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Table of Specifications for Licensure Examination for Teachers (LET)


1. Office Management, Procedures and Business Ethics 30%

1.1 Explain the basic principles and concepts of organizational structure and management..
1.2 Explain the theories and tasks of motivation and leadership.
1.3 Differentiate organization as a process and organization as a structure.
1.4 Explain the recruitment, maintenance, and conservation of human resources.
1.5 Apply basic principles of office communications and business ethics.
1.6 Identify types of storage methods and storing procedures.

2. Basic Information and Communications Technology 30%

2.1 Discuss the concepts of Information and Communication Technology
2.2 Identify the components of the computer system.
2.3 Manifest functional knowledge and skills in Word Processing.
2.4 Manifest functional knowledge and skills in Spreadsheets.
2.5 Identify types of computer graphic packages.
2.6 Explain the effects of ICT in the socio-economic growth of the country.

3. Entrepreneurial Principles and Applications 20%

3.1 Identify and apply theories of basic management, and principles of leadership styles to management functions.
3.2 Analyze the characteristics of entrepreneurs and entrepreneurial competency.
3.3 Identify components of a project feasibility study business plan.
3.4 Apply environmental scanning, production, and marketing principles and promotion strategies.
3.5 Analyze and evaluate pricing strategies and results of breakeven analysis.
3.6 Identify the rules and regulations affecting small scale industries and the implications of these to the economic contributions of the industries.

4. Bookkeeping and Accounting

4.1 Identify basic types of financial statements for business and roles of accounting/bookkeeper.
4.2 Classify each account according to assets, liabilities, capital, income, expense and drawing.
4.3 Solve problems for accounting equation.
4.4 Apply the rules of Debit and Credit to business transactions.
4.5 Apply basic accounting/bookkeeping cycle principles for service and merchandising business.

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