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Table of Specifications for Licensure Examination for Teachers (LET)

(General Science, Chemistry, Physics, Earth Science)

Competencies to be tested

  1. Determine the sources of the different forms of energy and how they occur naturally of artificially in the environment.
  2. Apply principles, theories and laws governing the dynamics of forces, motion, power and energy.
  3. Investigate energy conversion, transfer and conservation of energy: waves, heat, electricity and nuclear.
  4. Conduct investigation and formulate inferences regarding physical and chemical properties of matter.
  5. Construct models of atoms and molecules.
  6. Classify matter into pure substances and mixtures and describe their composition.
  7. Interpret representations of elements and the periodic law, compounds and chemical equations and chemical change.
  8. Determine the sources and utilization of organic compounds of life: carbohydrates, fats and oils and proteins.
  9. Trace the origin and use of synthetic polymers.
  10. Update oneself regarding renewable and nonrenewable sources of energy, beneficial uses of nuclear energy and the rapid advances in communication and information technology.
  11. Suggest ways of lessening the occurrence of the deteriorating quality of land, water and air around us and the degradation of our natural resources which are continuously being brought about by pollution and neglect.
  12. Discuss the characteristics, location and motions of the members of the solar system and the universe.
  13. Describe the earth as a planet, its motions in relation to the sun and the moon, thus bringing about seasons, weather and geological sculpturing of its surface.
  14. Discuss advances in space explorations and their findings.

Course Outline

Introduction 5%

A. Nature of Science
B. Inquiry Processes
C. Scientific Method
D. Science and Technology

Mechanics 10%

A. Force and Motion
B. Speed, Velocity, Acceleration
C. Laws of Motion
D. Momentum
E. Law of Gravitation
F. Simple Machines

Energy 5%

A. Potential and Kinetic
B. Forms
C. Conversion
D. Conservation
E. Transfer
F. Energy Sources Today

Heat and Temperature 10%

A. Temperature
B. Heat Transfer
C. Thermodynamics


A. Sound Waves 10%

Music and Noise

B. Light Waves 10%

Reflection and Refraction
Dispersion and Color


A. Electric Charge
B. Static Electricity
C. Electric Current
D. Circuits
E. Magnetism
F. Electromagnets

Matter, Structure and Composition 25%

A. Properties
B. Phase and Changes
C. Atoms
D. Molecules
E. Classification

Elements and Periodic Law
Compounds and Chemical Change

F. Chemical Formulas and Equation
G. Chemical Reactions
H. Nuclear Energy

The Universe 15%

A. Stars
B. Galaxies
C. The Solar System and Members
D. Sun and Moon
E. Earth and Motions

Surface Changes
Weather Elements

F. Space Travel

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