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Harmonization of Senior High School (SHS) Subject Offerings per Track/Strand

Attached is a Regional Memorandum from Estela L. Carino, EdD, CESO IV, OIC-Regional Director, DepEd Cagayan Valley dated May 4, 2018, entitled “Harmonization of Senior High School (SHS) Subject Offerings per Track/Strand,” which is self-explanatory, for the information, guidance, and compliance of all concerned.

Harmonization of Senior High School (SHS) Subject Offerings per Track/Strand

Cognizant of the need to harmonize subject offerings per Track/Strand across the region and to address conflict implementation of policies and guidelines in the Senior High School (SHS), this Office provides additional guidelines to ensure a focused and uniform implementation of all concerned schools effective school year 2018-2019.

The policy on the harmonization of Subject offerings per track/strand will be implemented for incoming Grade 11 learners.

Learners of the TVL Track may take their Work Immersion and their National Certification during summer or semestral break provided that the required competencies are completed.

Enclosed are the guidelines and the class programs for all tracks which will serve as the bases for implementation.

For your guidance and compliance.

Harmonization of Senior High School (SHS) Subject Offerings per Track/Strand in Core and Applied Subjects Across the Region


The different schedules of subject offering per semester for the Senior High School resulted to various issues and concerns.

The results of the monitoring and evaluation showed that for the first two years of the Senior High School Program, students from public and private SHS who transferred into another school experienced delay or difficulty to finish all the prescribed subjects within the allotted time frame.

Catch up program was introduced as an intervention to address this issue but this also entailed additional and extended teaching time for the teachers -without compensation. It was also noted that since subjects are lumped at the same time, learners faced difficulty to accomplish prescribed requirements.

Hence, the Department of Education RO2 intends to harmonize subject offerings in core and applied subjects across the region beginning SY 2018-2019.


SHS implementing schools across the region both public and private will have a unified subject offerings in every semester except for required specialized subjects in GAS and TVL.

Definition of Terms

  1. Harmonization – The process of bringing into consonance all the Senior High School subject offerings
  2. Intervention – A series of activities aimed at addressing identified gaps encountered due to different subject offerings per school
  3. E-tool – an electronic device designed by the IT expert to facilitate in the determination of teacher needs across track, strand, and specialization offerings. The tool also helps SHS implementers in crafting SHS class program.
  4. Core Subjects – These are the 15 Senior High School subjects with same content and competencies to be taken by all Senior High School learners regardless of specialization.
  5. Applied Subjects – These are the seven Senior High School subjects with same competencies but with different content.
  6. Specialized Subjects – These are the seven Senior High School subjects with absolute different competencies and content

Policy Statement

The Sustainable Development Goal Number 4 provides that the State should ensure inclusive and equitable quality education and to promote lifelong learning opportunities for all. It adds “Obtaining a quality education is the foundation to improving people’s lives and sustainable development”.

Senate Bill Number 5 or An Act to Ensure the Full Realization of the Constitutional Right of ALL Citizens to Quality Education Ordaining for the Purpose “No Filipino Child left Behind”. Furthermore, the Department of Education provided subsidy to Senior High School students who enrolled in the private schools through the voucher program. All these strong policies and orders affirmed the needs to prioritize basic education.

DepED Order No. 8 series of 2015 on K-12 Assessment gives the Department of Education guidelines on the requirements prior to assessment. This DepED Order is applicable to all learners from Kindergarten to Senior High School to ensure that assessment process is observed and applied appropriately.

Moreover, DepED Order No. 30. series of 2017 provides guidelines on the implementation of the Work Immersion of Senior High School learners.

DepED Order No 31, series of 2012 or the Policy Guidelines on the Implementation of the K to 12 Basic Education Curriculum states that schools shall implement the guidelines in creative and innovative ways, for the curriculum can be localized without compromising the philosophy of the total learner development.

For the past two years, all schools in the region have different schedules in offering the required SHS subjects.

The provision of e-tool, an electronic device used in plotting subject offerings helped school heads in making the class program. However, the nonuniformity of subjects in SHS across the region resulted to non-completion of the requirements of the curriculum among transferees.

The proposed policy seeks to address this issue as it unifies the time schedule of the core and applied subjects in all SHS tracks.


The CID Chiefs, SGOD Chiefs, SHS FP, registrar, planning officers, TVL/EPP EPS of the nine divisions were consulted for this policy.

In the Performance Implementation Review (PIR) at Taj Hotel, Tuguegarao City, March 15-17, 2018, it was noted that learner-transferees encountered difficulty in coping with all the requirements of the required SHS subjects.

The Monitoring and Evaluation reports from the nine divisions shared the same findings as evidenced by the number of learners under the Catch up program and the percentage of those who did not meet the requirements of the SHS curriculum.

A. Consultative Conference with all the persons who have at stake of the new policy

B. DEPED Officials and Senior High School Coordinator Conference

C. Stakeholders Conference

D. DepED and Stakeholders Consultative Conference

E. Workshop on crafting the policy

F. Finalization of the policy

Supposed the proposed policy will be approved, the following will be possible:

A. SHS students will not encounter difficulty in transferring from one school to another within the region.

B. SHS implementers can accommodate transferee students anytime within the semester.

C. Teachers and Learners will not be overloaded with subjects.

D. M and E will be easier on the part of the SHS focal persons

E. Drop-out rate will be reduced.

Mismatch of teachers and insufficient material resources. Retooling of teachers and strengthening partnership with others

Monitoring and Evaluation

Policy will resolve challenges for learner-transferees across region both private and public schools. Below are the success indicators and numerical targets:

A. Zero drop-out rate

B. 100% completion rate

C. Improved achievement rate

D. Improved participation and support



This Policy on the Harmonization of Senior High School Subject offerings shall take effect for the incoming Grade 11 learners for the school year 2018-2019.


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