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Table of Specifications for Licensure Examination for Teachers (LET)


1. Home Economics and Livelihood Education: 15%

1.1 Identify the factors that determine housing needs
1.2 Understand the principles involved in beautifying the exterior and interior of the home
1.3 Manifest functional knowledge of home management
1.4 Apply the principles of work simplification
1.5 Observe wise budgeting of the family income

2. Clothing 1 (Selection, Purchase, Care & Construction of Clothes) 15%

2.1 Identify the principles involved in the proper selection, care and construction of clothes
2.2 Choose with taste style and color of clothes
2.3 Purchase clothes judiciously
2.4 Care for clothes wisely
2.5 Demonstrate the steps in constructing simple unisex garments using the unit method of construction

3. Food and Man 1 (Food Production and Preparation with Nutrition) 20%

3.1 Define common terms in food selection, preparation and cookery
3.2 Understand the different principles in food preparation
3.3 Explain the different methods of nutrient conservation
3.4 Uphold desirable attitudes and values in food selection and preparation
3.5 Prepare a low cost but nutritious meal
3.6 Develop awareness on the proper ways of handling food, marketing, storing, preparing, cooking and serving
3.7 Identify the causes of food spoilage
3.8 Differentiate five ways of preserving food
3.9 Understand the essentials of food preservation
3.10 Demonstrate knowledge and skill in baking

4. Home and Family Living

4.1 Explain the developmental task of an adolescent
4.2 Analyze the rights and duties of each member of the family
4.3 Analyze the role of decision making in the management of family goals
4.4 Manifest feelings of developing desirable personal values
4.5 Suggest ways of contributing to a satisfying home life

5. Handicrafts 20%

5.1 Discuss the importance of handicrafts in the economic growth of the country
5.2 Explain the characteristics of indigenous materials used in handicraft projects
5.3 Discuss the contents of a project plan
5.4 Observe safety precautions when working

6. Entrepreneurship 10%

6.1 Define terminologies commonly used in business management
6.2 Explain the ten entrepreneurial competencies or characteristics of an entrepreneur
6.3 Perform the accounting style
6.4 Prepare a simple business letter

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