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DOWNLOAD: Modified School Form 3 (SF3) – Books Issued and Returned (Excel & PDF)

Code and Name: SF3 – Books Issued and Returned

Schedule: Beginning of School Year and End of School Year Daily Other instruction: All textbook being used should be reported regardless of number of books per subject area.

School IDA six (6) digit-number assigned to a school recognized in EBEIS
School YearThe prescribed period of time when schools offer daily instruction. It covers10 months of regular schooling starting month of June (Beginning of School Year) up to the month of March (End of School Year) of the following year.
School NameOfficial name of school as registered in DepED and EBEIS
Grade LevelA degree/stage of a learner classified according to age and progress.
SectionA group of pupils/students convened together to receive instruction in a given course or subject.
MonthMonth covered in the report
Name of LearnerName of an individual as reflected in the birth certificate or equivalent document seeking basic literacy and functional life learning skills.
Title of the Book & reference for what subject areaThe name of the book given to each learner. The subject area to which the book is issued should also be reflected
Date IssuedThe day the learner received the book allotted to him/her.
Date ReturnedThe day the learner returned the book allotted to him/her. (In case of losses/unreturned, applicable code will be written in this column. The codes are: FM=Force Majeure, TDO: Transferred/Dropout, NEG=Negligence)
Remarks/Action TakenMay provide additional information for lost/unreturned or damaged books. Actions taken by the teachers are coded with the following description: LLTR=Secured Letter from Learner duly signed by parent/guardian (for code FM), TLTR=Teacher prepared letter/report duly noted by School Head for submission to School Property Custodian (for code TDO), PTL=Paid by the Learner (for code NEG)
Total MaleTotal number of registered male learners
Total FemaleTotal number of registered female learners
Total LearnersTotal registered learners
Total Copies IssuedThe total number of copies of each textbook issued by the teacher to the learners.
Total Copies ReturnedThe total number of returned textbooks by the learners to the teacher.
Signature of TeacherThe signature above printed name of the teacher who prepared the form.

Modified School Form 3 (SF3) - Books Issued and Returned Modified School Form 3 (SF3) - Books Issued and Returned


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