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National Achievement Test (NAT) Administration Guidelines

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The Enrolment Data, School ID and Learner Reference Number

Guidelines in the Preparation and Submission of Enrolment Data (NAT & NCAE)

  1. DTCs are instructed to submit the NAT enrolment data during the NCAE national conference.
  2. Data must be prepared as of July 1 of the current school year in soft (CD) and hard (printed) copies for EACH grade / year level: Grade 3, Grade 6, Grade 9 and Year 4.
  3. Using the EXCEL format, tabulate the data in a matrix found below:
  4. Each Division must submit four (4) CDs containing one (1) EXCEL file for EACH grade / year level.
  5. If the prescribed format is not followed, enrolment data will be returned to the DTC to be rectified.
  6. Provide only the total enrolment per school.
  7. DO NOT provide subtotals for each curriculum program unless specified by NETRC. Separate the enrolment data from BEC ONLY for secondary schools with Technical-Vocational Education (TVE), Science and Technology,
  8. Engineering and Mathematics (STEM)/Engineering and Science Education Program (ESEP), Special Program for the Arts (SPA) and Open High School Program (OHSP).
  9. There must be NO gender segregation.
  10. Group schools by municipality REGARDLESS of type of school (public or private).
  11. DO NOT include schools without enrolment data.
  12. Private schools are NOT included in the Language Assessment for Primary Grades (LAPG).

Enrolment Data for the Elementary /Secondary Level

enrolment data table NAT & NCAE

Note: Separate enrolment data for the curriculum programs specified above are not necessary in the NCAE since there is no need for a comparison of aptitude levels among students by program.

An Example on the Preparation of G3 Enrolment Data for LAPG

LAPG Grade 3 (2014-2015) ALLOCATION
Division: San Fernando City, La Union

Enrolment Data for LAPG

Note: Prepare another enrolment data for NAT-Grade 6, NAT-Year 4 and NCAE-Year 3 using the same format, except for Mother Tongue column

Guidelines on the Use of School IDs

  1. BEIS and NETRC are using similar School IDs both recognized by the Department;
  2. New schools without School IDs are given temporary ones by NETRC and no other sources to avoid duplication and to facilitate allocation of TMs;
  3. The School IDs issued by NETRC will be used temporarily for future test administrations until such time BEIS issues the permanent ID
  4. School ID to be used by

a. students who already transferred:
The School ID of the present/new school

b. schools affected by the calamities and those who are temporarily relocated:
Same School ID

Discrepancy in the School ID  (NAT and NCAE) (School Header vs. EBEIS)

NCAE for Third Year

  1. Update the School ID
  2. Cross out the temporary School ID
  3. Write the EBEIS School ID below the bar code

Special Group of Examinees in the NAT

1. Allot a separate testing room for the special group of examinees from the regular ones (BEC) as indicated in the submitted enrolment data (as the case may be) listed below:

A. Special Science Curriculum (SSC)
B. Technical-Vocational Education (TVE)
C. Science and Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) /Engineering and Science Education Program (ESEP)
D. Special Program for the Arts (SPA)
E. Open High School Program (OHSP)

Note: This is for public schools only.

2. Examinees must be alphabetically arranged (Males then Females) in Form 1 and Form 2.

3. Instruct the examinees to properly shade in their AS the curriculum/program they belong to. This is to correspondingly provide a report on their test results separate from the others.

Elementary: Do you belong to a section with Special Science Curriculum? (Yes or No)

Secondary: Do you belong to a section with any of the following programs? (Tech-Voc, ESEP/STEM, SPA, OHS)

4. The ETRE(s) of the special group of examinees must be specifically labelled at the upper right hand corner with bold ink to separately process their ASs from the BEC examinees.

ETRE Label:

5. The SSC examinees will use the same school ID with the regular examinees.

Guidelines on the Use of Learner Reference Number (LRN)

  1. Use the LRN that was provided by the Office of the Planning Service, DepED Central Office.
  2. The LRN must be reflected in each of the examinees’ AS and in Form 1.
  3. In case the LRN is still not available, leave it blank.
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