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Guidelines on the Conduct of the 2016 National Festival of Talents (NFOT)

A. Participants

1. The participants of the 2016 National Festival of Talents will showcase their best products and performances in the different events as an evidence of their learning in the different learning areas;

2. Participation is open to any student currently enrolled in public or private secondary schools for SY 2015-2016 (please refer to specific guidelines per event);

3. A student is allowed to participate in a maximum of two (2) events/skills exhibition during the National Festival of Talents provided that there is no conflict in schedule;

4. The official number of delegation per event for each region is broken down as follows:

Event/Area for Skills ExhibitionStudentTeacher CoachReg. Coor.TotalHead of Delegation
Population Quiz44191
Tagisan ngTalino5117
Foreign Languages140

96 per region x 17 regions = 1632
SPFL = 140
Head of Delegation = 17
Total = 1789 pax

5. Participating teachers and supervisors are enjoined to attend the parallel sessions to be conducted by the host region during the National Festival of Talents, especially when the students are having their skills exhibition.

B. Skills Exhibition Entries at the National Level

1. Only one (1) entry per event per region shall be accepted at the national level;

2. Based on the specific guidelines of each event, the region and division shall conduct a preliminary screening or selection process to ensure the quality of all entries at the national level.

3. The screening or selection process to determine entries at the national level shall be conducted based on the following suggested schedule:

  • School Level – November 2015
  • Division Level – December 2015
  • Regional Level – January 2016

C. National Level Awards

1. Only the top 3 national record holders of each event in the different skills exhibitions shall be declared. However, should there be no qualified holder based on the criteria and as recommended by the board of judges, no record holder shall be declared;

2. The top 3 record holders per event shall each receive a national certificate of recognition and a trophy/medal; and

3. The teacher-coach/trainer/adviser of the top 3 record holders shall each receive a national certificate of recognition.

D. General Orientation/Briefing

1. A day before the skills exhibition proper, there will be a general orientation of all regional head of delegations or representatives regarding the events of the different skills exhibition;

2. After the general orientation, coaches/trainers of each event will have a briefing with the event administrator/facilitator/coordinator/focal person on the mechanics and other details of the specific skills exhibition. The venue of the orientation will be announced during the registration of official participants;

3. All clarifications, issues and concerns regarding the National Festival of Talents shall be addressed during the orientation. Any concerns raised during the actual skills exhibition shall not be entertained unless they are valid and necessary;

4. Distribution of needed supplies and materials, if applicable to the event, shall be done at the venue. Hence, participants are enjoined to be at the venue an hour before the start of the skills exhibition; and

5. Participants are encouraged to visit the venue of the event a day before the actual skills exhibition.

E. Mechanics for Judging the Skills Exhibition

1. The products and performances of participants in all events shall be judged by three members of the board of judges composed of experts and practitioners;

2. The score of the three judges in any event shall be computed to determine the AVERAGE of each participant/team. The average score shall be the basis for ranking the products/performances of participants to determine the top 3 record holders;

3. Tabulation, consolidation, and review of all results shall be done by a committee composed of two Bureau specialists, chair of the board of judges, and two (2) representatives from the host region;

4. The final results shall be reviewed by the members of the board of judges before they affix their signatures to the summary sheet;

5. In case of a tie, triple tie or a quadruple tie, the participant who finished with the shortest/fastest time will be declared as the “Record Holder.” In the event of another tie, the chair of the board of judges will decide; and

6. The decision of the board of judges is final and irrevocable.

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