Table of Specifications for Licensure Examination for Teachers (LET)


(Biology, Environmental Science)

  1. Apply principles, laws and theories in explaining concepts regarding life and the emerging technologies that are biology-based such as: newer treatment of diseases, combating the ill-effects of pollution and advances in genetic engineering.
  2. Be aware and appreciate the existence of biological diversity among living things, thereby recognize their adaptive structures, characteristics and economic importance.
  3. Describe the dynamic interrelationships that occur in both natural and man-made ecosystems in order to be able to trace energy flow and conversion, with emphasis on interdependence.
  4. Trace the vital cycles of food nutrients, water, gases and other materials that occur in nature.
  5. Discuss the sources and utilization of organic and inorganic compounds.
  6. Discuss the anatomy and physiology of the simplest to the highest forms of organisms and how the processes and their healthful functions can be maintained.
  7. Demonstrate skill in analyzing Mendelian patterns of heredity including the fundamental role of chromosomes and genes.
  8. Discuss the theories regarding the direct and indirect evidences of evolution.
  9. Update oneself about discoveries, inventions and breakthroughs that have improved the quality and longevity of life.
  10. Demonstrate awareness and deep concern for the environmental problems which are brought about by fast growth of population, wasteful consumption of energy and destruction and neglect of habitat.

Course Outline Weight

I. Introduction 5%

A. Nature of Biology
B. Branches
C. Characteristics of Life

II. Plant Biology

A. Characteristics
B. Classification
C. Structure and Functions of Parts
D. Growth and Reproduction

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  1. Steve says

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    No further outline for Biological Sciences?

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  5. jj says

    is this the final TOS?

  6. Felix Urot says

    Thank you, I hope this is the Final TOS. and no more changes because this is what I’m biting on.


    pls. put the real answere oe the key to correction to know the correct answere

    1. TeacherPH says

      Hi Sir, lahat po ng online reviewer sa teacherph ay may mga tamang sagot.. kailangan niyo lang pong tapusin yung exam para makita ito. Maraming Salamat!

  8. janile says

    thankyou for all the guidlines you share with us it will help us to our exam.

  9. Evangeline Sumaling Bascos says

    thank you for the guidelines. more power and god speed!