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Table of Specifications for Licensure Examination for Teachers (LET)

Major Field of Concentration/Specialization


1. Philosophical and Moral Foundations of Values Formation (15%)

1.1 Explain the philosophical and moral foundations of values formation.
1.2 Recognize the distinction between subjective cultural values and objective moral values
1.3 Describe the nature of human beings.
1.4 Explain the formation of the intellect and the will

2. Values Development and Formation (15%)

2.1 Describe the nature of values and the morally-oriented person,
2.2 Demonstrate reflective skills in examining one’s potential for self-development
2.3 Demonstrate enhanced knowledge of values of introspection toward awareness of human development
2.4 Apply skills in promoting self-change.

3. The Goals of Values Education in the Philippines (10%)

3.1 Evaluate the goals of values education in the Philippines
3.2 Assess the effects explanations of values education in the Philippines

4. Sources of Values and Factors in Values Development (15%)

4.1 Identify sources of values
4.2 Describe how family, media, church, community and society affect the values of children
4.3 Evaluate the effects of the value sources

5. Approaches and Strategies in values Development (15%)

5.1 Identify the major approaches in values development
5.2 Explain the strategies and techniques in values development and the application in specific valuing situations
5.3 Describe the approaches in the valuing process

6. The Moral Recovery Program (10%)

6.1 Describe the Moral Recovery Program
6.2 Evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of the Filipino values
6.3 Present effective strategies in the MRP that are applicable in specific situations
6.4 Demonstrate skill, in integrating and evaluating the concept and the core values as practiced

7. The impact of the Information and Technology-Driven Society and the Growing Global Village in values of the People (5%)

7.1 Comprehend the impact of the information and technology-driven society and the growing global village on the values of a people.
7.2 Demonstrate appreciation and respect for global ecumenism.

8. Commitment to Social Responsibility and Accountability (5%)

8.1 Demonstrate enhanced competencies in facilitating and managing valuing process
8.2 Demonstrate commitment to social responsibility and accountability in values education and in moral recovery program.

9. Evaluation of the Affective Outcomes of Learning (10%)

9.1 Identify effective evaluation instruments for evaluating the affective outcomes of learning
9.2 Demonstrate ability to evaluate the affective outcomes of learning.

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