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Requirements for Newly-Hired Teachers for Inclusion to Region Payroll

Note: All photocopies must be certified true copy from the original.

  1. Endorsement from Division Office issued by SDS or Admin. Officer
  2. Certification of the Division Accountant for payment of last salary
  3. Certification of First Day of Service (FDS) issued by the School Principal
  4. Clear copy of approved appointment
  5. Clear copy of the approved appointment of incumbent teacher as promoted (for those vacant positions due to natural vacancy)
  6. Clear copy of Form 212 (Personal Data Sheet) – (Click to Download)
  7. Clear copy of plantilla where the item belongs
  8. Any document indicating GSIS policy number (GSIS membership form will do)
  9. Clear copy of BIR Form 1902 (for those applying for TIN / Form 2305 with TIN already)
  10. Updated Service Record
  11. Clear copy of Appointment (for substitutes and locally paid teachers with continued service)
  12. Clear copy of MOA / Contract, CLP, Clearance from local/PTCA (for those who have continued service from local)
  13. ATM Account no. (attach photocopy of ATM Card or ATM claim stub).

Pertinent Data Needed for Newly-Hired Teachers

  1. Station Code & District:
  2. First Name:
  3. Middle Name (Full):
  4. Last Name:
  5. Date of Birth:
  6. Status:
  7. Sex:
  8. Position:
  9. W/Tax Code:
  10. GSIS Business Partner No.:
  11. TIN:
  12. First Day of Service:
  13. Item no. in Plantila:


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