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Different Types of DepEd School Buildings in the Philippines

The Department of Education (DepEd) continues to work towards making all schools child-friendly, safe and conducive to learning. Part of this effort is providing the appropriate facilities for each school based on data collected and standards set by policymakers. In this light, the Department intends to have an accurate and updated inventory which is crucial in planning and resource allocation particularly in determining the classroom conditions and requirements of every school.


2020 DepEd Site Development Plan (SDP)

2020 DepEd NSBI Forms and System (Powerpoint Presentation)

2020 DepEd Guidelines on the Conduct of the National School Building Inventory (NSBI)

DepEd National Funded School Building Types

DepEd National Funded refers to the school building funded by DepEd.

Academic Classroom Buildings

Army Type School Building1957
Bagong Lipunan School Building (BLSB) Type I1975
Bagong Lipunan School Building (BLSB) Type II 1975
Bagong Lipunan School Building (BKSB) Type III 1975
DepEd Modified School Building (7 x 7)2006
DepEdStandard School Building2005
DPWH-BOD School Building
FVR 2000 Building2000
Gabaldon School Building1920
Home Economics Building2005
Imelda Type school Building1983
Industrial Arts Building2005
Learning and Public Use School (LAPUS) Building2007
Magsaysay Type1950
Marcos Pre-Fabricated School Building (Marcos Type)1970
Multi-Purpose Workshop Building2006
Pre-School/Kindergarten Building2011
Public-Private School Infrastructure Project (PSIP School Building)2013
Readily Assembled Multi-Option Shelter (RAMOS) Type
Science Laboratory Building2006
Public-Private Partnership (PPP)
Ramos Demountable School Building

Technical Vocational School Buildings

Aqua-Culture NC II Building2013
Automotive Servicing NCII Building 2013
Beauty Care NC II Building2013
Carpentry NC II Building2013
Commercial Cooking NC II Building2013
Consumer Electronic Technician NC II Building2013
Dress Making NC II Building2013
Electrical Installation Maintenance NC II Building2013
Food Processing NC II Building2013
Shielded Metal Arc Welding NC II Building2013
State of the Art Tech Voc Bldg2013

LGU Funded School Building Types

LGU Fuded refers to the school building funded by LGUs. (Provincial, City and Municipality)

Joson Type
Ynares Type
Provincial School Board
Municipal Building
Espino Building
UMALI Building
Tulagan Building
Violago Type
Gonzales Type
Joey Lina Building
Lazaro Building
Agbayani Bldg.
Celeste Building
Rodriguez Building
Alfelor Type
Mandanas Building
Montelibano Type
San Luis Building
Deloso Type Building
Maliksi Building
Lajara Type Building
Gatuslao Building
Luna Building
Dy Building
Gwen Bldg.
Mathay Building
Agbayani Type
Duque Building
Gustilo Type

Foreign Funded School Building Types

Foreign Funded refers to the school building funded by foreign institution.

Economic Support Fund (ESF) School Building1985
JICA – Educational Facilities Improvement Program (EFIP)1994
Government of Spain-Spanish Grant School Building
SBP4BE Building-AusAID2013
Secondary Education Development Improvement Program (SEDIP)
Secondary Education Development Program (SEDP)2002
SPHERE Building – AusAID2011
Third Elementary Education Project (TEEP) School Building1999-2006
JICA – Typhoon Resistant School Building Program (TRSBP)1988

Private Sector Funded School Building Types

Private Sector Funded refers to the school building funded by private corporations, companies, individuals and associations.

Federation of Filipino Chinese Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Inc. (FFCCCII) School Building
Little Red School House – Coca-Cola Philippines
ABS- CBN School Building
GMA Kapuso School Building
Private Foundation Building
Security Bank School Building
Petron School Building
Plan International School Building
AGAP School Building
Aboitiz School Building
PAMANA School Building
RPN School Building
Rotary School Building
Lions Club School Building
Jollibee School Building
McDonald School House
KABISIG School Building
Gawad-Kalinga School Building
PLDT School Building
SM Foundation School Building
TZU CHI Foundation School Building
Ayala School Building
JAYCEES School Building
Philip Morris School Building
RC Cola Building
DMCI School Building
KIWANIS School Building
SteelTech School Building

House of Representative/Senate Funded School Building Types

House of Representative/Senate Funded refers to the school building funded through the house of representatives/senate. (CDF, PDAF etc.)

Gonzales Type
Cojuangco Building
Chipeco Type Building
Tanada Building
Villareal Building
Bayan Muna
Angara Building
Abaya Type
Fuentebella Building
Joson Type Building
Legarda Building
Drilon Building
Enverga Building
Diaz Type
Recto Building
Enrile Building
Loren Legarda Building
Lagman Type
Serbisyong Suarez Building
Syjuco Building
Villareal Bldg.

Other National Government Agency Funded School Building Types

Other National Government Agency Funded refers to the school building funded by other government agencies.

DOST Science Laboratory Building
PAGCOR School Building

Different Types of DepEd School Buildings in the Philippines (PDF File)

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