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DepEd Engineer III Job Description and CSC Qualifications

DepEd Engineer III provides technical services for schools, learning centers, and the schools division office to have a physical environment that is conducive to effective teaching, learning and working by ensuring access to adequate, structurally and physically safe buildings, grounds, and facilities according to the requirements and standards of an education and work facility that is environmentally sustainable, hazard-free, gender-sensitive and friendly to people with disability.

Position TitleEngineer III
Unit/DivisionSchool Governance and Operations Division
Reports toEducation Program Supervisor
Salary Grade19
Governance LevelSchools Division Office

DepEd Engineer III Qualification Standards

CSC Prescribed Qualifications

EducationBachelors degree relevant to the job
Experience2 years experience
EligibilityRA 1080 (Engineer/Architect)
Training8 hours of relevant training
Site InspectionConduct site inspection and appraisal through ocular inspection and assessment against standards, in order to determine the topography and availability of buildable space and volume of cut and fill to be included in the program of work.
Conduct site inspection of areas affected by disasters to determine the extent of damage and repair needed.
Prepare school site appraisal reports on new construction, and repair of educational facilities and preservation of heritage school buildings.
Inventory of existing school buildings for planning and budgeting purposes.
BAC Procurement ActivitiesExamine the accuracy of the technical documents to determine the lowest bidder by calculating the number of bids using the program of works and specifications.
Conduct pre-construction conference to all the contractors and school heads to iron out problems that may arise in the implementation stage.
Provide Technical Assistance to the School Heads in the procurement process of School-Based Repair and Maintenance Scheme by providing the Program of Works as a guide in the implementation.
Conduct monitoring on the implementation of the SBRMS to recipient schools through ocular inspection.
ConstructionConduct “Pre-Construction Conference Orientation” with School Heads and Contractors
Conduct testing of delivered materials to check for adherence to standards and report to concerned parties to take corrective action as needed.
Assess on a periodic basis the progress of construction work and report to concerned parties to take corrective action as needed to ensure adherence to the program of works, quality standards, and time schedule for completion.
Conduct ocular inspection of construction sites to assess compliance to safety standards and report to concerned parties to take corrective action as needed.
Facilities RepairPrepare a program of works for minor facilities repair to guide the activities and procurement of materials and labor.
Guide the procurement of materials and labor for the repair work to ensure adherence to cost and quality requirements.
Evaluate the repair work made and recommend payment upon completion of work according to work and cost specifications.
Final InspectionConduct punch list to projects with 95% status of accomplishment for rectification so that defects can be corrected before issuing the Certificate of Completion and Turn Over.
Issue “Certificate of Completion and Acceptance” on construction projects that are finished and meet quality standards.
Preservation of Heritage BuildingsConduct appraisal and create an inventory of Heritage Buildings through actual inspection to determine the status of structure for preservation and required intervention of the Central Office for budgeting purposes.
Document preservation initiatives and prepare progress and accomplishment reports to inform management of the utilization of resources and additional requirements.
Demolition and Condemnation of Education BuildingAppraise buildings identified for demolition and recommend demolition of such by submitting a “Building Inspection Report”.
Monitor the demolition work and ensure adherence to safety standards by workers.
Prepare and submit demolition documents to the SDS Office and keep a copy in the file for future reference.
School Mapping and Inventory of School Buildings and Educational FacilitiesCoordinate the drafting of School and Vicinity Maps with technical staff and check for accuracy to serve as a reference for school improvement plans.
Consolidated data on school inspection gathered from site inspections and ensure accurate encoding into the education data information system.
Gather updated data as requested for planning and implementation purposes.
Identify the needs of schools with regard to facilities and input into the technical assistance plans of the SDO technical assistance teams.
Files and RecordsCreate and maintain a databank of all constructed, repaired, demolished, preserved buildings for inventory purposes and compiling all bidding documents, the program of works, inspection reports, deed of donations, Titles Certificate of Completion and Acceptance of projects implemented.
Maintain data on educational facilities for DRRMC reference
Maintain copies of POW, inspection reports and Bidding Documents of all DepEd projects.
Maintain duplicate copies of Deed of Donations, Acceptance of Educational Facilities and other such documents needed for reference in future building and construction and repair projects.

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