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Additional Provisions to DepEd Memorandum No. 45, s. 2016

April 01, 2016

DepEd Memorandum No. 56, s. 2016

(Composition of the 2016 Palarong Pambansa National Executive Committee and Technical Management and Administration and the Chairpersons of Various Management Working Committees)


Assistant Secretaries
Regional Secretary, ARMM
Regional Directors
Bureau and Service Directors
Schools Division Superintendents
Public Elementary and Secondary Schools Heads
All Others Concerned

1. The composition of the 2016 Palarong Pambansa National Executive Committee and Technical Management and Administration (TMA) and the Chairpersons of various Management Working Committees was announced through DepEd Memorandum No. 45, s. 2016. In view of this, the following additional information/provisions are hereby issued:

a. As one of the activities prior to the opening of 2016 Palarong Pambansa, a Concelebrated Mass will be held at Albay Cathedral at 8:00 a.m. on April 10, 2016. All regional delegations are enjoined to send at least 50 representatives to attend the mass.
b. The list of members of the National Executive Committee and the Chairpersons of the various management working committees under the TMA is provided in Enclosure No. 1, and the list of technical officials of the different sports events is listed in Enclosure No. 2.
c. Registration of TMA officials and officiating officials (Enclosure No. 2: List of Technical Officials of the Different Sports Events) will be held in their respective billeting schools (Enclosure No. 5: List of Billeting Schools). However, other members of the TMA working committees shall register at Albay Sports and Tourism Complex, Bicol University. Submission of the following documents are required upon registration. Failure to submit the three documents shall be a ground for non-acceptance.

Authority to Travel Documents;

– For DepEd employees – approved travel authority duly signed by their respective heads of office
– For National Sports Association (NSA) members – official letter from the Association President or Secretary General authorizing their participation
– For those coming from Host Local Government Unit (LGU) – letter endorsement from the Local Chief Executive or City/Provincial Administrator or authorized official in charge of 2016 Palarong Pambansa
– For Philippine Sports Commission (PSC) employees -official travel order from the PSC Executive Director

Two recent 2”x2” ID pictures; and

Medical certificate from government physician certifying that he/she is physically fit and able to serve during the Palaro.

d. School officials and teachers who will serve in the 2016 Palarong Pambansa as accredited technical officiating officials or members of the different TMA working committees shall be granted vacation leave credits pursuant to the provisions of DepEd Order No. 53, s. 2003 entitled Updated Guidelines on Grant of Vacation Service Credits to Teachers.
e. The host LGU and Regional/Division Offices V will provide 618 matresses to every regional delegation, hence, regions are required to bring matresses for the excess members of their delegation. Regions are also accountable for the payments of water and electric consumption during their stay at their assigned billeting school.
f. Enclosure No. 3 contains the Technical Guidelines of the Different Sports Events including Demonstration Sports and Special Games, which shall take effect in this year’s Palarong Pambansa and thereafter, unless otherwise revised, rescinded, or amended. Enclosure No. 4 contains details of the playing venues.
g. The Olympic Medal System shall be applied for this year’s Palarong Pambansa to determine the general championship. Hence, ranking shall be based on the total number of gold, silver and bronze medals to be contested by the sports event as provided in Enclosure No. 6.
h. The Palaro medalist winners and new record holders in regular sports events, and Clean and Green winners shall be given cash incentives, subject to the availability of funds.
i. Cash incentives may be supplemented from the proceeds of the solicitation from various sponsors for Palaro Gold winners, Clean and Green Winners, coaches, technical officials and other personnel who served in the conduct of the 2016 Palarong Pambansa.
j. All regions must adhere to the provisions of DepEd Order No. 40, s. 2012 entitled DepEd Child Protection Policy. As such, all regional delegation officials shall be held responsible for the protection, welfare, and safety of their pupil/student-athletes. In addition, each of the DepEd regional offices shall provide medical insurance coverage for its respective delegation.
k. Consistent with DepEd’s existing policies and guidelines in resolving protest on game technicalities of any sports event, and protest on eligibility, complaints should be in written form, duly signed by the coach and noted by the head of the delegation. A complaint shall be accompanied by affidavits of witnesses and/or evidence to support the same and shall be filed before the start of the second game of the concerned team.

2. The following additional information in connection with the different sports events are also hereby issued:

a. Football shall commence on April 9, 2016;
b. Sepak Takraw Girls shall remain as demonstration event;
c. Walkathon shall be included as demonstration event in Athletics;
d. One-day Coaching Seminar on Touch Rugby shall be conducted during the Palaro. Regions are enjoined to send at least two representatives preferably PE teachers to attend the seminar; and
e. Three-day Coaching Seminar on Wushu-Taulo shall be conducted in conjuction with Palarong Pambansa. Regions are enjoined to send at least two coaches or PE teachers to attend the seminar.
f. Three-day Coaching Seminar on Aerobic Gymnastics shall be conducted by the Gymnastics of the Philippines (GAP). Schedule and venue shall be announced during the Solidarity Meeting. Regions are enjoined to send at least two coaches or PE teachers to attend the seminar.
g. The Regional Sports Officers are advised to send the list of their participants to the abovementioned three seminars to the School Sports Division email address: schoolsports_sseau@yahoo.com not later than April 6, 2016.

3. The following documents are enclosed for reference:

a. Enclosure No. 1 – List of Members of the Technical Management and Administration (TMA) Committees;
b. Enclosure No. 2 – List of Technical Officials of the Different Sports Events;
c. Enclosure No. 3 – Guidelines of the Different Sports Events including Demonstration Sports and Special Games;
d. Enclosure No. 4 – List of Playing Venues;
e. Enclosure No. 5 – List of Billeting Schools; and
f. Enclosure No. 6 – Number of Medals to be contested by Sports Event.

4. Other provisions of the said Memorandum still remain in effect.

5. Immediate dissemination of this Memorandum is desired.


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  1. 2016 Palarong Pambansa: Initial Masterlist of Qualified Athletes, Coaches, and Chaperons by Region
  2. 2016 Palarong Pambansa
  3. Composition of the 2016 Palarong Pambansa National Executive Committee and Technical Management
  4. Implementing Guidelines for the Clean, Green, Organized and Eco-Friendly 2016 Palarong Pambansa
  5. Constitution of the National Screening and Accreditation Committee (NSAC) for the 2016 Palarong Pambansa

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