DepEd Manual Reviewer


Table of Contents:

Chapter I – The Department of Education, Culture and Sports (now DepEd)
Chapter II – Organizational Structure
Chapter III – Basic Education
Chapter IV – Regulations Directly Affecting Pupils/Students
Chapter V – Communications and Information Policies and Procedures
Chapter VI – Administrative Functions, Policies and Procedures
Chapter VII – Human Resource Management and Development Policies
Chapter VIII – Educational Facilities

CHAPTER I: The Department of Education, Culture and Sports (now DepEd)
Terms, Notations and Important Concepts

1. 1987 Philippine Constitution, Article XIV Section 1

It states that, “the State shall protect and promote the right of all citizens to quality education at all levels and shall take appropriate steps to make such education accessible to all”.

2. Public Act No. 222

It provided for the organization of four (4) executive departments, one of which was the Department of Public Instruction headed by a Secretary.

It was enacted by the Philippine Commission on September 06, 1901.

3. Public Act No. 222, Section 4

It became the legal basis of the Department of Education and Culture.

4. Act No. 74

It established the Department of Public Instruction headed by a chief officer called General Superintendent of Public Instruction on January 21, 1901.

5. Public Act No. 222

Under this Act, the Department of Public Instruction established under Act No. 74 of the Philippine Commission became the Bureau of Public Instruction.

6. Act No. 477

Under this Act, the name Bureau of Instruction became the Bureau of Education on November 1, 1902.

7. Reorganization Act 1407

It provided the change of Director of Education from General Superintendent of Education on October 26, 1905.

8. Executive Order No. 94

It renamed the Department of Public Instruction into Department of Education in July, 1947.

9. Proclamation No. 1081

By virtue of this Proclamation, the Department of Education was renamed Department of Education and Culture.

10. Presidential Decree No. 1397

The name Department of Education and Culture became Ministry of Education and Culture.

11. Act No. 3075

It was enacted making inspection and recognition of private schools obligatory for the Secretary of Public Instruction.

12. Commonwealth Act No. 80

It established the Bureau of Private Education headed by a director.

13. Republic Act 1372

It created the Bureau of Vocational Education effective June 22, 1963.

14. Republic Act No. 3873

It renamed the Bureau of Public Libraries into National Library.

15. Commonwealth Act No. 184

It established the Institute of National Language on November 13, 1936 and was amended by Commonwealth Act No. 333 on June 18, 1938.

16. Philippine Republic Executive Order No. 392

It established the transfer of the National Museum to the Department of Education

17. Republic Act No. 7722

It is known as the “Higher Education Act of 1994”
It created the Commission on Higher Education independent from the Department of Education, Culture and Sports.

18. Republic Act No. 7796

It is known as Act of 1994
It created the Technical Education and Skills Development Authority.


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