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Table of Specifications for Licensure Examination for Teachers (LET)


1. Electricity 15%

Explain the sources and kinds of electricity
1.1 Explain the electron theory and the Ohm’s Law
1.2 Identify the parts of a complete electrical circuit
1.3 Follow proper procedures in electrical housewiring
1.4 Knowledge of basic computer concepts

2. Refrigeration and Airconditioning (RAC) 15%

2.1 Identify the basic tools and equipment on RAC
2.2 Explain the principle of refrigeration cycle
2.3 Explain the function of refrigeration and copper tubing
2.4 Identify the symbols in the schematic diagram

3. Drafting 10%

3.1 Enumerate and explain the alphabetic of lines
3.2 Define and perform orthographic projection and an isometric drawing
3.3 Explain the different technique in freehand and mechanical drawing
3.4 Application of computer knowledge in drawings

4. Woodworking 10%

4.1 Discuss the different uses and maintenance of woodwork
4.2 Construct common wood joints
4.3 Explain the principles of mensuration and layout
4.4 Explain the importance, uses, and maintenance of different woodworking machines

5. Automechanics 10%

5.1 Demonstrate understanding of basic shop principles, practices, and fundamental aspects of automotive
5.2 Manifest understanding of engine classification
5.3 Demonstrate fundamental operations of engine fuel system
5.4 Demonstrate ability to apply knowledge of ignition system

6. Radio Mechanics 10%

6.1 Demonstrate knowledge of the fundamentals of electronics
6.2 Demonstrate functional knowledge and skills in the application of the principles of magnetism and electromagnetism
6.3 Interpret electronic schematic diagram
6.4 Explain the principles involved in the PCB design layout and etching

7. Metal Works 10%

7.1 Demonstrate functional knowledge and skills in bendiwork
7.2 Apply knowledge of and skills in sheet metalwork
7.3 Apply functional knowledge of and skills in electric welding
7.4 Observe safety precautions in bench metal work

8. Entrepreneurship/Business and Distribute Arts 10%

8.1 Describe the role of entrepreneurship in economic growth
8.2 Identify the different types of business organizations
8.3 Understand the prospects of the industrial arts in economic growth

9. Instructional Methods and Evaluation of Learning 10%

9.1 Teaching Strategies
9.2 Evaluation of Teaching and Learning

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