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Promotion to Elementary Master Teacher I Thru Natural Vacancy

Every month of January to February, the Department of Education (DepEd) announces the acceptance of applications for Elementary MASTER TEACHER I thru natural vacancy.

All applicants shall see to it that requirements shall be met before applying. Eligible for Master Teacher I:

Master Teacher I (SG-18) Qualification Requirements

Education: Bachelor of Elementary Education (BEED) or Bachelor’s Degree plus 18 professional units in Education, and eighteen (18) units for a Master’s Degree in Education or its equivalent

Experience: 3 years of relevant experience

Training: None required

Eligibility: RA 1080 (Teacher)

DepEd Guidelines for Promotion to Elementary Master Teacher I Thru Natural Vacancy

The following guidelines will be used as the basis in the evaluation of documents:

MEC Order No. 10, s. 1979 entitled, “Implementing Rules and. Regulations for the System of Career Progression for Public School Teachers”

DECS Order No. 57, s. 1997 entitled, “Further Implementation of the Career Progression System for Master Teachers”

Promotion to Elementary Master Teacher I Thru Natural Vacancy Documentary Requirements

Documents to be submitted:

a. Letter of Intent specifying the position being applied for;

b. Duly accomplished Personal Data Sheet (CS Form 212 Revised 2017);

c. Service Record;

d. Transcript of Records with CAV;

e. Performance Rating for SY 2017-2018 and 2018-2019;

f. Renewed PRC License;

g. Leadership, Potential and Accomplishments:


  1. Curriculum or Instructional Materials
  2. Effective Teaching Techniques
  3. Simplification of Work
  4. Income Generating Projects

B. Subject Coordinator outside teaching

C. Chairman of Special Committee

D. Initiated Educational research activity duly approved

E. Coordinator of community project/activity

F. Organized/Managed an in-service training

G. Trainer/Coach to Contestants who received prizes, commendations or any form of recognition

H. Authorship

I. Demonstration Teacher

Applications shall be submitted to the Division Office.


Senior High School (SHS) Ranking for Promotion to Teacher II and Teacher III Requirements

Ranking for Promotion to Teacher II (Elementary) Requirements

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