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CHAPTER IV: Regulations Directly Affecting Pupils/Students
Terms, Notations and Important Concepts

1. Department Order No. 44, s. 1998

It is the policy of the State to provide for a free and compulsory public elementary and secondary education.

2. Republic Act 6655, Section 6

Provides that “the right of any student to avail of free public high school shall terminate if he fails for two (2) consecutive school years in the majority of the academic subjects in which he is enrolled during the course of his study unless such failure is due to some valid cause”.

3. Authorized valid contributions ( D.O. No. 27, s. 1995 and D.O. No. 60, s. 1999)

It includes ID fee, BSP, GSP, and PNRC fees, school publication fee, school organization fee, and Anti-TB fee.


An organization authorized to collect PTA/PTCA fee in an amount to be determined by the PTA/PTCA members themselves at a meeting called for the purpose, provided such collections are made on a voluntary basis, are not required for academic admissions, or transfer purposes, and are collected by the PTA/PTCA themselves and not the public school teachers.

5. Period of Enrolment

The period of enrolment for the elementary and secondary schools shall not be later that two (2) weeks before the opening of classes.

6. Department Order No. 88, s. 1997

It provides that employed individuals shall be allowed to enroll in available night high school classes.

7. Department Order No. 64, s. 1998

It provides graduating students who lack one (1) laboratory subjects or two (2) non-laboratory subjects in order to graduate in May or irregular students who lack the minimum one (1) laboratory subject or two (2) non-laboratory subjects to be classified as regular students in any curriculum year of the secondary course during the succeeding school year after the summer term.

8. Department Order No. 76, s 1998

It provides the admission and re-admission of exchange student-participants or scholars.

9. Department Order No. 26, s. 1994

It provides the admission and placement of students from foreign countries.

10. Department Order No. 62, s. 1995

It provides the allowable transfer of students on the ground of displacement of families arising out of natural and man-made calamities.

11. Form 138-E

Pupil’s report card.

12. Form 137-E

Pupil’s permanent record

13. Form 138-A

Student’s report card

14. Form 137-A

Student’s permanent record

15. PEPT

It is known as the “Philippine Educational Placement Test”.

It is a battery of tests covering five (5) basic subjects namely Mathematics, English, Filipino, Science and Araling Panlipunan.

It is given and administered to youths/adults that have been out of school for at least two (2) years, who are over-aged at school by at least three (3) years and who are Filipino citizens.

16. PVT

It is known as the “Philippine Validating Tests”.

It is provided by the Department Order No. 22, s. 1998

It shall validate the learnings acquired in various situations under circumstances which cover five (5) basic subjects in the school curriculum in the elementary and secondary levels.

17. Follow-ups

These are manifestations of how well the student applies, evaluates and synthesizes the concepts, ideas and views acquired from Values Education.

18. Involvement

It refers to the student’s active participation in the processes/activities initiated by the teacher or the students inside or outside the classroom for value formation.

19. Notes on Valedictorian/Salutatorian/Honorable Mention

It shall apply to graduating honor students in all secondary schools.

NOTE: The number of honor students to be declared Honorable Mentions shall not be no more than one (1) percent of the total number of graduating students.

NOTE: Final selection and announcement of honor students should be made by the principal after the approval of the division office not later than fifteen (15) working days before graduation. Protests shall be filed not later than five (5) working days before graduation. Settlement of protest should be made three (3) working days at the division level only.

20. Department Order No. 17, s. 1999

It provides the policy of the DepEd about graduation. Contributions for graduations may be increased to not more than Php 150.00. Graduation exercises should be held only after the last day of classes.

21. Department Order No. 92, s. 1992 pages 22-23
It provides all school institution the authority to maintain school discipline.

22. Notes on suspension/expulsion of pupils/students

Service Manual 1960, Part VI Chapter III, Sections 145-151

  • For the first and other offenses which are not very serious in nature, a suspension from school not to exceed three (3) days may be authorized by the principal without the approval of the division superintendent.
  • For a persistent offender or one guilty of a serious offense, a suspension of not more than one (1) year may be imposed subject to the approval of the division superintendent.
  • Suspension for a school year or more, or expulsion from school can be ordered only by the Secretary.

23. Notes on offenses punishable by suspension or expulsion depending on the seriousness of the offense.

  • Gross misconduct
  • Cheating and stealing
  • Assaulting a teacher or any other school authority or his agents or students
  • Smoking inside the school premises
  • Vandalism, writing on or destroying school property like chairs, tables, windows, books, laboratory equipment and others.
  • Gambling of any sort
  • Drinking intoxicants and liquors
  • Carrying and concealing deadly weapons
  • Extortion or asking money from others
  • Fighting, causing injury to others
  • Using, possessing and selling of prohibited drugs
  • Hazing in any form or manner whether inside or outside the school premise
  • Immorality/sexual harassment
  • Instigating, leading or participating in concerted activities leading to stoppage of classes
  • Preventing, threatening students or faculty members or school authorities from discharging their duties or from attending their classes or entering school premises
  • Forging or tampering with school records or transfer forms

24. Note on ABSENCES

A pupil/student who incurs absences of more than twenty (20) percent of the prescribed number of class or laboratory periods during the school year or term should be given a failing grade and given no credit for the course or subject.

25. Note on School Uniform

The acceptable haircut for boys shall be at least one (1) inch above the ear and three (3) inches above the collar line.

26. Note on the Rights of Students in School

The right to expeditious action not exceeding thirty (30) days from receipt of request by the school, to the issuance of the official school certificates, diplomas, transcript of records, grades, transfer credentials, and similar school documents or records.

27. Note on School Activities

Meetings, assemblies, convocations, and activities shall be held in the presence and with knowledge of the Principal, Head Teacher or Guidance Counselor, Teacher or Club Adviser/Coach.

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