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Roll-Out and Use of Facebook Workplace and Deped Election Monitoring Apps

Pursuant to the authority granted by the Commission on Elections (COMELEC) to the Department of Education (DepEd) to ensure compliance with and enforcement of all orders and instructions relative to the election duties of the latter’s personnel, and in accordance with DepEd Memoradum No. 052, series of 2019, entitled “Establishment of the 2019 DepEd Election Task Force (ETF) and its Operation and Monitoring Center,” the Office of the Undersecretary for Administration, as ETF chair and lead, hereby orders the immediate roll-out and use of the Facebook Workplace and the DepEd Election Monitoring Apps for use of all concerned.

The Information and Communications Technology Service (ICTS) and all Regional and Division Information Technology Officers (ITOs) are hereby directed to lead in the rolling-out of both the Facebook Workplace and the Monitoring Apps, and to assist officials at the central, regional and division offices in presenting, effecting and cascading the same down to the district and school levels.

The Members of the Election Task Forces (ETFs) at the Central, Regional and Division Offices, Public Schools District Supervisors (PSDS), DepEd Supervisor Officials (DESO) and the Principals and School Heads are hereby enjoined to register at Workplace using their DepEd email addresses and use the same as their communication platform. The ITOs will be assisting all concerned in the creation or resetting of their DepEd email addresses, and in registering at Workplace.

The public school teachers and personnel serving in the Electoral Boards (EBs), the DepEd Supervisor Officials (DESO) and their staff, the Public Schools District Supervisors (PSDS) and the Members of the Election Task Forces (ETFs) at the Central, Regional and Division Offices are hereby enjoined to download the monitoring apps beginning May 10, 2019 at 8:00 AM, and use the same by reporting, by way of answering the questions, at certain time/day, and/or at the occurrence of particular incidences before, during and after the May 13, 2019 national and local elections.

The election monitoring apps may be downloaded at the URL/site listed below. Resource and reference materials may also be viewed and downloaded from the same site.


The success of the monitoring of the the elections vis-a-vis the immediate and appropriate response/resolutions on welfare, working conditions, honoraria and allowances and other DepEd related issues and concerns would greatly depend on the timely utilization of this monitoring application.

A summary of the technology features, data contents and other pertinent information of the application is hereto attached for your information and ready reference.

Questions and/or clarifications maybe directed via email at usec.admin@deped.gov.ph or via phone (02) 633-7203.

For guidance and compliance.



This coming national and local elections, the Department of Education will be launching its DepEd Election Monitoring Apps. Though the app is envisioned to serve and scale to multiple information monitoring uses, this application has an ELECTION MENU (Pre-Election Activities, Election Proper and Post-Election Activities and other related incidents/matters) and will be a tool wherein teachers assigned on election day can simply upload reports and photos (as it happens) and this information are automatically consolidated in the DepEd Central Server for monitoring, analysis and immediate response.

Every election season, public school teachers are designated as Election Board Members and Election Task Force Members to carry out the critical tasks of an orderly, peaceful and honest elections from the precincts, schools, division, regional and national levels.

With this vital and challenging role, there has always been a need for teachers to report the conduct of the election; the incidents during, before and after elections; the welfare of the teachers, the issuance of the teachers’ allowances; also the state of the schools (classrooms, buildings, premises etc.) and other situations related to the event.

Though data/information collection or reports submission is the core of the said app; the daunting aspects of the process for communication to be effective is the efficient data gathering, monitoring, analysis, information management and prompt, sufficient & adequate response to address the concerns as they arise.

Hence, DepEd has pursued a “digital by default” strategy which implies that digital services that are convenient and reliable to all those who can use them will choose to do so while those who cannot are not excluded. The use of emerging digital technologies will enable the department to effectively and efficiently fulfill its vital and critical tasks to gather, consolidate, centralize and manage information promptly.

The DepEd Monitoring Apps will be initially available as mobile app on Android where reports submission is triggered and a web based server integrated to the mobile application where information is consolidated and viewed by respective users.

Server Address


Report Details (in the form of Questions)

Consolidated in Real-Time at the Division, Region and Central Offices

For Regional/Division ETF Members and PSPS Only

Pre-Election Day Proper Report (button) – before 6:00 AM

  • The DepEd Management provide orientations for the Public School District Supervisors (PSDS) and for the Election Task Force members
  • The PSDS were able to cascade the DepEd Monitoring Apps to the teachers in their areas
  • The ETF/ PSDS were given official ETF T-shirts and IDs
  • The DepED ETF is composed of five (5) members and has the hotline numbers of local COMELEC, PNP, AFP and PAO offices
  • The PSDS has the hotline numbers their respective Regional/Division Election Taskforce Operation and Monitoring Center
  • The ETF members are complete at the start of the voting (6:00am)
  • There are no problems encountered in the establishment of ETF Operation and Monitoring Center

Election Day Proper Report (button) – 6:00 AM to 6:00 PM

  • Reports from E lectoral B oard members are transm itted in real tim e / Reports were transmitted real time
  • There are no issues and concerns reported by the he PSDS or DESO / Electoral Board members or DESO
  • ETF/PSDS members were able to vote in their respective precincts
  • There are no ETF/PSDS members who suffered heat strokes, accidents or injuries
  • There are no ETF/ PSDS members harassed or threatened while on duty
  • There are no unauthorized persons in the Operation and Monitoring Centers

Post-Election Day Proper Report (button) – after 6:00 PM

  • The ETF/ PSDS was able to submit to the Central Office the summary report of the Election
  • ETF/ PSDS were able to address issues and concerns brought to them for immediate action
  • The coordination with respective Election Officers, Election Task Force in the Region/Division and other partner agencies was in order

School Building and Facilities (button)

  • NO Tarpaulins, posters or other election materials inside school premises?
  • Available Accessible polling places (APP) and Emergency Accessible Polling Places (EAPP) in schools?
  • No incident of Damage to School furniture in classrooms utilized as polling precincts?
  • No Schools/s destroyed/burned/damaged during election day?
  • No Damage to other school properties, toilets and other structures during the election?

Roll-Out and Use of Facebook Workplace and Deped Election Monitoring Apps Memorandum

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