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DepEd LIS Important Advisory – November 09, 2015

Important Advisory

  1. Instructional video, manual, and infographics for SHS Registration for Public and Private Schools and for Non-LIS Registrants are available through the LIS Support page.
  2. School ID listed in SHS Registration Module in LIS refers to Senior High School ID and not the Regular Secondary School ID. The first 2 digits of SHS ID should start with 34****.
  3. Updating of enrollment (encoding of late enrollment, transferred In/Out) will ONLY be available for Grade 10 learners starting November 9, 2015.
  4. For all other grade levels, updating of enrollment (encoding of late enrollment, transferred In/Out, NLS) and correction of learners profile will resume in December 2015.
  5. Submission/Encoding of Grade 10 learners preference/s through LIS for Public and Private Schools will be available from November 9 to 29, 2015. Refer to DO 48, s. 2015 for additional details.
  6. We encourage LIS users who do not have an official DepEd email account to register through DepEd email service as this might be a requirement to validate the eligibility of the account user.
  7. Procedures for Submission of Learner Preferences for SHS for Public Schools in LIS.
  8. Procedures for Submission of Learner Preferences for SHS for Private Schools and SUCs in LIS.

Previous Updates

  1. Please take note that encoding of learner using any date between June 1-5, 2015 as 1st date of attendance and request to unenrol for learner already enrolled in the system between June 1-5, 2015 are NO longer allowed.
  2. For reactivation of LRN, please submit request form 02 (RF02) to icts.usd@deped.gov.ph (in excel file) and indicate the reason for reactivation. Please state Reactivation of LRN as the subject of your email. You can do the enrollment of the learner from your end once the reactivation is done, with date of first attendance as June 8 onwards.
  3. Learners with Incomplete IP and Mother tongue will not be counted to the official enrollment of the school. Incomplete IP and Mother tongue can now be found in your Masterlist >> Toggle list for updating. Please review and complete learners’ profile.
  4. Facilities for Correction of 2014 EOSY Status, Enrollment of No 2014 records (due to enrollment outside Public Schools) and Tagging of Abot Alam learners are now available.
  5. Enrollment of Grade 1 with incomplete Kinder program in SY 2014 who undergone Kinder Catch up Program and assessed school readiness is now available. Please refer to DO 16, s. 2015, for additional guidelines.
  6. Mother tongue and tagging of IP are required for all grade levels.
  7. Learners with critical data issues can now be enrolled.
  8. There is no finalize button for LIS BoSY. All enrollment figures as of deadline/cut off will be considered final and official. Correction/approval made after the cut-off may not be counted for BoSY 2015.
  9. Refer to DO 26, s. 2015 for additional guidelines.
  10. Registration form for Abot- Alam and ALS is now available for downloading.


LIS Form for Abot Alam OSC or OSY Mapped and Enrolled in Non-ALS Programs

LIS Form for ALS DepEd-Procured and Partners CY 2015


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