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Implementing Guidelines on the 2016 Technolympics

A. Areas for Skills Exhibition

The areas for skills exhibition, number of participants per event and time allotment for the Technolympics are the following:

Areas for Skills ExhibitionNo. of ParticipantsTime Allotment
Industrial Arts

1. Automotive Servicing

24 hrs.

2. Electronics Servicing

24 hrs.

3. Electrical Installation

24 hrs.
Home Economics

1. Nail Art with Hand Massage

12 hrs.

2. Children’s Wear Construction (casual for girls, 5-6 yrs. old)

24 hrs.

3. Hair Style with Facial Makeup

12 hrs.
Agri-Fishery Arts

1. Experimental Fish Dish

13 hrs.

2. Landscaping

24 hrs.

3. Experimental Cookery (from Dressing to Meal Presentation)

13 hrs.

1. Tarpaulin Designing

13 hrs.

2. Web Page Designing

14 hrs.

3. PC Assembly with Configuration and Networking

13 hrs.
Bazaar Exhibit

1. Products/Services



19 per region

1. Skills Exhibition Proper

1.1. The event administrators and their secretaries, technical committee and judges, should be in the venue sixty (60) minutes ahead of the event schedule.

1.2. Event materials, supplies, tools, equipment and other things needed at the venue will be made ready by the event administrator sixty (60) minutes before the event schedule.

1.3. All participants should be at the designated venue thirty (30) minutes before the event starts. Late participants without valid reasons shall be disqualified.

1.4. The participants will draw lots to determine their respective places and set up their food and materials at their assigned places. Setting up of their extension cords, equipment, and tools should be done during this time.

1.5. The briefing of participants will be done fifteen (15) minutes before the scheduled event.

1.6. The event secretary will give the signal for the event to begin. Once the event has started, the coaches, teachers, and delegates are no longer allowed to talk to the participants to allow them to fully concentrate on their work.

1.7. Only the event administrator, secretary, technical staff, judges, official photographer, and participants are allowed in the venue.

1.8. No questions shall be entertained during the contest proper except clarifications and points of order. All clarifications and points of order shall be raised with the event administrator.

1.9. Should there be any irregularities found during the event, the event administrator, in consultation with the board of judges, may suspend the conduct of the specific skill exhibition, if justified, and refer the matter to the attention of the Technical and Evaluation Committee for appropriate action.

1.10. Borrowing of materials, tools, and supplies during the event is not allowed.

1.11. The working area should be cleaned immediately after every event.

1.12. All outputs shall be endorsed to the Secretariat by the event administrator

1.13. All endorsed outputs shall be displayed throughout the duration of the event

The following special materials and equipment are required to be brought by participants of Industrial Arts Events:

A. Automotive Servicing

> Materials and equipment needed in servicing based on the curriculum guide for grades 9 and 10
> Personal Protective Equipment

B. Electronics Servicing

> Materials and equipment needed in servicing based on the curriculum guide for grades 9 and 10
> Personal Protective Equipment

C. Electrical Installation

> Materials and equipment needed in installation works based on the curriculum guide for grades 9 and 10
> Personal Protective Equipment

TLE-IA contest package will be sent via email to the TLE Regional Supervisors

2. Bazaar Exhibit

2.1 All participating regions are required to display their best products and services (performances) before the opening program. However, the region will choose only one entry for each product and service to participate in the search for the most enterprising award. Each region shall assign two TLE/TVE students who are not participating in the skills exhibition to market their products/services within the exhibit booth area;

2.2 All products/services displayed in the Bazaar which are produced or rendered by the TLE or TVE students as certified by the school head can be offered for sale. No items other than those mentioned earlier shall be displayed in the bazaar;

2.3 The points earned in the Bazaar Exhibit shall be included in the computation of over-all National Record Holders.

The criteria for judging the Bazaar Exhibits – the Most Enterprising Award shall be based on the following:

Packaging of the product/service – 30%
Originality and design – 15%
Visual appeal/impact – 15%

Marketability of the product/service – 30%
(Appropriate pricing, taste, etc.)

Communication skills and knowledge of the product/service – 30%

Gross sale of the product/service – 10%

TOTAL – 100%

B. Generic criteria for Judging Product/Performance

1. Creativity and Innovation – 30%

Originality of design/ideas/graphics/presentation/harmony and balance – 10%
Combination of materials – 10%
Additional use – 10%

2. Process – 30%

Use of appropriate tools, materials and equipment – 10%
Methods and workmanship – 10%
Safety work habits and housekeeping – 10%

3. Marketability – 20%

Quality/durability/taste – 5%
Purpose/functionality – 5%
Affordability – 5%
Visual appeal – 5%

4. Time Management – 10%

(Wise use of time/speed)

5. Communication Skills – 10%

Fluency in oral communication – 5%
Flow of thoughts and ideas – 5%

TOTAL – 100%

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