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DepEd Construction Safety Guidelines During the COVID-19 Public Health Crisis


The Department of Education (DepEd) releases the DepEd Order No. 9, s. 2020 entitled Construction Safety Guidelines for the Implementation of DepEd Infrastructure Projects During the COVID-19 Public Health Crisis dated May 30, 2020. For your information and guidance.


May 30, 2020

DepEd Order No. 9, s. 2020


Assistant Secretaries
Minister, Basic, Higher and Technical Education, BARMM
Bureau and Service Directors
Regional Directors
Schools Division Superintendents
Regional and Division Engineers
All Others Concerned

  1. Pursuant to Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH) Department Order No. 035. s. 2020 titled Construction Safety Guidelines for the Implementation of All DPWH Infrastructure Projects During the COVID-19 Public Health Crisis, the Department of Education (DepEd) issues the enclosed Construction Safety Guidelines for the Implementation of DepEd Infrastructure Projects During the COVID-19 Public Health Crisis in areas under Enhanced. Modified and/or General Community Quarantine (ECQ, MECQ. MGCQ. GCQ). to ensure the safety of construction workers and stakeholders, supplemental to the existing safety standards.
  2. Infrastructure projects or construction activities shall not be allowed to start in schools which were used as isolation areas or quarantine facilities until it is declared safe, and the proper safety and health clearances are issued by their respective Local Government Units (LGUs) and Local Health Officers.
  3. These guidelines shall immediately be implemented by Implementing Units for DepEd infrastructure projects and may be modified or revised as circumstances may warrant or should the Inter-Agency Task Force for the Management of Emerging Infectious Diseases (IATF). the Office of the President, the Department of Health (DOH), or the DPWH may issue new rules pertinent to these matters.
  4. All DepEd Orders, Memoranda, and other related issuances, rules, regulations, and provisions which are inconsistent with these guidelines are hereby repealed, rescinded, or modified accordingly.
  5. For inquiries and/or clarifications relative to the enclosed guidelines, please contact the Administrative Servie-Education Facilities Division (AS-EFD) via email
  6. This Order shall take effect immediately upon its issuance. Non-compliance to the guidelines herein shall be dealt with accordingly.
  7. Immediate dissemination of and strict compliance with this Order are directed.


(Enclosure to DepEd Order No. 009, s. 2020)



The infrastructure projects under the Basic Education Facilities Funds (BEFF), Quick Response Funds (QRF) and other related infrastructure projects of the Department of Education (DepEd) were suspended in areas declared under Enhanced Community Quarantine (ECQ) due to COVID-19. The work suspension caused delays in the completion of construction works on scheduled target dates. With the lifting of the ECQ in some areas, the government allows the resumption of construction works, taking into consideration construction safety protocols.

Consistent with the National Government’s efforts to control and mitigate the spread of the COVID-19 virus and in its commitment to protect the welfare of students, employees and other proponents. DepEd seeks to provide direction and policies in various infrastructure projects especially in areas where community quarantine is still in effect.


In view of the current COVID-19 public health situation and the extended implementation of the Enhanced. Modified and/or General Community Quarantine (ECQ, MECQ, GCQ, MGCQ), the herein construction safety guidelines shall apply to the following DepEd priority infrastructure projects, but not limited to:

a. repair and rehabilitation of water, sanitation, hygiene, toilets and hand-washing facilities;

b. repair and refurbishment of school clinics;

c. repair and replacement of classroom ceilings;

d. repair and replacement of calamity-devastated school building damages;

e. construction of Last Mile Schools;

f. repair and rehabilitation of classrooms;

g. new construction of buildings;

h. repair and restoration of Gabaldon and Heritage School Buildings;

i. electrification of unenergized schools and modernization of electrical systems of on-grid schools; and

j. construction and repair of DepEd offices and buildings.

1. The construction works for DepEd infrastructure projects may commence in areas located under the Modified Enhance Community Quarantine (MECQ) and General Community Quarantine (GCQ) following the construction safety guidelines.


For the purpose of this polity, the following terms are defined and understood as follows:

a. Deployment – the disposition or placement workers in a construction project

b. Fenced-off– a barrier placed around the construction site to separate the workers from the school learners and personnel

c. Off-Site Employees – an individual employed by the contractor who does not stay overnight in the project site

d. Project Site – refers to the location of the project inside the school compound also referred as the construction site

e. Safety Officer – refers to a person who oversee the construction safety and health practices are observe during construction

f. Work Suspension – the deferment or stoppage of works in a construction project


Pursuant to Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH) Department Order No. 35, s. 2020. “Construction Safety Guidelines for the Implementation of All DPWH Infrastructure Projects During the COVID-19 Public Health Crisis”, this policy aims to ensure the safety of construction workers and stakeholders in the implementation of DepEd infrastructure projects, specifically in areas declared to be under the GCQ, MGCQ, MECQ, and/or ECQ. These guidelines shall cover the deployment of workers, prior and during construction activities.


A. Prior to Deployment

1. Only persons from twenty-one (21) to fifty-nine (59) years of age. without pre-existing health conditions such as. but not limited to. immunodeficiency, comorbidities, or other health risks, including any person who resides with the aforementioned, and who did not come into contact with someone with COVID-19, shall be allowed to be included in the workforce. Employees or consultants who are sixty (60) years or above may be part of the workforce for construction projects as may be allowed under GCQ, MGCQ, MECQ, and ECQ guidelines under the Omnibus Guidelines on the Implementation of Community Quarantine in the Philippines (“OG”) dated 29 April 2020.

2. Construction personnel shall be required to undergo any available COVID-19 test, as may be prescribed by Department of Health (DOH), and retested as the need arises. In this regard, consultation with medical doctors (duly accredited by DOH if possible) prior to the conduct of COVID-19 testing shall be made.

3. The head of the concerned DepEd Implementing Units (IUs) shall issue a construction quarantine pass (QP) to the individual qualified personnel of the contractors, clearly stating identification, designation, nature of work, validity, and destination. The Construction Quarantine Pass Format is provided in Annex “A”. It is understood that the QP shall cover transit of personnel from (a) one community quarantine area to another, and vice versa; and from (b) an area not under community quarantine to another under community quarantine, and vice versa.

4. The QPs shall only be issued after the issuance of Permit to Enter School Premises and Start Construction by the school principal, school head or teacher-in-charge, after a thorough project briefing and consultation by the contractors of the school heads. Permit to Enter School Premises and Start Construction shall be issued by the school head upon compliance of the contractor with the following:

a. Contractor conducts briefing about the project and on the safety protocols to be implemented during construction works;

b. Submission of list of workers and equipment to enter and to be used inside the school compound;

5. The contractors shall provide for their personnel/workers the necessary welfare facilities and amenities, such as employees’ quarters for board and lodging, ensuring compliance to physical distancing, proper hygiene, etc. Contractors shall submit the design of such welfare facilities and amenities, for monitoring, to the Schools Division Offices or Regional Offices concerned.

6. Contractors shall ensure that their projects are in compliance with DOLE D.O. No. 13. series of 1998. Contractors shall provide their personnel and workers continuous supply of vitamins, particularly Vitamin C, other over-the-counter medicines, quarantine facilities, and oxygen tanks for emergency purposes.

7. Contractors shall provide disinfection facilities in their respective project sites in compliance with pertinent DOH and Inter-Agency Task Force for the Management of Emerging Infectious Diseases (IATF) Guidelines, to be placed at strategic locations to ensure the safety and welfare of all personnel.

8. Proper information dissemination regarding COVID-19 construction protocols on top of existing construction safety practices shall be conducted by Safety Officers to all personnel.

9. For government construction projects, personal records of all personnel necessary for contact tracing shall be submitted by the contractors to the concerned DepEd IUs and shall be resubmitted and updated monthly, or as the need arises. The Workers Records Log Format is provided in Annex “B”.

10. The contractor shall ensure that the project site is properly fenced-off in order to minimize, if not avoid, the disruption of the schools operation.

B. During Deployment

1. The contractor shall submit its revised construction schedule to the DepEd Regional/ Division/ Project Engineers concerned with sequencing to be followed and undertaken to maintain the required physical distancing measures. Likewise, break times shall be conducted in a staggered manner.

2. However, for the repair and electrification projects funded under CY 2019, the construction shall be scheduled, such that all works will be completed before face-to-face teaching-learning sessions commence after the opening of SY 2020-2021. This is to make sure that all the contractor’s temporary facilities have been cleared at the project site and proper disinfection procedures have been made.

3. Employees shall be housed in their respective quarters for the entire duration of the project covered by the GCQ. MGCQ. MECQ, and ECQ. Otherwise. “Prior to Deployment” procedures shall be conducted at every instance of re-entry.

4. Only the assigned contractor’s employees and construction workers shall be allowed to stay within the project sites, employees’ quarters, and field offices for the duration of the project. Non-essential personnel, visitors, and the general public shall not be allowed to enter the project site, quarters, and offices.

5. Errands to be conducted outside the project site premises shall be kept to a minimum. Number of personnel running errands shall be limited and shall be properly disinfected and closely monitored for symptoms within fourteen (14) days upon re-entry.

6. Field offices, employees’ quarters, and other common areas shall be regularly maintained, including daily disinfection of such facilities.

7. Smoking, vaping. drinking of liquor, gambling, etc. shall be strictly prohibited in all project sites, field offices, employees’ quarters, and other common areas. Contractors are enjoined to carry out the necessary disciplinary action against violators.

8. Adequate food, safe/potable drinking water, disinfectants, and hand soaps shall be made available by the contractors to their in-house personnel.

9. Daily monitoring of the pre- and post-work health conditions of workers shall be undertaken by the contractors, including but not limited to temperature, health, and exposure monitoring as preventive measures. Personnel with manifestations or symptoms relative to COVID-19 shall, under strict confidentiality and privacy, be immediately reported to the nearest Barangay Health Emergency Response Team (BHERT) or the office designated by the LGU to handle such cases for appropriate intervention, including isolation and quarantine for fourteen (14) days or confinement to the nearest DOH COVID-19 treatment facility. Likewise, proper protocols in accordance with the DTI and DOLE Interim Guidelines on Work Place Prevention and Control of COVID-19 shall be strictly observed. For government construction projects, a daily health monitoring report to be prepared by the Safety Officer shall be submitted to the DepEd IUs. The Daily Covid-19 Surveillance Fill-Up/Checklist Form is provided as Annex “C”.

10. Work activities shall be under daily strict monitoring by the Safety Officer on-site to ensure compliance with safety standards and quarantine protocols.

11. For government construction projects, the DepEd Regional and Division Project Engineers concerned shall ensure strict compliance to DOLE D.O. No. 13. series of 1998. and the implementation of wearing additional Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) required, such as. but not limited to. face masks, safety glasses/goggles, face shields, and long-sleeve T-shirts, to contain the spread of COVID-19 in the workplace. On the other hand, contractors for essential private construction projects shall assign a full-time safety officer devoted to ensure compliance with D.O. No. 13. series of 1998 and the implementation of physical distancing measures provided herein.

12. For off-site employees’ quarters, transport service, duly disinfected before and after use. shall be provided, with physical distancing observed.

13. Sharing of construction and office equipment is discouraged. However, if necessary, the shared equipment must be disinfected in between transfers among personnel.

14. All material and equipment delivery and disposal shall be conducted by a specific team of personnel in an isolated loading/unloading zone, while limiting contact with the delivery/disposal personnel. All materials and/or equipment entering the project site shall be duly disinfected, as soon as possible.

15. All personnel entering the project site premises on a temporary basis (e.g.. delivery truck drivers, inspectors, etc.) shall be properly logged and checked for symptoms. Gatherings, bringing in and drinking liquor, and/or merrymaking are strictly prohibited within the project site premises.

16. Clustered and staggered deployment of employees within the project site shall be observed to minimize personnel contact and for easier contact tracing.

17. Proper waste disposal shall be provided for infectious waste such as PPEs and other waste products coming from outside the construction premises.


1. The Head of Implementing Offices shall see to it that this Order is strictly enforced in their respective areas. Violation of any provision under these Construction Safety Guidelines shall be subject to the penalties stated in DPWH Order No. 35. s. 2020.

2. The Implementing Units through the School Governance and Operations Division (SGOD) at the Schools Division Office level or the Education Support Sendees Division (ESSD) at the Regional Office level through its respective Division or Regional Engineer, shall monitor the compliance of the contractors to these guidelines.

3. Compliance of contractors to these guidelines shall be submitted to the Administrative Service-Education Facilities Division (AS-EFD) via email


The reference for this Order is DPWH Department Order No. 35. s. 2020 titled Construction Safety Guidelines for the Implementation of AU DPWH Infrastructure Projects During the COVID-19 Public Health Crisis.


Provisions and other previous issuances, which are inconsistent with this Order are hereby repealed. These guidelines shall be implemented until the IATF. the Office of the President, the DOH. or the DPWH issue pertinent new rules to these matters.

Download DepEd Order No. 9, s. 2020 – Construction Safety Guidelines During the COVID-19 Public Health Crisis

DepEd Construction Work Pass / Construction Quarantine Pass Format

DepEd Construction Work Pass Sample

DepEd Workers Record Log

DepEd Workers Record Log

DepEd Daily COVID-19 Surveillance Fill-up/Checklist Form

DepEd Daily COVID-19 Surveillance Fill-up Checklist Form

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