DepEd Project Development Officer II (DRRM) Job Description and CSC Qualifications

DepEd Project Development Officer II (DRRM) ensures the safety and learning continuity, institutionalizes Disaster Risk Reduction and Management (DRRM), Climate Change Adaptation (CCA), and Education in Emergencies (EiE), and strengthens the resilience of basic education in the context of natural and human-induced hazards.

Position TitleProject Development Officer II (for DRRM)
UnitSchool Mobilization and Networking
Reports toChief Education Supervisor
Salary Grade15
Governance LevelSchools Division Office
DivisionSchool Governance and Operations Division

DepEd Project Development Officer II (DRRM) Qualification Standards

CSC Prescribed Qualifications

EducationBachelor’s degree relevant to the job
Experience1 year of relevant experience
EligibilityCareer Service (Professional) Appropriate Eligibility for Second Level Position
Training4 hours of relevant training

DepEd Project Development Officer II (DRRM) Duties and Responsibilities

Risk-Informed Plans, Policies, and StandardsReview existing plans, policies and standards.
Develop/enhance and disseminate risk-informed plans, policies, and standards for implementation.
Partnerships for Strengthening ResilienceIdentify areas for partnerships with external partners on DRRM, CCA and EiE programs.
Establish a regular coordination mechanism, database, and protocol for organizing, sharing and tracking information, resources, expertise and best practices among external and internal partners.
Participate in International events/conferences.
Undertake coordination on prepositioning of materials and interventions for preparedness, response, and rehabilitation and recovery.
Identify areas for partnerships with relevant DepEd offices in connection with DRRM, CCA, and EiE.
DRRM Information System (DRRMIS) and ResearchCreate uniform templates to accommodate the required data and provide feedback to the different DepEd offices and partners.
Enhance data handlers’ knowledge on existing protocols, capacity in data collection, management and analysis; and capacity in using data applications and software.
Archive and store consolidated data in different formats to give easy access to different offices for administering interventions and future references.
Analyze historical hazards data and official hazard maps to identify possible policies and programs in vulnerable areas.
Conduct evidence-based research relative to DRRM, CCA, and EiE as the basis for risk-informed policy and standard formulation and program implementation.
Resilience EducationFacilitate DRRM, CCA, and EiE integration in the K-12 curriculum.
Establish memorial days to ingrain deep consciousness of disasters among personnel and learners at all levels.
Information, Education, and Communication (IEC) and Advocacy for ResilienceReview existing IEC and advocacy resource materials on DRRM, CCA, and EiE.
Develop/enhance and disseminate IEC and advocacy resource materials on DRRM, CCA, and EiE (needs-based consideration).
Create a communication campaign on safety and resilience.
Establish a library on IECs for DRRM, CCA, and EiE (hard and digital).
Provide regions, divisions, and schools support and assistance, enabling an early return to normal operations and recovery towards resilient development.
Learning Continuity and Resilience InterventionsProvide interventions for the well-being of affected personnel and learners.
Facilitate the support and assistance to divisions, and schools, enabling an early return to normal operations and recovery towards resilient development.
Establish enabling mechanisms for regions, divisions, and schools to locally manage their response, and rehabilitation & recovery needs and interventions.
Monitoring and Evaluation of DRRMS Comprehensive School Safety InitiativesMonitor the progress of DRRMS’ comprehensive school safety initiatives.
Evaluate the outcomes and impact of DRRMS’ comprehensive school safety initiatives.


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