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Guidelines on the 2016 Sining Tanghalan

I. Participants

A. The 2016 Sining Tanghalan will showcase the extraordinary talents and skills acquired by students in various Art areas (Music, Theater Arts, Dance, Media Arts, Visual Arts, and Creative Writing.)

B. Official Delegation

Each region is allowed to have only 45 delegates. This number is distributed among the different categories of the Sining Tanghalan.

Head of Delegation (per region)1
Bayle sa Kalye25 students / 1 coach
Likhawitan5 students / 1 coach
Pintahusay1 student / 1 coach
Sineliksik2 students / 1 coach
Manik-Aninong Dulaan6 students / 1 coach

Reminder: Any participant in excess of the allotted number will not be allowed to join.

II. Eligibility and Mechanics

A. Selection and Elimination of Participants 1. National Level

  • Only 45 delegates per region including the head of delegation, coaches, and student participants is allowed to join. Any participant in excess of the said number will not be entertained.
  • Participants will be showcasing their talents and skills in the following areas:

EventsArt Area
Bayle sa Kalye

(Modern Street Dance Parade)

(OPM Songwriting Exhibition)

(On the Spot Painting Exhibition)
Visual Arts
Sineliksik (Film Exhibition)
Media Arts, Theater Arts, Creative Writing and Music
Manik-Aninong Dulaan (Scriptwriting & Shadow Puppetry Exhibition)Theater Arts, Creative Writing, Music, Visual Arts

B. 2016 Sining Tanghalan Eligibility and Mechanics:

1. Eligibility

The 2016 Sining Tanghalan shall be participated in by bonafide students of SPA lead and expansion schools of the region or private high schools offering arts specializations during the School Year 2015-2016, duly certified by the school heads and regional offices.

Only regional winners are allowed to join in the National level skills exhibition

2. Regional Coordinators must submit the following:

  • Official Entry Form of the 2016 Sining Tanghalan (Entry form is attached as page 16.)
  • Certification from the Principal that the teacher is a bonafide staff of the school being represented and designated as adviser or coach of the student-participants.
  • Deadline of submission of entry form will be announced through the regional supervisors. Those who fail to submit this entry form will be disqualified from the Sining Tanghalan events. Substitution of names for the events are subject to the approval of the Regional Director and Sining Tanghalan Focal Person/s.
  • Additional requirements as stated in each event.

Send these to :

National Festival of Talents-Sining Tanghalan
Bureau of Secondary Education Curriculum Development Division,
Fax: (02) 635-9822
Email: nfot@gmail.com
Website: http://facebook.com/nfot

3. Mechanics during Skills Exhibition

Bayle sa Kalye (Modern/Street Dance Parade)

The Bayle sa Kalye is a modern/contemporary street dance skills exhibition reflective of the group’s regional culture.

a. The competition shall have two (2) major components:

a.1. Modern Street Dance Parade – It is the choreographed parade routine performed by each group as they travel from one judging area to the next during the Festival Parade.
a.2. Dance Exhibition – It is the full presentation of the group’s dance performance where each group is given 5 minutes to present with additional 1 minute for entrance and 1 minute for exit.

b. A maximum of 25 parade dancers and 1_coach will be allowed per region.

c. The group may use any song of their choice, but the dance routines should be purely transformational in nature which is characterized by the following:

c.1 Use of dance steps and movements which could be a fusion of contemporary/modern dance, jazz, folkloric, and neo-ethnic genre.
c.2 Use of a current concept showing stories and social issues that affect our present times.

d. Concept or theme for performance should reflect the regional culture even if the group employs foreign influences as shown in the presentation and choreography.

e. Costumes and hand props that may represent their region are encouraged. Props other than hand props are NOT allowed.

Criteria for Judging:

Choreography (Composition,Creativity and Originality,
Performance (Skills and Technique, Precision, Timing
and Coordination, Showmanship, Mastery)
Production Design (Costume, Props, Music)30%

* This criteria will be used for both components of the skills exhibition. In case of tie, Judges will decide and whatever decision made is final and irrevocable.

Likhawitan (OPM Songwriting Exhibition)

a. The regional winner for Best Composer/Composition will be the official entry to the Exhibition. Only one song entry is allowed per region.
b. A maximum of 5 student participants per group/region accompanied by 1 coach is allowed.
c. Songs must be written in Filipino or in English.
d. The songwriter/s may choose any type of music genre (ballad, rock, etc.) for his/her composition.
e. Song performance must not exceed 10 minutes including instrument and stage set-up.
f. Bonafide Participants should mail the following two weeks before the event:

– Official list of Likhawitan participants endorsed by the Regional Director
– Five (5) typewritten lyrics of the song with the title, name of the composer/s and the name of performer/s
– 2 Demo CDs of the original song composition.

Mail these to :

National Festival of Talents-Sining Tanghalan
Bureau of Secondary Education Curriculum Development Division,
Fax: (02) 635-9822
Email: nfot@gmail.com
Website: http://facebook.com/nfot

g. Song may be performed in solo, duet, group or band.
h. Performers should bring their own musical instruments such as piano keyboard, guitar, winds, strings or percussion instruments.

Criteria for Judging:

Audience Impact5%

Pintahusay (On-the-Spot Painting)

a. Schedule of the event will be announced during the orientation day of the National Festival of Talents.
b. Late submission of outputs will be disqualified automatically.
c. Only one student-participant per region is allowed.
d. Student-participant may be accompanied by one coach. However, the coach may only be allowed to assist the student during the setting up of materials.
e. Participants must bring their own paintbrushes, sponges, paint containers, and paint cleaning materials (newspaper, washcloth, etc.) Acrylic paint in primary colors (red, blue, yellow, black, and white) and canvass will be provided.
f. Participants are not allowed to bring pictures or images for reference of their entries.
g. The subject of the painting will be based on a “theme” to be given during the event.

Criteria for Judging:

Artistic Merit (Elements and Principles of Art)25%
Interpretation of the theme35%

Sineliksik (Video Exhibition)

The Sineliksik will be a mise en scene film/video competition where all the elements of the scene are present. The scene will focus on storytelling using rough cuts with minimal or no editing.

a. Submit only one entry video per region.
b. A maximum of two student participants per region are allowed. Student-participants may be accompanied by one coach. However, the coach will not assist the participants in the making of the video during the skills exhibition
c. Participants are required to bring their own laptop/s with video editing software, digital cameras or video cameras with computer cable for uploading, tripod and other paraphernalia needed for video recording and editing.
d. A maximum of 10 cuts will be allowed for editing.
e. Total running time should be 10-15 minutes in length, including front and back credits.
f. Short film entries should be saved in a flash drive encoded in MP4, WMV, AVI or FLV format submitted on the event date. Late submission of entries will NOT be allowed.
g. The video should be in Filipino and/or English.
h. The video should be an original work of the student-participants and shall not infringe on any copyright or any rights of any third parties.
i. Music and images presented in the film should be taken during the 2016 National Festival of Talents.
j. Film/video will be based on theme to be given by judges on the first day of the 2016 National Festival of Talents.

Criteria for Judging:

Visual language (Use of video language in the
treatment/choice of shots)
Storytelling (Logical narrative structure/development)30%
Clarity of film statement (Choice of problem, message
of the film)
Technical Excellence (Focus, camera movements,
Originality (Predicatibility of the film)10%

Manik-Aninong Dulaan (Scriptwriting and Shadow Puppetry Mechanics)

The Manik-Aninong Dulaan (shadow play competition) focuses on the interplay of the dramatic elements of theater, the narrative and the storytelling. While this form is not in our culture, it is present in the cultures of other Southeast Asian countries.

a. There will be only one entry per region.
b. A maximum of six student- participants per region is allowed.
c. Participants may be accompanied by one coach. However, the coach is only allowed to assist the students during the setting up of materials and not during the performance proper.
d. Each entry should only run for 15 minutes including set-up, actual performance and exit.
e. The play must be in Filipino and/or English.
f. Props (special effects, colored lights, overhead projector, etc.) should be provided by the participants.
g. Music and sound effects are highly encouraged but should not disturb the puppeteers’ speaking lines.
h. Puppets should be clear enough to be seen onstage.
i. Puppet theater dimensions should be as follows:

Puppet theater dimensions

a) The theme of the play should focus in any of the following issues:

– Social
– Environmental
– Political
– Health

b) Script should be an original work of the student-participants and shall not infringe on any copyrights or any rights of any third parties.
c) Five (5) copies of typewritten scripts with the title, name of the writer/s and name of performer/s must be submitted before the start of the event.

Criteria for Judging:

Story (Clarity and Narrative flow)25%
Production Design
Characterization and Voice Acting
Technique (Use of puppets, Timing, and Musical Scoring)20%

Download: Download 2016 Sining Tanghalan Official Entry Form – TeacherPH.com

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