I11TCH1-52247-1998
Teacher I11TCH1-52258-1998
Teacher I11TCH1-52261-1998
Teacher I11TCH1-52309-1998
Teacher I11TCH1-52316-1998
Teacher I11TCH1-52317-1998
Teacher I11TCH1-52318-1998
Teacher I11TCH1-52328-1998
Teacher I11TCH1-52352-1998
Teacher I11TCH1-54798-1998
Teacher I11TCH1-55218-1998
Teacher I11TCH1-30003-2010
Teacher I11TCH1-34996-2012
Teacher I11TCH1-30808-2004
Teacher I11TCH1-32820-2002
Teacher I11TCH1-30897-2007
Teacher I11TCH1-31096-2012
Teacher I11TCH1-35016-2012
Teacher I11TCH1-35032-2012
Teacher I11TCH1-35035-2012
Teacher I11TCH1-31008-2011
Teacher I11TCH1-30996-2011
Teacher I11TCH1-35221-2012
Teacher I11TCH1-30137-2000
Teacher I11TCH1-30838-2007
Teacher I11TCH1-54093-1998
Teacher I11TCH1-30118-2014
Teacher I11TCH1-52139-1998
Teacher I11TCH1-30371-2010
Teacher II12TCH2-30065-2010
Teacher II12TCH2-30185-2010
Teacher II12TCH2-30233-2001
Teacher II12TCH2-30233-2009
Teacher II12TCH2-30244-2004
Teacher II12TCH2-30245-2004
Teacher II12TCH2-30253-2004
Teacher II12TCH2-30207-2013
Teacher II12TCH2-30209-2013
Teacher II12TCH2-30173-2009
Teacher II12TCH2-30010-2011
Teacher II12TCH2-30226-2009
Teacher III13TCH3-30026-2005
Teacher III13TCH3-30110-2004
Teacher III13TCH3-30139-2009
Teacher III13TCH3-30107-2000
Teacher III13TCH3-30213-2006
Teacher III13TCH3-35305-1998
Teacher III13TCH3-30099-2014
Guidance Counselor I11GUIDC1-30027-2008
Guidance Counselor I11GUIDC1-30008-2010
Guidance Counselor I11GUIDC1-30028-2008
Guidance Counselor I11GUIDC1-30029-2008
Guidance Counselor I11GUIDC1-31258-2011
Head Teacher II15HTEACH2-30011-1998
Master Teacher I18MTCHR1-32000-1998
Master Teacher I18MTCHR1-32001-1998
Master Teacher I18MTCHR1-32012-1998
Master Teacher I18MTCHR1-30063-2001
Master Teacher I18MTCHR1-30066-2001
Master Teacher I18MTCHR1-30067-2001
Master Teacher I18MTCHR1-30072-2003
Master Teacher I18MTCHR1-32013-1998
Master Teacher I18MTCHR1-30107-2012
Master Teacher I18MTCHR1-30002-2002
Master Teacher II19MTCHR2-30011-2006
Master Teacher II19MTCHR2-30017-2006
Master Teacher II19MTCHR2-30054-2011
Master Teacher II19MTCHR2-30026-2003
Master Teacher II19MTCHR2-30021-2003
School Principal I19SP1-30264-2010

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  1. Dear Mr. Rocena, DepED OIC Division Superintendent of Taguig City-Pateros

    We hope this message finds you well. This is Carlos Atayde, a co-founder of El Refugio, an advocacy group of SOFYA INC. We are sending you this message for two reasons. The first reason is to share with you two short documentaries that we believe will help your teachers 1) Live happier lives, 2) Carry out their mission as Good Infuencers and 3) Improve their ability and skills as life coach to the students and their parents. The main title of these documentaries is WHAT PARENTS & TEACHERS NEED TO KNOW. These videos are available at YouTube for the public. The links to these two documentaries are https://youtu.be/VmTSggrybis and https://youtu.be/MBkr3PqxFqo.

    The other reason is to request you to view these documentaries and offer your comments and suggestions. Our plan is to produce at least ten more short documentaries and have it available at YouTube if a good number of DepED Regional Directors, Division Superintendents, District Supervisors and School Principals express their desire to have their teachers view these videos as part of the school’s supplementary training program. For your information, we also plan to produce a Filipino version of these documentaries for parents who are not comfortable with the English language.

    We hope you find these videos and our plans worthy of your endorsement. Please lets us know your comments and suggestions. Have a good day.

  2. Public teacher salary should NOT be in a Monthly Basis
    BUT 15/30 payday.
    This PROBLEM should be prioritize by the concern people but because of corruption in different offices, this kind of request did not give much time to IMPROVE.


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