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DepEd Repair and Rehabilitation Program

Attached herewith is Aide Memoire dated June 02, 2020, from Alain Del B. Pascua, Undersecretary for Administration, DepEd Executive Committee, relative to Completing the 5-Year Cycle of Repair and Rehabilitation of School Buildings.

Completing the 5-Year Cycle of Repair and Rehabilitation of School Buildings

The regular repair and rehabilitation of school buildings is necessary to maintain the good condition of the structures as well as their conduciveness to learning and teaching while prolonging their life spans. Every year, DepEd—under the Basic Education Facilities Fund (BEFF)—conducts major repairs on priority schools nationwide based on information provided in the enhanced Basic Education Information System (eBEIS) and actual validations and assessments made by DepEd field engineers.

In the implementation of this program. DepEd adopts the “Repair All” Policy where school buildings and other facilities are repaired and rehabilitated every five (5) years. As expressed, the policy covers all school facilities and structures, and not just academic buildings, that are already subject for repair/rehabilitation. By doing this, the total repair/rehabilitation requirements of each school are addressed at one time. This activity repeats only after five years, unless a calamity happens before that to require immediate repairs.


The objective of the Repair and Rehabilitation Program of DepEd is to replace school building components that are subjected to critical structural load and stresses, that have an estimated amount of not more than 10% of the total cost of constructing a new classroom. It intends to increase the value and extend the life of the school structure. It covers the general or comprehensive repair of classrooms destroyed by typhoons, earthquakes, and other calamities which the limited Quick Response Fund (QRF) cannot fully address.

In the past, the Department acknowledges that some schools have not been a recipient of repair allocations due to limited budget. However, in CY2018 t “Repair All” Policy was issued and adopted in the allocation of funds for proposed schools. School facilities were repaired and made conducive to learning, except those deemed for demolition due to structural safety issues, or due to the age and condition of the building.

Repairs undertaken by DepEd are as good as new; existing old structures were further strengthened by providing additional supports, and wooden materials replaced with steel, specifically the roof frames of the structures to ensure that they can better resist typhoons or other calamities.

DepEd Repair and Rehabilitation Program
DepEd Repair and Rehabilitation Program


Based on the combined data of the National School Building Inventory (NSBI) 2016 and the Nielsen Survey conducted in 2018, there are a total of 711,693 classrooms nationwide. Of this total, 626,169 classrooms or 88.98% are either in good condition (233,745), needs major repair (173,295), or needs minor repair (219,129) as presented in the table below. The remaining 12.02% or the total inventory of 85,524 classrooms were reported to be already subject for replacement as they were already condemned, or subject for condemnation.

Summary Condition of Existing Classrooms in all Elementary and Secondary Public Schools Nationwide

RegionClassrooms in Good ConditionClassrooms needing Major RepairClassrooms needing Minor RepairClassrooms for replacementTotal
Region 115,98411,96711,1374,47943,567
Region II8,9238,52511,9353,52832,911
Region III30,67416,02018,0598,16972,922
Region IV-A26,90513,11320,59311,10671,717
Region IV-B9,3905,86610,6422,68228,580
Region IX9,5839,0328,9663,46831,049
Region V12,77514,16020,3646,39653,695
Region VI18,94918,93622,5815,25965,725
Region VII19,53113,14417,5095,76655,950
Region VIII18,4219,21817,5843,27648,499
Region X2,73313,3068,62910,83935,507
Region XI8,2849,2779,3347,38334,278
Region XII8,8038,0029,9605,05231,817
Grand Total233,745173,295219,12985,524711,693

2014-2020 Appropriations

From 2014 to 2020 a total of P34.19 Billion was appropriated for the Repair and Rehabilitation of Classrooms under the Basic Education Facilities Fund (BEFF). The budget has been increasing yearly as the government is recognizing the need to uplift and upgrade the condition of the physical facilities of all p elementary and secondary schools in the country. However, while it is increasing the total number of classrooms being covered in each appropriation does not fully address the total requirements for repairs. Thus, repair requirements are continuously increasing aside from the fact that some of these, particularly those located in the Eastern seaboard areas of the country, always suffer damages due to typhoons.

Annual Repair Allocation and Physical Targets

DepEd Annual Repair Allocation and Physical Targets

The total budget released for the said period is equivalent to the repair and rehabilitation of 126,878 classrooms; 76% or 96,812 of the total targets were already completed while the rest are in various stages of implementation as shown on the table. Specifically for 2020, most of the projects have already completed the conduct of early procurement, while waiting for the release of SARO from the DBM.

Status of Implementation of Repair and Rehabilitation of Classrooms under BEFF from 2014-2020. as of April 30, 2020

FYTotal no. of SchoofsTotal No. of Classroo msTotal CompletedTotal OngoingTotal Under ProcurementTotal Not Yet Started

The status of physical targets allocated for ARMM equivalent to 752 classrooms programmed in 2014-2015 is not included in this report as we are still waiting for the reconciliation being conducted by the Ministry.

Proposal to Address the Total Repair Requirements

It is planned and targeted that by the end of this administration, all the requirements for school physical facilities either construction or repair will be totally addressed, specifically for repair, so that the succeeding administration can already concentrate on the next five-year cycle of the “Repair All” policy.

Given the data on the requirements vis-a-vis the accomplishments, the total balance of requirements for repairs is presented below.

Classrooms Needing Major Repair (2019-2020)

To zero out the repair requirements by the end of 2022, P31,730,850,000.00 must be allocated for 2021, and P35,256,000.00 be set aside for 2022.

In case of classrooms under the category of “in good condition” (233,745) and “needs minor repair” (219,129), the school can charge the regular maintenance and minor repair works of classrooms to their MOOE budget.

For the next 5-year Repair All Cycle (2023-2028), Congress must appropriate no less than Pl60 billion per year assuming the number of classrooms would total to 800,000.


Aide Memoire on Completing the 5-Year Cycle of Repair and Rehabilitation of School Buildings


DepEd Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) for School Year 2020-2021

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