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Guidelines on the 2016 National Population Quiz and On-the-Spot Skills Exhibition on PopDev

A. Skills Exhibition Rules and Mechanics

1. The formulation of test questions at the local and national levels shall be based on the following Population Education Core Messages/Key Concepts:

  • Family Life and Responsible Parenthood
  • Gender and Development
  • Population and Reproductive Health
  • Population, Environment, Resources and Sustainable Development

2. Review materials for the PopQuiz will be provided by DepEd or PopCom;

3. The skills exhibition at the national level shall employ the following rules and mechanics:


  • During the quiz, participants will be provided with pens and writing sheets that are numbered and color-coded. The monitor will collect the writing sheets after each round.
  • English or Filipino will be used as the official language in the conduct of the quiz.
  • Participants will be given a total number of twenty (20) questions, of which six (6) are “easy,” seven (7) are “average,” and seven (7) are “difficult.”
  • Points for every correct answer will be given as follows:

– One (1) point for each “easy” question
– Two (2) points for each “average” question
– Three (3) points for each “difficult” question

  • Participants shall be given ten (10) seconds to answer each question. For questions that require computation, participants shall be given a maximum of thirty (30) seconds.
  • The quizmaster will only read each question twice. Countdown will start after the question has been read the second time.
  • Should a participant wish to change an answer that he/she has written down, this answer should be crossed out with one horizontal line. The new answer must be written clearly above the crossed out answer. A participant is allowed to change his/her answer within the time allotted for a particular question.
  • A national record holder will be proclaimed based on cumulative scoring.
  • All ties shall be broken by a tiebreaker question from the “difficult” category.
  • In case of a protest or inquiry during the actual quiz proceedings, the following procedures shall be observed:

– Only the official coach of the participant is allowed to raise a protest or inquiry at the earliest appropriate time during the quiz.
– The protest or inquiry will be addressed orally to the chair of the board of judges who will recognize the protest or inquiry.
– The chair will announce the decision upon deliberation with the members of the board of judges.

On-the-Spot Skills Exhibition

  • The theme of the showcase will be announced on the actual day of the skills exhibition.
  • The organizers will provide the contestants the necessary materials to be used in the skills exhibition.
  • Essay must be at least 800 but not more than 1000 words in English and legibly written in double space in the provided writing pad. Essay must be original and previously unpublished.
  • Any artwork in the poster must be original in design.
  • The jingle must be an original composition highlighting the theme. Lyrics must be in English. Performance must be done within two to three minutes.
  • Criteria for judging shall be based on the following:

Essay Writing

Presentation and Style – 40%
Form, Content and Insight – 60%

Accuracy – 20%
Fairness (balanced, sound) – 20%
Methodology – 20%

TOTAL – 100%

Poster Making

Creativity and Presentation – 50%
Originality – 30%
Relevance to the theme – 20%

TOTAL – 100%

Jingle Writing and Singing

Lyrics – 50%
(Relevance to the theme)
Musicality – 30%
(Execution/over-all performance)
Originality – 20%

TOTAL – 100%

Note: Time limit for each on-the-spot contest is 60 minutes.

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