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Guidelines on the 2016 Foreign Language Skills Showcase

The SPFL shall hold five events simultaneously or one after the other (see schedule of events). Students are encouraged to participate in a maximum of two events. An orientation shall be held prior to the official start of the events. Students shall register to signify their participation in their chosen event(s). The following are the event rules:

Characters on Parade (Cosplay)

1. Participants shall wear the costume of a famous character from Spanish, French, Japanese, German or Chinese film or literature.

2. Participants shall parade, culminating in a 3-minute show-and-tell presentation. In this portion, participants shall describe themselves and a picture related to the country of origin to be shown by the organizers, using the foreign language that they are representing,

3. Participants shall be judged following the criteria:

Oral presentation30%
Stage presence30%
Overall impact10%

Exhibition of Nations

1. One booth for each foreign language (Spanish, Japanese, German, French and Chinese) shall be provided in the designated exhibition area.

2. Each booth assigned to a foreign language shall display students’ outputs from the foreign language lessons. Additional materials like posters, brochures, and other instructional materials (IMs) from the partner agencies may also be included.

3. The teachers and students are requested to wear simple costumes of the country of the foreign language. Cosplayers are encouraged to be in the exhibit area.

4. After the formal opening of the exhibit, usage of FL shall be showcased in various forms:

a. Introducing the Country and People
b. Speaking the Language
c. Doing Arts and Crafts

5. All the booths shall be given tokens.

The FL Singing Idol

1. The FL Singing Idol shall showcase talent in singing songs in a foreign language.

2. The contest has two stages:

a. Elimination round: Each participant shall sing a song in the foreign language that they are representing. Participants are expected to bring a copy of their accompaniment in CD/DVD or flash drive. Only three (3) qualifiers per foreign language will be allowed to join in the Grand Finale.
b. Grand Finale: The finalists from the elimination round shall sing a pre-selected song in their foreign language. There shall be one (1) pre-selected song for each foreign language: Spanish, French, Japanese, German, and Chinese. The finalists shall be given enough time to learn the song. Music and accompaniment shall be provided by the SPFL team. Finalists are expected to wear semi-formal attire during the Grand Finale.

Criteria for judging:

a. Musicality50%
- Voice30%
- Style and performance15%
- Stage presence5%
b. Diction50%

4. Only one winner shall be declared for each language.

5. The decision of the judges is final.

SPFL Quiz Whiz

1. The contestants shall be grouped according to foreign language: Spanish, German, French, Japanese, and Chinese.

2. Questions shall cover topics on language and culture.

3. Contestants shall compete in three categories: Easy, Average, and Difficult. Five questions shall be given in each category. One (1) point is given for each correct answer in the Easy category two, (2) points for Average, and three (3) points for Difficult.

4. Questions shall be read twice by the quiz master. At a signal of GO, contestants shall write their answers on metacards using markers.

5. Ten seconds shall be allotted to answer Easy and Average questions, and fifteen (15) seconds for the Difficult questions.

6. The top three scorers shall be declared winners.

7. In case of a tie, tie-break question/s will be asked to determine the winner.

8. Fifteen (15) seconds shall be given to the contestants to answer the question/s.

9. In case of protest, the duly registered teacher-coach of the contestant shall raise it with the board of judges before the next question is read by the quiz master.

SPFL Challenge:

All the students and teachers, regardless of language groups, shall be divided into four teams (S,P,F,and L).

1. Each team shall be given a map with ten stations located within the National Festival of Talents area.

2. Each station shall require the participants to complete a task written in different foreign languages.

3. As a team, the participants shall perform the assigned task at the station in front of an assigned judge.

4. The judge shall decide if the task was accomplished by placing a stamp on the group’s map.

5. The first team that finishes and completes all the assigned tasks wins.

6. Tokens will be given to the winners.

SPFL Challenge Schedule of Events
Schedule of Events


For each language, only one student and one teacher per school will be allowed to participate. Due to the limited number of slots, especially for the Spanish, Japanese, and Chinese FL schools, concerned regions shall conduct pre-qualifying events to identify the schools that shall represent the region in the NFOT-FL Skills Showcase based on the number of slots below:

SPFL Distribution of Number of Participants

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