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DepEd Manual Reviewer

CHAPTER II: Organizational Structure
Terms, Notations and Important Concepts

1. Secretary

He/she exercises supervision and control over the entire department and perform functions designated to him/her.

2. Republic Act 232

It is an act that provided four (4) undersecretaries (USEC) of the DECS.

3. Notes on Assistant Secretaries

  • ASEC for Programs and Projects and Regional Operations
  • ASEC for Planning and Human Resource Development
  • ASEC for Legal Affairs
  • ASEC for Finance and Administration

4. Education Technology Unit

It manages the DECS website and provides technology and capability building resources in computer learning.

5. Department Order No. 84, s. 1982

It established the National Science Teaching Instrumentation Center.

6. Ministry Order No. 64, s. 1985

It established the Instructional Materials Council Secretariat.

7. Department Order No. 63, s. 1992

It established the National Educators Academy of the Philippines.

8. DECS Order No. 36, s. 1998

It allocated the number of Education Supervisors for a school division.

9. Duties of Education Supervisors

  • Assist the Superintendent in carrying out all the educational programs in the division.
  • Visits the different districts, elementary and secondary schools in the division to provide assistance to district supervisors, principals and teachers in evaluating and improving of their work.

10. Duties of the District Supervisors

  • Provides leadership in the implementation of the DECS programs and projects in the district.
  • Directs, advises and assists the elementary school principal and teachers in the district.
  • Promotes the efficiency of teachers under his charge through effective supervision and in-service training.
  • Leads in the evaluation of achievement in the district.
  • Keeps his schools functioning and keeping with broad general policies of the bureau and the best interests of public schools in the community.
  • Sits as co-chairman at the District School Board in the deliberations.

11. Duties of the Elementary School Principal

  • Supervises all school personnel in an elementary school.
  • Provides leadership in the development and implementation of all educational programs in the school.
  • Promotes the efficiency of teaching and learning in all classes through the in-service trainings, observations, visits, etc.
  • Coordinates all services for the wholesome growth and development of all pupils and other personnel in the school.
  • Leads in the evaluation of achievements of the division. Directs the organization of classes determines and assign the teaching loads of the staff and makes proper distribution of instructional and other materials.
  • Provides for the accommodation of the pupils including the availability of buildings for classrooms and other school needs.
  • Coordinates and cooperates with the community and other agencies and represents the district supervisor in the school.
  • Prepares, consolidates and submits all reports of the school to the district supervisor.
  • Rates the performance of the teachers in the school and recommends the deserving ones for promotion.

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  2. Hi! I’d like to ask on how I can go about Grade acceleration/grade skipping. My 6yo son (born on Nov 2015) is now in kinder. Most of his acad learnings are done at home (we practice homeschooling) but we enrolled him in public kindergarten (modular) primarily to help us with his student registration and records, but we mostly take charge of what to teach him. With this, he seems to us to be ahead in learning (writing, reading, english, math and science, emotionally and socially) compared to his classmates and even to other kids we know who are 2 or 3 years older than him. Will it be possible if we skip grade one for the next school year? Many thanks in advance.

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