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Tips on Passing the Teachers English Proficiency Test (EPT)


The successes and failures of students’ learning in English greatly depend on the teachers since they are considered as the primary tool in the delivery of instruction to students. Thus, the various studies showing the alarming decline of performance in English of most students both in the public and private schools across the country has something to do with the kind of instruction being given to them and certainly the competence of the teachers in the language being taught.

The conduct of the English Proficiency Test (EPT) to teachers applying in the Department of Education (DepEd) is basically a commendable move for it would gauge the level of English proficiency of the teacher applicants who would soon take an integral part in producing globally competitive Filipino graduates.

If you are a teacher applicant who happens to have the absence of complacency that you could do well in the English Proficiency Test (EPT) you may need to consider the following tips:

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1. Figure out what usually appears in the exam!

In most cases, an EPT consists of items on reading comprehension skills, grammar (especially on S-V agreement rules), error-recognition, and vocabulary. Asking people who have already taken an EPT could likewise help.

2. Find time reading and reviewing lessons in English!

Read and review English books that provide discussions on the various rules of grammar. A series of exercises provided in the book will also be of great help to condition the mind of what may transpire in the exam. Doing practice tests months or weeks before the test is good. There are a lot of internet websites providing practice tests on different language skills so you can just visit these websites to practice and learn.

3. Arrive on time!

Being on time is indispensable during examinations. Although, this really has nothing to do with being English proficient but when you arrive on time in the examination venue, it will make you feel relax and comfortable as you will have the time to get familiar with the venue and your co-examinees. Getting enough sleep a night before the test and having a good breakfast or lunch on the day of the exam is also advisable.

4. Read the instructions well!

Many test takers fail in an exam because of the failure to correctly follow instructions. Read over all instructions before starting to answer. It is also good if you quickly go over the entire pages of the test to see how much time you have to complete answering all the items in the test.

5. Be confident!

Confidence in whatever undertaking the person undergoes is essential. It creates positivity and positivity imbibes positive results. When taking the test, never think that you will not pass or that you only have a very minimal chance of getting a passing mark. Believe on what you can do and the positive results of what you do.

6. Read fast but with understanding!

Often, exams are under time pressure. So being able to read and immediately grasp what is being asked in the items is important. In the reading comprehension section, do not do reading word for word, rather, hastily move your eyes from left to right through reading phrases. Your skill in scanning important details in the text or paragraph can help you finish answering the exam before the allotted time runs out.

7. Guess!

An EPT is definitely not a guessing game. But if in case the proctor informs you that you only have a minute left to finish answering everything and yet you still have many items to answer, take the courage to guess. Guessing, though may only provide you twenty five percent chance of getting the correct answer, it is much better than just leave the items unanswered and get zero percent possibility of hitting the correct answer.

8. Review your answers!

Do not aim to be too early to submit your paper. There’s basically no punctuality award being given to whoever finishes the test first. When you’re done answering all the sections in the test and there’s still enough time to review your answers, grad the time to review. Make sure you haven’t left anything unanswered.

By following those tips, I hope you could hit not just a passing mark but a very satisfactory score in the EPT. But English proficiency doesn’t end there—there must be a legacy of proficiency among teachers who will take the lead towards honing and developing English proficient Filipino graduates.


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